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Match day thread: Charlton



  • BLIMEY. If that is the case it’s mad that the veil of secrecy still exists. When did that news surface?

  • The word "given" feels a bit out of place as this doesn't appear to be information in the public domain (unless I've missed something)

  • We are supporters spending hundreds of pounds EVERY season, travelling thousands of miles in our case. We must remember though, and get it into our thick heads, that we absolutely NO right to know or understand the current health and well being of our players. Perish the thought.

  • I just count myself lucky we're allowed to know their names in the first place

  • Throughout my working life I worked on contracts where clients had invested thousand and in some cases millions of pounds. Beyond the basic 'off sick' information, no, they were not entitled to know the state of my health and wellbeing. The same applies to you and every other individual, including football players.

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    You can't treat football (or competitive sport in general, where there's a fan element) like any 'ordinary' industry.

  • I continue to work in a world with big numbers and important people. Football has no relation to that world.

  • Why tho

  • Why not? Medical records are private for all individuals regardless of occupation.

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    But no one's asking for access to players' medical records, are they? Can you not understand why fans might want to know that 'player X has a hamstring issue, but we don't think it's serious'? I.e. information that's given out by other managers extremely commonly.

  • agreed, some degree of transparency would be nice , even if its injury news like , short , medium or long term injury, Thommo as an example , he has been out for months but Gareth will say he is almost back....just don't believe a word he says

  • I understand that fans may wish to know that information, but that is not the point. Are they entitled to that information? In my opinion, no they are not.

    There are many things people may want to know, that doesn't give them the right to know. You appear to not understand the difference.

  • It's always surprising how many negatives people can find with what is meant to be a pleasure and release from normal life.

  • If only this tedious conversation was only happening in one thread that the non-entitled could ignore.

  • Most information we get about our team isn't a right, but we reasonably expect to be told it. I do understand the difference, thank you very much.

  • My working theory is that those who believe they’re entitled to know the private life of footballers are all ex grammar school or public school. Us comprehensive plebs weren’t taught that we have a right to everything and we should just demand it or take it regardless of who that affects.

  • But we have been told the reasons why we aren’t being told.

    i know you disagree (and personally I think it’s a little bit OTT but I’m at the stage now where I find it amusing) but you aren’t the manager and tasked with deciding what to do with that information.

    As a customer (fan) you could complain to the chairman and see what response you get.

    As an adult, you could just accept the manager’s worldview on injury information (albeit reluctantly), shrug and move on.

  • I do understand the logic of maintaining a 'closed door' policy regarding injuries to our players, however, I feel that it wouldn't benefit the opposition if we were a little more open with long-term/serious injuries (like Nick Freeman). I suspect that the current interest in this topic on here (Gasroom) is partly due to the increasing supporter feelings of being marginalised and turned into cash cows. Nowadays, a visit to AP is akin to passing through a major airport/railway station. You're not really feeling part of what is happening. I'm questioning the point of my ST as it seems we now get less "free" matches and are out of pocket more quickly if holidays/illness/family arrangements intervene as they do. Feelings of being pushed out of knowing about our players just adds to this I suspect. We're no longer a little club but a bigger business. Future success comes at an unexpected cost.

  • @drcongo - if this topic is so ‘tiresome’, just ignore it and stop replying. You may be a moderator but you do not, as far as I know, have the right to dictate the conversation.

    Some are bothered, some are not. That’s life and is the case for a million other topics around life in general, football and our club is the reason for the existence of places such as these.

    For this topic, we all spend a lot of our lives watching, thinking and chatting about Wycombe. For example, if Vokes is out for the season, we have no chance of promotion, and if that’s the serious aim, we should expect to sign a striker, either on loan or permanently. If he is maybe out for another month, we can probably cope and muddle through until then, without massively harming a shot at the play offs. That is quite a difference and it is not unreasonable for people to want to know.

    I, and many others here, are not even bothered about specifics. They just object to being in the dark completely, and regularly deceived about players fitness. If the club stated along the lines of, Vokes will be out for at least a month, Hanlan until Christmas, and Thompson likely for the season that’s fine for me. No details on type of injury is also fine for me. Anyone not mentioned we can have an understanding and just assume it is a minor injury/illness and will be a couple of weeks maximum. That is enough.

    Of course we do not have a right to know, but do I have a right to know Ryan Tafazolli’s full name, employment history, date of birth, contract length, likely salary, height, weight and nationality. Of course not, in fact it’s highly likely to be a breach of GDPR. Should the players just have initials on their backs going forward given we actually (rightly by law) have no rights to their personal information at all?

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    Don't throw all of us ex grammar schoolers into your sweeping generalisation.

    Though maybe if you put an age factor on it you may be closer to something. Those of us who didn't grow up with social media are perhaps more able to deal with not knowing every single element about everything.

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    I was asked on here after the bad run whether I thought I'd feel as disconnected if we were doing well. I do, as do a lot of others. And it doesn't have to be like that at all. We can be successful on the pitch and still have great fan engagement.

  • @Quarterman Im not trying to stop people discussing it, keep up. I’m trying to stop the entitled crowd turning every single thread into a discussion of their right to know everything. It’s killing the enjoyment of the board for those able to handle someone else’s choice.

  • @drcongo a thousand apologies, I didn’t realise you had a gauge of ‘everyone’s enjoyment’ of the gasroom. Blimey, it’s a message board, just let it go where it goes, you know like actual real life conversation. And (sorry @micra for starting a sentence with an ‘and’) stop trying to control everything because YOU don’t like it.

  • Also, comprehensive educated, 41 years old, do not use any social media at all and never have, and it still annoys me I do not know about injuries. I must be an outlier.

  • Abdominal surgery, broken ankle ? That’s alarming.

    Anyone else aware of those two situations ?

  • Guys - the situation about injury transparency is never going to change, for the very reasons flagged in the Q&A on Wednesday.

    Of course we may each have differing views on the subject, but our options from here are to either continue to debate it with no chance to change the outcome, or just live with it and get behind the team we all put our money into.

    There’s still far more good things than negative things that we can credit the club with.

  • @drcongo On one side, I, and others, are very grateful that you created and run this board - it’s brilliant, thank you. But it’s a ‘living’ thing and will go where it goes, and shouldn’t be controlled too much (except in the obvious recent case). On the other side, I don’t agree with some of your comments today and condescension of others’ (in this case, mine) opinions. Advising me to ‘keep up’ is just a little patronising. The two opinions can both be true and are not mutually exclusive.

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