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Why are most of our friendlys behind closed doors. No friendlys at home against premiership team that fans can watch and none against local non league team like maidenhead and Wealdstone.



  • You may possibly be asking the wrong people.

  • @Haytor06. I'm not going to claim to be in the know on this subject, but am prepared to put forward a couple of suggestions.

    Lack of home friendlies may be due to the pitch being re-laid this Summer. The play-offs may have delayed that work starting, and the early start to 22/23 mean the pitch has to be ready at the end of July.

    Again the early start to the season may affect who is available to play friendly matches. Non league clubs may not consider that they have players back to that level of fitness yet.

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    I thought it was something to do with the planned maintenance on the Adams Park pitch was started a few weeks late because of the playoffs so it wouldn't quite be ready for competitive play.

  • It probably is due to the pitch renovations, but I don't think the club have explicitly communicated that?

  • Maybe it's something to do with the pitch renovations.

    Nick Freeman

  • Keep it friendly.

  • The pitch stuff makes sense for home friendlies. But I assume the match with Oxford City tomorrow is happening at their place? Why would we not open up that up to supporters?

  • I would also say that pre season friendlies against Premiership teams are largely BS now. They are in Asia, America, Australia etc preparing to claim that their players are too tired to play 2 games in a week once the league season kicks off.

    So you might get a Man City 11 which is hardly going to spring the imagination, bring in a crowd, be a decent work out, make any money.

    Never been a fan of friendlies. So no loss as far as I’m concerned

  • Nick Freeman and the Adams Park pitch are both currently being renovated.

    Premiership clubs play rugby.

    Judging by numbers traditionally attending pre-season friendlies, I suspect that gate money, food and drink sales etc do not meet the cost of sales staff, stewarding etc. let alone make a profit.

    Like the game against Fulham U23 which Blues won 3-0 on Saturday, the game against Oxford City tomorrow evening will be behind closed doors at the training ground.

    The game against Watford next Saturday will be behind closed doors (BCD) at Vicarage Road.

    There is a game against AFC Bournemouth Development squad at Brockenhurst FC on Friday 22 July for which I believe tickets are/were available.

    Finally, there is a game (I assume BCD) against Southampton B at the Southampton training ground on Saturday 23 July.

  • Hope that was helpful.

  • You're a league ahead @micra!

  • Oh, crikey, what have I done?

  • I should hereby like to lay claim to being a marmite of a poster!

  • Wahey! We're even getting 'You know what you're going to get with Wycombe'-ed by non-League managers now. Pipe down.

  • Who’s the 5?

  • Alfie has changed since 2015. New haircut?

  • 0-0 not bad seeing as there seem to be very few defenders about.

  • oh, but Trialist-CB is one of the few not to get subbed at HT. If his body language is up to snuff, we may be looking at our next signing.

  • another player with zero experience and is free....what a surprise

  • If he is brought in it will be as a back up rather than a starter.

    Seriously @Wanderers82 how do you think young players gain experience?

    With close to 400 PL & Champ Academy players being released every season there is a wealth of talent out there in search of an opportunity to prove themselves; add to that players who got dropped by academies at an earlier age and those who bloomed later playing in tiers 7-9 there is no reason to spend fortunes building a decent side if you have the right club culture and coaching structures.

    I know it is going back a few years but was Vardy a gamble when Leicester signed him as a 25 year old from Fleetwood who were then in the Conference? Did he have "experience"?

  • I think @Wanderers82 favours the DCFC approach to managing the football club. Good job he's not running the show...

  • Currently away v Watford in behind closed door game. According to twitter our only keeper just got injured...

  • We're currently 3-0 down.

  • F/T 4-1.

  • Relieved to see Forino gets his first start in preseason today.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong - zero appearances so far from McCarthy, Thompson, Wakely and Wing. Not so good

    Hopefully Dickinson precautionary

    I’m never too worried about Gaz taking his time regards transfers but the CB and GK position really must be sorted soon🤞

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