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Match day thread: Charlton



  • I thought the ref did fine in clamping down on dissent early. Was it Charlton who went in the book for this first? Maybe following the Wycombe card for the foul which I think was Scowen.

    And he also let some strong tackles go, which I liked.

  • @micra I just remember clearly an English teacher’s red pen when starting sentences with And and But so it obviously stuck in my mind and given you are the grammar king around here so I thought I’d ask for forgiveness!

    Don’t be pithier with your pride, your posts are always a pleasure to read. Hopefully those serious injury rumours are just a story to fill the vacuum (a la Tafazolli in Revs) - I agree with you that it might be something about promotion pressure driving a lot of the angst. The relentless pace last season, from a points perspective, does make you feel like every point dropped is terminal, but in all likelihood a more normal points total may get us into the play offs this year, maybe 75 ish, so our prospects are still good assuming Vokes isn’t too long term and given the talent we have in other areas.

    Hanlan looked like a pretty straightforward groin strain when he did it, but from experience they can be quite intransigent so he may be a little bit longer. Unless the surgery was a hernia operation which is possible given the groin issue.

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