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Match day thread: Derby



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    For the record, I know exactly what they're talking about (I just wanted to see if they'd expand on their pathetic little attack from behind a packet of pork scratchings): in my old Twitter profile pic, my hair had flopped over my forehead. Not sure how JRM comes into this as he didn't have that much hair last time I checked. Anyway...

    Seeing as you've deduced so much about someone you've never met, @fame_46, it's only polite that I return the favour: you seem like an utter cunt. Attacking someone based on their appearance is possibly the most pathetic form of bullying there is - and, based on the general demographic of the Gasroom, I assume you're more than old enough to know better. I'm sure people will say I should just ignore it, and I'm not going to interact with you any more after this, but you are bang out of order.

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  • There’s a quote I love about people who criticise a manager’s tactical knowledge: ‘Why is it that all the best football managers are driving taxis or delivery parcels*?’

    *Insert appropriate profession.

    We can all be experts with the benefit of hindsight!

  • Time for some folks to log off for the night.

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    I am not sure how saying we are dropping a massively concerning amount of points from winning positions compared to gaining them from losing positions is in any way irrelevant. It is not a knee jerk reaction - conversations between the Wycombe supporting friend I talk to most away from this forum and myself have touched on this subject all through last season. Even games where we were not actually dropping the points, we were letting dominant 2-0 leads become squeaky bum 2-1s. My friend tracks this stat throughout the season, so we have frequently remarked that there is a sea change from pre-Championship teams, who enjoyed so many comebacks,

    It does not negate the other positives around the club, but to say our inability to hold on to leads is not concerning is akin to sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "la la la". If a problem is not acknowledged, it is rarely solved.

    I feel positively about most things around the club - the latest example being the brilliant and poignant renaming of the gantry, which I think made all of us that much prouder of the beautiful culture at Wycombe Wanderers - but the blown leads, misused/unused subs, and loss of leadership with the departures of Stewart, Bayo and Blooms are issues I am concerned with through any short term upward or downward trends. Casting all genuine ongoing concerns as knee-jerk reactions to a loss (which will disappear after the next win) is massively patronizing.

  • Cheers. Of course, now I have spent all that time posting about our comeback issues, we are going to win the next one 4-3 after being 3-0 down. And I will love every minute of it (well, every minute after we get the first goal in the comeback!)

  • I felt today that it wasn’t so much a case of sitting back and defending; more a case of being forced back by a superior footballing side. Given that, for 15-20 minutes at the start of the game, we were totally in control, the complete turnaround was as much a surprise as it was a disappointment.

    I’d be more optimistic about our prospects moving forward if I hadn’t seen @Shev’s sobering statistics about repetitive capitulations.

    But i need to snap out of this relatively gloomy state of mind. One technique which has proved effective in the past is to remind myself of a particularly dire performance at Marlow in an early round of the FA Cup in the season (1974/75) when we went on to draw with Jack Charlton’s Middlesbrough at Loakes Park and very nearly took the replay at Ayresome Park to extra time. Middlesbrough were top of Division 1 at the time.


  • Too true @floyd. Alright for you. You’ve probably just finished tea or dinner. It’s flippin’ 23.40 here!

    Night all.

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    First of all, Gaz and Dobbo are the team to take us back to the Championship, I have no doubts on that front, they have done it before.

    @Glenactico makes some good points in this post.

    Injuries; age, pace and strength of our squad; quality of our GK kicking are all reasonable points to make. Max was exceptional today but his kicking is not as good as Stocko’s so he doesn’t find Vokesy with as many kicks and that diminishes Vokesy’s impact. Watching other top teams in League One they seem to play with more pace than we do, but is that just the benefits of seeing their highlights and not the full game?

    I suspect we need a pacy striker, another strong midfielder or an out and out winger (depending on shape and playing style chosen) and a good full back to really challenge for the top of this division. Some of those players may come from the currently injured or out of favour second teamers but I suspect we will also need to strengthen in January to be competitive.

  • I’m assuming we lose Mehmeti. He’s on fire and must have been on the radar for some clubs already.

    Id then be looking for some of that to be spent on another centre forward, and a winger as a direct replacement for Mehmeti.

  • Someone posted recently that as fans we tend to just analyse the performance of our own team whilst ignoring how the opposition played. Losing a game doesn’t necessarily mean that our tactics/formation/use of substitutes was wrong, it can simply be that the other team were better on the day.

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  • Love the positivity fame_46 and I agree with your sentiments. I thought you were naughty to taunt ReturntoSenda in a personal manner, however he was totally out of order to respond in the way he did.

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    I really wasn't, Alan. I was responding to being attacked for no good reason and in a very personal way. Sure, I used some strong language, but please don't try to tell me how I should react to a totally unprovoked attack on my appearance and my character.

  • I have said that the comment about you was I’ll judged, but you didn’t need to use the language you did, you are better than that

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    Perhaps not, but heat of the moment and all that (I stand by the sentiment of what I said on the whole). Anyway, it's too late for this and I've said my piece.

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    Fireman Sam

  • I chuckled.

    But only in the sort of way I chuckled at some of the stuff Boris came out with.

  • Some contenders for worst post of the season banked last night.

    Not sure life is as bleak as glasshalfempty (should be called glass totally empty with no hope of ever filling it back up, perhaps?)

  • Someone was wondering if we're athletic enough.

    Did we look athletic enough when battering Barnsley away for example?

    How do you define athletic anyway?

    If it's covering ground and high stamina, you'll not get much higher work rates than Gape and Scowen.

    Mccarthy is clearly super fit and Obita isn't exactly immobile on the left.

    If we're talking absolute pace then yes we lack that. Even Mehemti when clean through didn't have that pace to get a shot in.

    Hanlan would solve this up front. McCleary still has decent pace too.

  • Usual suspects getting the excuses in already after another defeat.

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    I’m certainly not in the camp of saying that our chances of promotion are over you can never say that mid-September

    I also accept the fact that Derby were the better side than us save perhaps for the first 20 minutes

    it is also true to say that we are missing basically half a team of very good players which is bound to have an effect

    I do get increasingly puzzled by our substitutions, the timing of them and indeed the lack of the them

    by 60 minutes possibly even earlier it seemed plain to me that we were being run off our feet by a very good side and that fresh legs were needed we seem to make substitutions too late in the game and often in desperation rather than tactically

    Yesterday’s game reminded me of the second leg at franchise where we were forced to defend for a large majority of the game. That game was unique in that we somehow got away with it. No team can survive the bombardment that we had to endure in the second half without conceding normally

    not necessarily saying earlier substitutions would’ve made a difference but it seemed to be begging for a change on the hour

    also what has Daryl Horgan got to do to get 90 minutes?

  • Maybe dropping the C bomb was a shock, but RTS was more than justified to respond the way he did to online bullying.

  • Athletic as in tall, strong, fast.

    Clearly we’re fit enough in terms of the necessary cardio hours.

  • FAO @micra - have a look at Anis Mehmeti's goal from yesterday. The space he was in to be able to produce his magic was created by Sam Vokes who attracted two defenders when he contested a header, leaving space in behind him. He does this all the time.

  • @Shev thanks for putting together those stats, they were really interesting. It really does highlight that we do seem to sit back when leading which is something that has concerned me for a long time. And, as you say, there have been plenty of close wins that almost had the same result. Charlton at home last season comes to mind where we genuinely could’ve been 5 or 6-0 up at half time. We were a far, far superior team but then just sat back and stopped attacking, inviting them onto us, and an almighty close call in injury time almost cost us 2 points.

    Perhaps it is a lack of leadership having lost so much experience and personality but to me it does feel like a tactic in a lot of cases. We seem now to have moved partially back to time wasting and slowing things down which is disappointing, and does tend to highlight the tactic. Stryjek has ‘injuries’ in every game now, strangely always when we’re particularly under the cosh. Yes, teams can push you back, but given how threatening and much the better team we were yesterday until we scored, you wouldn’t expect pretty much 0 attacking threat or dangerous breaks until they equalized. Then, all of a sudden, we looked a bit more of a threat again - after the equaliser Al Hamadi and Kaikai both had excellent chances. This can’t be coincidence over such a long period.

    In all likelihood, mainly due to the injuries we have, play offs maybe a stretch this year (but it is still very early so not in the slightest writing this off, I think we have the players to get there), so we have a bit of a free hit. I’d like to see the following happen to develop our style and more positive approach.

    • Gareth and Dobbo can stay and manage for as long as they want to. I am no way asking for a change, they are absolutely pivotal to the club and have transformed this club. Regardless that I disagree with some of what happens, they are indispensable and irreplaceable.
    • Back 4 please, always
    • Sam Vokes - I’d offer him a 3 year deal and build around him like we did with Bayo for so long. For some certainty.
    • More Horgan please.
    • More towards a more positive and attacking style. This does not mean gung ho Bolton style, just a more positive approach (less sitting back against inferior teams, trying to score more when 2-0 up, less time wasting etc)
    • We need more pace in attack, especially if Hanlan remains injury prone. We are light up front, and this showed yesterday again with bringing Forino on up there, unless he’s seen as a genuine option up there as a Vokes understudy. Perhaps Kaikai could be an option here but we need him to stay injury free and get a run of games to see.

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