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Match day thread: Derby



  • Aaah, Father Ted. All is clear. Really?

  • You'll have to do a lot better than that if you want to break the all time worst post records.

  • To be fair to @aloysius in a world were Paul Warne would switch from a fairly secure job at a team 8th in the Championship to a team 7th in league 1, I don't think it's beyond impossible for GA to switch from a fairly secure job at a team 16th in league 1 to a team 8th in the Championship (if it was offered).

    I'm not saying it's going to happen but why are people thinking @aloysius is crazy for saying it makes sense to him if it happens?

  • He's left Rotherham for Derby in fairness. That's a big step up in level of club, irrespective of current positioning in leagues.

    Probably massively embiggened his wages too, and every chance the two switch at the end of the season too.

  • Of the Gasroom as a whole, or is @aloysius having their own competition?

  • GA has shot down the link anyway.

  • I think Warne and Ainsworth are managers for very different reasons. Different worlds to use your words.

    I still don’t believe anyone with an ounce of knowledge about our manager would worry about the Rotherham job becoming available.

  • It's crazy how many Rotherham fans are calling Warne something along the lines of an insincere traitor, just like many Brighton fans were with Potter. Are we the only fanbase who graciously thank loyal servants who move on for new pastures or bigger opportunities?

  • Listening to Warne on that podcast I feared for his sanity, the pressure of a managers job was really brought home by the comments of a reasonable guy who I believe I would enjoy knowing on a personal level,( in contrast to the idiot at the PNL).

    I hope it works for him at Derby but question why do it?

  • It really is a very good listen for anyone who hasn't yet. Warne really impressed me and is clearly a very smart guy. He was considering leaving Rotherham whatever happened last season having been there 5 years and feeling things were going stale. The news today therefore makes more sense in that context.

    Robinson just comes over as a bit unhinged IMO - all over the place with his thinking and all sorts of weird superstitions and complaints. There's an episode where PNL's season is completely falling apart which is a fantastic listen! I'm amazed that their fans can listen to the series and have any confidence in him as their manager.

    Would love to see Gareth Ainsworth do something like this one day. Then again, maybe it would shatter the illusion...

  • Warne going to Derby is like Potter going to Chelsea, inasmuch as it is two managers who seem like decent chaps going to thoroughly unlikable clubs.

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