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Match day thread: Charlton



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    Has GMac been wearing a hairband all season?

  • Please, not JMac at left back!

  • It’s gone a bit scrappy. Again subs disrupt more than help?

  • Grimmer can't pass a ball

  • Stryjek needs to improve his kicking and fast

  • Fair result in the end

    We look decent going forward but do miss a focal point for the attack with Sam Vokes or someone similar, however our defence is still unbalanced and a little unsettled. Our fullbacks are in a bit of a run of poor form at the moment, though there are glimpses of Grimmer perhaps getting back to what we know he can do.

    Nice cameo from Al-Hamidi who still looks raw but is showing enough to suggest he could be another decent player.

  • Didn't look like scoring 2nd half, didn't help that we didn't play with a striker until thw 80th minute

  • Good game of football overall. Quite enjoyed the tactical battle and our high press first half. A bit unlucky perhaps to be only 1-1 at the break, although we didn’t create much second half.

  • He wouldn’t look out of place if he could kick to a central focal point. Having to chop and change target over 90 mins is utterly stupid.

  • Frustrating result as I felt the performance at times (particularly in the first half) merited more. But equally just not quite good enough in the crucial moments today (Grimmer not looking up to see GMAC, GMAC fluffing a cross in a dangerous position late on etc etc).

    But Charlton are a pretty well fancied team this year so a point in retrospect probably isn’t a bad result, although it certainly shines a light at the awful Shrewsbury result, similar to how we felt about the 5-5 vs Cheltenham last year as a missed opportunity.

    Positive to see Taf back on the bench. Even though Forino has been solid, Taf is far too good a player to leave out at this level so I imagine we’ll see him start soon.

    Would like to see AAH get a start if Wheeler is now out and Vokes is long term (which I think is looking likely). AAH has pace to burn and will help to stretch opposition defences, which is something we’re lacking when Hanlan isn’t out there.

    Mawson is looking really excellent and it’s not a co-incidence that we’re now looking much more solid at the back (even if their goal today was still softer than we’d like). If we can keep him and Taf fit all season then I think we’ll give ourselves a real secure base to build on.

    Long old season ahead but I’ve seen enough on the whole to believe that we’ll be amongst the playoff chasers. Automatic seems unrealistic at this particular moment in time but if we can get ourselves on a run and bypass our normal Winter slump, then you never know.

  • They are talking about no Plan B on the Charlton forum, so we must have done something right!

  • They are bang on about Charlton’s lack of a plan B. Nearly cost them a few times in that first half trying to play out from the back and playing into our hands time and time again.

    Shame we couldn’t capitalise with a goal during that period as I think it was our most dominant spell in the game.

  • Last week on co-comms Vokes said he had the same injury that had kept McCarthy out so I would guess he will be out for at least another 3 weeks or so, I too think Al-Hamidi has shown enough to be given a start (if Wheels is injured) or at least a much earlier sub appearance.

  • Entertaining first half and played some good stuff at times. Really great press and thought Gape and Scowen were excellent. Wing is not entirely convincing at the moment and I’d probably being Horgan back in.

    Second half was a bit flat and scrappy until the last 10 minutes. Though t AAH looked lively when he came on and has a bit about him. Just from a late comment on the commentary I think Vokes may be out for a little while, and who knows about Hanlan. I think AAH should start on Tuesday and next Saturday to get him match fit. But if Vokes is out medium term I don’t think we’ll be troubling the very top of the table, especially with quite weak second choice full backs. If we could get McCarthy and Obita back fit and firing that may be a different story but that seems a big if with injuries and the selection policy currently.

    Its a long season though and plenty to play for, and we do have some cracking players so you never know.

  • I want AAH to have a great career here, but if we're still talking about weeks for Vokes, and who knows about Hanlan, we need to bring someone in.

    A defender comfortable anyway across the back four would be quite useful too.

  • I've heard a few more weeks yet for Vokes

  • Maybe go for a good loanee target man ( if there is such a person available).

    I thought we played really well first half and we really should have gone in at HT ahead.

    Please god let us hold on to Anis Mehmeti. 🤲

  • I thought it was an entertaining afternoon and but for one moment of defensive madness we would have seen that game out. I keep looking for the Wing attributes that keep Horgan out...but except for a couple of tackles late on he was a bit anonymous for me and the corners awful. The yellow card for Mawson was ridiculous and one of the Charlton ones was a bit soft. I thought Al Hamadi looked decent and though we seem a bit shot shy in the opposition box I am quite enjoying the more on the floor football myself. Is it me or have our set pieces turned to shite?

  • Agreed @Wendoverman with the majority or your points. I would add that the referee was an enigma. Punishing with yellows for time wasting when kicking the ball away, (something that really gets on my manboobs), not falling for any player that hits the floor just because they "felt a touch", then in the 2nd half was the polar opposite?

  • Ideally he should be able to pick out players as needed not just knock it long for the opposition centre backs to mop up. But give him time.

  • Very entertaining first half and once we really started to get in Charltons faces we were by far the better team and looked good value. Tiredness eventually killed that second half and with all the injuries we weren't able to change it enough in the 2nd half. Charlton will be up there and so can we... if those attacking players get back to full fitness soon. Plenty of promise and a very enjoyable afternoon in beautiful Bucks

  • That kick about five minutes from the 90 that set Mehmeti away up the left wing was absolutely exceptional.

  • It was, but he played a few straight into touch - but that probably was more to do with having to aim somewhere different each time.

  • Actually, 5 minutes before half time. Got confused.

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    Fairly average sort of game.

    Real rookie defending to let them back in so quickly after we scored.

    It's neve wise to make definitive statements too early, but I think it is hard to see us threatening the play offs without Vokes in there.

    It's quite worrying he's been out a month with no real timescale bar some gasroomer guesswork.

    Utterly in the dark on Hanlan too, which is the ultimate sod's law having him out at the same time.

    Watching Gape and Scowen toil away, each with a booking, we could really do with Thompson back too. But he seems to have hugely lengthy spells out regularly now.

  • First half was utterly sublime in moments. Second half it was a classic case of 'we needed to strike whilst the iron was hot'.

    Get Vokes and Tafazolli back regularly and we will be right up there.

  • It depends how many points we lose before getting those 2 back together, in good form.

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    Very frustrating really in a way, I think if I'm honest a draw was a fair result, we did well but didn't do enough to win. I just thought we looked a bit toothless up front, McCleary is wasted in the middle, he needs to be on the wing. Playing for 80 minutes without an actual striker didn't help. Having said that I thought Ali looked very promising if maybe a little raw ( 1st time I've seen him live) when he came on, certainly something there.

    If I'm being honest, I think we're fine everywhere bar fullbacks, hoping McCarthy can find the form of a couple years ago, and, this won't go down well, JJ as much as I love him just looks a bit out of place now, got roasted a couple of times today, goal came from his side, problem is I don't think Obita Is the answer. We could do with another left footed player

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