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FA Cup first round draw

Live on BBC Two tonight 7pm



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    We've been drawn at home in our first tie of the competition once in the past eight seasons - and that was behind closed doors

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    Closest possible away draw: Maidenhead. Furthest: Blyth Spartans.

  • Would be good to have for me the winner of the replay between Yeovil and Taunton town away as both grounds are easy to get to by bus as i live in Somerset.

  • Oxford City away for me - 10 minutes down the road.

  • I don't think Oxford City's plastic pitch will improve our injury record!

  • Maidenhead away would be exceptionally good fun

  • I’m hoping for Woking away.

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    Merthyr Town for a nice trip abroad

  • Plastic pitches are an abomination. They are the cause of so many injuries and what is played on them is not football.

  • And should be banned as such from the FA Cup rounds proper

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    Couldn't agree more - what would be minor injuries on grass can become really nasty ones on plastic. Not to mention the environmental impact.

  • All football clubs that have plastic pitches should have their senior status removed, reclassified as ‘sports centres’ and not taken seriously in any way.

  • I couldn't agree more with your couldn't agree moreing. The 'rubber crumb' is regularly being hoovered up from our hallway following weekly 5-a-side!

  • I’d like to be unable to agree more @YorkshireBlue with your inability to agree more with @ReturnToSenda’s couldn’t agree moreing but my ignorance about this topic prevents me.

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    In City's defence, pre-plastic pitch they regularly had 5 or 6 home games a season postponed due to waterlogging due to proximity to the river.

    As well as the chance to renew one of my favourite old rivalries (others here surely remember the 'eccentric' old White House Ground), they recently came 2nd in the Footie Scran World Cup for their Katsu chips.

    They're also a bit of a Wycombe old boys right now with 3 former Blues in the squad, including Josh Parker who's scored 7 goals in 6 game since joining the Hoops.

  • Are Needham Market the lowest ranked team in the competition? If so, I'd like us to play them at home cheers, ta.

  • Hendon are technically, but they need to negotiate a replay first.

  • Gaz lives near Wokingham, Woking not far but about 45 mins drive

  • Hendon, Needham Market and Merthyr Town all have plastic pitches and therefore aren’t worth taking even the slightest bit seriously.

    I think King’s Lynn Town is my #1 preference for the tick, with South Shields second for the proper saddo anorak status. Maidenhead United is real Magic of the Cup™ stuff though.

  • I got blocked by King's Lynn's chairman on Twitter for asking why they charged £15 for a programme

  • Teams with plastic pitches can’t be promoted to the football league can they? I’m a bit surprised they can host cup games on them.

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    Nope! Harrogate and Sutton both had to rip theirs up. Yet if they were to qualify for Europe, they'd be allowed to host games on plastic 🤷

  • I am by no means qualified to comment on the higher levels of injuries on artificial pitches. I assume that there is properly researched data available

    To many nonleague clubs having an artificial pitch is an absolute financial necessity to increase usage amongst the community. It also helps make those clubs part of the community With the greatest of respect to exclude these clubs from competitions such as the FA Cup Would be denying them a chance of vital income and not a little glory

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    Hopefully we get a southern non-league club away, one way or another. How about some Alvechurch?

  • King’s Lynn Town’s owner is a right spiv and a complete wrong ‘un. South Shields it is.

    You can use financial necessity to justify anything. Clubs with plastic pitches don’t deserve any glory, be it the F.A. Cup or any other competition.

  • Blimey!

    can anyone actually provide the relevant statistics to show that artificial pictures particularly those used by senior nonleague clubs cause more injuries than grass pitches ? I’m not saying they do or they don’t merely I’m a little concerned that a statement can be made without the relevant back up data

    we seem to get more than our fair share of injuries using Grass both on our training pitch and in the stadium

  • Bracknell would be a better option for him as they now play in Sandhurst, just a short stroll from his neck of the woods.

  • I wouldn't have too long a stroll in the woods near Sandhurst. As you may end up in Broadmoor !!

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