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Match day thread: Charlton



  • Sorry @Quarterman, now I’m struggling to keep up. Is this place “a ‘living’ thing and will go where it goes” or is it one where I’m not allowed to take part in that living thing because I’d like threads to not all be about one subject?

  • @drcongo I think you’re being deliberately obtuse. You can take part obviously, but don’t ridicule the opinion of others when a thread doesn’t follow how you’d like it to. Do keep up.

  • Take part in free discussions but please agree with me.

  • I’m entitled to one thing, and that’s to ask people to show some basic respect toward keeping this place a fun place to visit. If there’s something you feel strongly about, you have every right to start a thread about it and discuss it to death. What you’re not entitled to do, is spam every thread with the same comments. It makes it shit for everyone else. Why this simple request is so controversial I don’t know, other than it’s the same people who think they’re entitled to know everything, who also think they’re entitled to post that fact in every sodding thread. It’s just so, well, entitled.

  • If anything demonstrates what rude health Wycombe Wanderers are in compared to a few years ago, it’s passionate conversations about injuries, rather than whether we should move to Booker, or how we’re going to pay the bills in the summer.

  • If someone is out injured for a few weeks or maybe even a few months then I can totally understand not giving info out, but if someone has a serious injury that's going to keep them out for 6 months plus then there's absolutely no harm in just telling the fans, you know the paying customers. If someone is out for 6 months plus you can bet players of other clubs will know anyway as lots of them are friends.

  • Also, I don’t want to take part, that’s the whole fucking point. The spamming of other threads is what’s forcing me to. If you think this is how I want to spend my bank holiday Sunday, you’re very wrong. The second you lot start a thread about it I’m going to ignore the hell out of it.

  • @StrongestTeam I couldn’t give two hoots if you agree with me or not, not sure where I’ve said otherwise, it’s my opinion, others have different opinions, that’s the function of a message board. To share opinions. I’m saying that I object to being told it shouldn’t be discussed anymore. If people want to discuss it ad infinitum, they should be allowed to do so, regardless if some are bored by the conversation.

  • For fuck’s sake man, nobody has told you you can’t discuss it.

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    I’m worried now that you’re no longer reading my posts @Quarterman ! I often start a sentence with ‘And..’ and even, heaven forfend, the occasional ‘But..’ . I’ve been trying lately to use more short, sharp sentences. I’m often shocked myself when I realise what long blocks of text my streams of consciousness often lead to.

    I’m also genuinely alarmed to learn today about the severity of the afflictions being endured in silence by two of our more important players. I think the heightened interest so many of us have about such a large (possibly unprecedented) number of players being unavailable is a reflection of our perfectly reasonable concern about the impact on our prospects of finishing the season in a playoff place. Automatic is almost certainly out of the question.

    I think I might be less concerned about promotion if I hadn’t got a taste of Championship football so recently and I wasn’t so bloody old !

    I am sure I would be totally relaxed and indifferent to the (almost?) total absence of information about the status of players’ injuries if I could persuade myself that all I want to see is entertaining, skilful, competitive football and that promotion was by no means the be all and end all. I could do that if I could blank out the fact that Rob Couhig obviously has his business man’s heart set on it. That’s the rub. His continued ownership is key. And failure to gain promotion could jeopardise the prospect of his continuing ownership.

    So much for the pithier prose !

  • And yet you were happy to tell Dr Congo what not to say.

    He wasn't stopping you from saying anything btw as you've already established he can delete posts and ban people if he likes but it's extremely rarely that he does and despite that for the most part we all manage to engage in civil conversation most of the time. A few sensible suggestions from him in my opinion (not that you care of course) , and I think that sort of thing is better than the constant drone of everything being awful on Facebook where apparently Ainsworth should have been sacked every couple of weeks for the last decade.

    Of course you are entitled to disagree, apologies for impinging on your civil rights.

  • Totally agree with this btw as their is no advantage to be gained. Btw most threads go offtrack a bit and nobody cares, repeatedly posting exactly the same thing without any irony is a bit different.

  • Why do we think Charlton decided to attack towards their fans first half, and the Whites Terrace second half? Surely there is so little marginal gain to be had that it doesn't matter. I feel we have a right to attack towards our fans second half.

    Discuss (irony intended).

  • @micra I just remember clearly an English teacher’s red pen when starting sentences with And and But so it obviously stuck in my mind and given you are the grammar king around here so I thought I’d ask for forgiveness!

    Don’t be pithier with your prose, your posts are always a pleasure. Hopefully those serious injury rumours are just a story to fill the vacuum (a la Tafazolli in Revs) - I agree with you that it might be something about promotion pressure driving a lot of the angst. The relentless pace last season, from a points perspective, does make you feel like every point dropped is terminal, but in all likelihood a more normal points total may get us into the play offs this year, maybe 75 ish, so our prospects are still good assuming Vokes isn’t too long term.

    Hanlan looked like a pretty straightforward groin strain when he did it, but from experience they can be quite intransigent so he may be a little bit longer. Unless the surgery was a hernia operation which is possible given the groin issue.

  • That was actually quite interesting, I wondered the same at the time.

  • @drcongo I assume it's as simple as the manager does feel there's a marginal gain and it's worth exploiting, even if I feel entitled to have Wycombe attack towards the Whites Terrace second half?

    Just saying, 🤷‍♂️

  • I'd imagine they made that choice before the game and didn't seem to take notice of their own admirably large and noisy section that they would have been attacking into. Odd choice.

  • If I was a football manager shaping up to face Wycombe at Adams Park away from home I would have made the same choice. The terrace has sucked the ball into the net late on in games so many times in recent years. We’ve been imperious at home. I have no idea why more teams don’t try and swap.

  • What! You mean a manager trying to exploit - what is in there opinion - a marginal gain.

    Wow, who would've thought that might be something you'd want to do?

  • Thank you for the kind words @Quarterman.

  • It is a bit of pain when the ‘thread title’ is ignored and we go off at a tangent, especially when there is already a thread covering those discussions.

    Just my OCD and wanted things in right places 🤦🤦

  • Mind you, saying that I cannot find an injuries thread 😁

  • I think it's less to do with class and background and more to do with people who just like watching football for some relaxation and amusement and people much closer to it who like the in and outs and in-depth examination.

    I am starting to ignore the threads that become endless spiralling slides into Hellfire...

  • The players’ injuries etc and lack of information thereon has been done to death on the Rob Couhig Q & A thread. I was even there as the last rites were being read.

  • I might just start an injuries thread just for the hell of it. Sorry @drcongo, only joking but at least you could avoid it then 😁.

  • Sorry I just woke up and am trying to "re-rail" this thread, but has anyone talked about Gape's pass to release GMac in the build up to our goal? Gape may be as one footed as a pogo stick, but his range of passing is quite sensational at times, much like Scowen's pass to AAH at Barnsley.

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    I’ve led an incredibly sheltered life @Shev and I suspect many will be astounded but I’d not heard that expression before. As one-footed as a pogo stick. I’ll be looking for opportunities to use it but they will no doubt be limited, watching as talented a group of players as Wycombe Wanderers. Especially as I’m normally alone watching on the laptop.

  • In view of the tin bath incident, I'm not sure you can say you've led a sheltered life!

  • The return of the 'injuries thread' is just around the corner

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