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22 / 23 Season Attendance Prediction Competition



  • Did I say thank you? I may not have! Great fun as ever and looking forward to next season already.

  • @DevC , can you explain how the points are allocated for each correct, or incorrect, prediction?

  • I do the score one @bargepole ,@railwaybeth does the attendance. We’ll both link to the scoring system well before the start of next seasons comps. You would be very welcome to compete in either or both of them.

  • Ah, that sounds like a lot of new responsibility for me...I don't like the sound of that...It's @railwaysteve , my father, who does the attendance contest . But indeed, I think you would be a welcome participant :)

  • Thanks @railwaysteve . If you ever make yourself known to me, I'd like to buy you a beer for all your efforts.

    Wish I'd discovered how fun this was when the season started - if Covid struck this season, I reckon my PPG would have put me up there!

  • Oops sorry @railwaybeth . Had a long drive from my part of the world to yours on Friday. I think I did pretty well to get that close afterwards....

    After 14 years (and I think over 30,000 miles...) looks like this visit to Cambridge may have been my last which is a little sad. Never did manage to make a visit coincide with a game at the Abbey. Ho hum.

  • Are you okay, @DevC? That sounds a little ominous. Or was it a work trip that is no longer necessary?

  • I guess you could read it that way @Shev but as far as I know I remain fit and healthy. Sorry.

    in the last 14 years at least one sometimes two of my kids have lived at least part time in the land of the Railway family but now the last one will shortly be moving away and I have no further reason to go there. Shame because it is a nice place. Nothing more sinister.

    never did get round to giving punting a go either.

  • Glad to hear it, and sorry if that was a bit nosey. I wish your whole family well!

  • Not remotely @Shev

    how is your family now - ive lost track on your brood

  • We're great thanks - still living in Denver (going on six years). Our girl is turning five in July, and our boy is two and a half.

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