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Embarrassing to see the amount of stick he's getting from our own fans, never mind Wednesday's. Yes, he made some mistakes, but I still think he's one of our best-ever goalkeepers. I don't get it.



  • Harsh to blame him for Pompey's first goal yesterday

  • The only stick he should ever get is for his website: David Stockdale: Goalkeeper, Lover, Assassin or whatever it's called.

  • Surely we should all be used to the social media variant of the human race by now? Given the opportunity to be restrained or to outline a nuanced argument we all know 'die you ****ing fat c***' will be the post of choice on most occasions.

  • I dont think he should get stick for any of the goals

    I do think he should get stick for getting a yellow card for time-wasting

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    Apparently some fans weren't happy about how he handled his exit on Twitter (I must have missed this as I don't remember at all). In any case, I'm sure the stick isn't justified at all. Really pathetic stuff. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but that would be a lie. Oh well.

  • People must have been pretty ignorant about the man and the player If they feel he deserves anything but wholesome thanks and praise.

    One of my favourite players of recent years and he will get my full applause when he comes back to AP.

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    Oh and maybe a bit of research into his arrival with us would help people. I always felt he was doing us a favour as he felt grateful to the club.

  • I was sorry to see him go. I understand his reason and I for one wish him well

  • Sometimes I am amazed at the low level of intellect on here. 99% of the time he was amazing for us. Fully understand his reasoning for the move, I wish him well for all but 2 games this season & like @TheAndyGrahamFanClub I will certainly be applauding him when he comes to AP.

  • As good a keeper as Stocky was for us, their were signs that old father time was catching up with him. I know they say keepers can go onto there late 30's, most don't. As just like opening batsmen, the message from the eyes to the brain, start to slow down.

    We were never going to offer a two year deal to Stocky, but if the Wednesday fans continue you to turn on him and he is out of the team, before the end of August, and we haven't sorted our keeper pickle out, maybe a 4 month loan back to Bucks would be a possibility.

  • I've not seen this angle. Doing us a favour?

    He was out of contract and glad to get a club wasn't he?

    I thought he was a quality keeper myself, and having seen how he panned out, it seems amazing we had him as back up for a while.

  • 'Sometimes I am amazed at the low level of intellect on here. '

    Steady on @EwanHoosaami I think you're mixing us up with another site!😁

  • Wasn't he only back up for a time due to him having to shed a bit of timber on joining us?

  • I haven't seen any criticism of him on here, what have I missed?

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  • Just ignore it, you'll be so much happier

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    Nah, it should be called out, especially when it's directly targeted at the player. I'd call it out in person, don't see online as any different tbh. Doesn't affect my happiness - and it's probably water off a duck's back to Stocko too, but still a grim way to treat a player who did so much for this club and the local community.

  • There are dickheads about, there always have been and there always will be. Must be exhausting if you take it upon yourself to police it on the internet.

    Stockdale is one of the most loved players we've ever had.

  • He is. Their loss if they can't appreciate that, I guess.

  • I'm glad I don't do twitter at least fan forums however swivel eyed many posters are have some sort of filter.

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    Do you not do the terrace? Every time I switch to there for the odd game, I'm reminded of why I usually avoid it like the plague 😂 It's Twitter with BO.

  • Well, with that recommendation I'm not rushing to change my ST @ReturnToSenda

  • Atmosphere felt good on Saturday, admittedly

  • After many wasted minutes searching for the sarcasm about David Stockdale to which you referred, I concluded that you must have meant the irony in his self-description. Not sure that describing himself as an assassin on Twitter (or whatever the platform was) was the wisest idea but those of us who got to know him reasonably well recognise it as just another example of his quirky self-denigrating (and sometimes outrageous) character.

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    Just to be clear the website is David Stockdale Goalkeeper Pundit Philanthropist

    I deliberately misnamed it for 'comedic effect'. On the website you can see David in full 'Mr Sophistication' mode, posing next to a chess set with a very big cigar.

  • A truly remarkable character. One of the greatest we’ve been privileged to have at Adams Park. Sadly, I have to agree with @Malone (?) regarding the suspicion that he may now possibly be losing his ‘edge’. He clearly still loves the game again (or did during his time with Wycombe) but he has such a wealth of other sporting and business interests that slipping quietly out of the game - certainly at the present level - shouldn’t be too great a shock to the system.

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    I was impressed with the support they gave to Tyla I must say.

  • Remember Stockdale had Taff/Forino & Stewart in central defence the Wednesday lot may not be up to the same standard.

  • @Wendoverman: have only just seen your DM.

    Many thanks.

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