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  • Seems like a slightly more reliable source than those 'player X to Club Y for Z millions,' accounts. But an odd move for Aberdeen to make I'd have thought.

  • Maybe but he's only saying he hopes it, not even claiming any interest

  • If it was a Scottish team I would have thought St Mirran as Charles Dunne is there and they still seem close from previuos social posts.

  • IF this is true I imagine Jack Grimmer would have been Anthony’s go to man for advice on this due to Jack having played for/supports Aberdeen.

  • Sure they do. But, to my original point, mostly anonymous accounts rather than actual beat writers, which is what this guy seems to be.

  • If Aberdeen can pay him more than us...good luck to him. He would still be a regular starter if he stayed with us.

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    Not sure about that with Forino's emergence, but he would be at Aberdeen - not a step up

  • They just sold Ramsay to Liverpool for £6m so I think they are OK for money

  • Would only be a regular starter if we played 3 at the back.

  • With Taff's injury record, I think Stewart would play more than he misses. Hopefully we keep him, as he is an absolute legend.

  • As exciting as Forino looked as a prospect Stewart would get in ahead of him every time I was in charge of team selection.

  • God, poor old Tools has gone from it would be bad if we lose him to not even a regular starter very quickly.😁

  • Ha, fun watching this spin round social media and the BFP guy getting involved, slim pickings as far as news or gossip goes so far obviously. Who knows it might even alert someone else and them get involved, he looked a bit rusty at points late last season but immense at others. I'd rather he stayed tbh but we'll see.

  • Running stories around transfer links is fairly standard industry practice - I work in it - especially for a local paper when it's concerning the team they cover.

  • "If he were to move north of the English border, Wanderers will be with just two recognized centre backs in Ryan Tafazolli and Chris Forino."

    What about Jack Wakely? And are the BFP now an American newspaper?

  • Would be a huge loss. An understated legend. A big game player. He was our best player in both recent playoff finals. Not 100% surprised as I don't think Ainsworth has ever been fully convinced by Stewart's ability. Our worst form this season came when he was out of the side. Unsurprising really.

  • I would say they (journalists/newspapers) need to fill the column inches. But I guess these days it's more about generating website traffic/click throughs.

    Was it ever about actually reporting only the truth, rather than rumours and half-truths?

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    It's so hard to generate revenue without paywalls these days that you've got to push out that kind of content - although it doesn't have to be devoid of substance. The BFP haven't really presented this one as clickbait, mind you.

  • But at the other end of the scale, some headline writing is so awful that it's not even clickbait - the BBC headline on the Tom Hanks story the other day literally made out that he'd tripped his own wife up.

  • Alfie Manson too. We are awash with centre backs if you trade all the rumours off

  • It would be a huge loss, regardless of Forino’s progress.

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    They've actually included a screenshot from an unverified FB page as a source in that article?

  • The journalist who first tweeted about this has said he was told Aberdeen have offered Anthony a contract and he’s got to decide whether he wants to take it or not.

  • I would like to see what Wakeley can do...he looked good against Leicester.

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    Yep. Overrated by many in the first half of the season, then hilariously dismissed due to people getting giddy over a few good Forino games, ignoring all the "green" moments.

    Also conveniently ignoring how ropey we looked when Stew and Taf were left out for that weird period.

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    Well as far as I'm concerned, I want Tools to stay !

    One of the most epic individual performances ive ever seen in a Wycombe shirt in that play off final against Oxford. Also plenty more not far off that since.

  • Dear Anthony,

    Remember Crewe.

    You always strike me as a slightly shy home boy the familiarity of family, church, friends can not be underestimated. Aberdeen is a long way from home.

    Everybody at Adams Park from Dobbo all the way to the kids sitting in the family stand have loved you for the longest time. Always have, always will. In fact you now inherit the on field Mr Wycombe mantle.

    Yes the money may be better across the border and who wouldn’t want to play at Celtic Park and Ibrox but the days up there are short, the granite city is foreboding, the wind and rain whip in off the North Sea and a fried mars bar is hardly soul food!

    Have a chat with Jack Grimmer where he would rather be and he has roots at Pittodrie.

    Thank you for some great performances in the quarters, here’s to many more…..

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