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Ainsworth to QPR - West London Sport

It's that time of year again. Ainsworth moves to 1/1 odds for the QPR job and reports start popping up in local papers. Should we be worried?



  • I think it probably is a moment to worry. It would be a sad time to leave, with Bayo going and many players out of contract, there is a big rebuilding job to be done over the summer. You could argue, this would be the perfect time for him to go, as it gives any new manager fewer Ainsworthy players to figure out and adapt with.

    It would be a great shame to see Gaz go, but you wonder whether he'll see this as a point where he's done all he can and wants to take the next step.

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    If they can convince him (or guarantee financially) they'll give him time I think he'll go. But I'd imagine that he'll be an expensive option for them compared to some of the other options.

    On the other hand I think he's really attached to our club and these players so QPR really will have to show commitment if they want him. I feel QPR is a bigger threat than Blackburn as he could stay close to his family.

  • Hasn’t he just said he is fully committed to Wycombe Wanderers?

  • The concern for me isn’t the emotional bank account these 2 x clubs have, the championship averages 11 months for managers in role and Gaz will know this.

    That said the Blackburn and QPR owners will probably want to do their due diligence and any of those clubs would be foolish not to have Gaz on the list of potential candidates based on track record and achievement.

    Also, in comparison with most clubs at that level they seem to give their managers time to implement a philosophy. Mowbray had 5 years in role and Warburton 3 years.

    No one would begrudge Gaz the opportunity if it was offered and he felt it was time to try and further his career. Certainly don’t want to lose him and I’m sure an offer would have to be very compelling for him to leave now.

  • On Sky after the game, after a direct question about his future, he simply said (very carefully worded) that his immediate focus was on sorting out a few contractual issues with our players... He then said "they will come back stronger". So, from the horse's mouth, nothing appeared to be ruled in or ruled out.

  • Who knows. He is also currently second favourite for Blackburn but if the last few years have told us anything it is that next manager odds should be taken with a pinch of salt. Is it significant that neither club had appointed before our play off final (were they waiting for GA availability) or is that coincidence.?

    It feels like this may be a sliding doors moment. Two playoff finals in three years (one won) is an amazing achievement for a club our size. It feels like GA may not get better offers than any he receives this summer - especially as they are 2 of the 3 clubs he has named before as attractive. Saturday showed how far we had come but also showed how big the next step would be. On the other hand GA has a club he his a hero in,set up exactly how he wants and where he can be himself. It may take a little while to set up any new club in the way he wants to enable it succeed, time he may not be given.

    If he gets an offer, he will have to think hard about what he really wants. It feels to me that if he doesn't go this summer, he probably will not for a long time. I am sure all (with the possible exception of the misery troll posters) will be hoping he remains for a good few years yet.

  • If QPR have been interested up to now in Liam Manning it would be a very odd move for them to suddenly appoint GA. I know Ainsworth can evolve his philosophy, but as things stand right now you could hardly choose between two more different managers.

    The flip side is that it's slightly odd that there has been nothing from Ainsworth via club channels since full time. Maybe the moment was too raw to do an interview, or staff have been taking some well deserved time off. There is normally some sort of interview win, lose or draw though.

  • I hope he stays. I think he will.

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    QPR's squad would need significant overhaul to suit Gaz's style - whereas Manning would be able to get to work largely with what they've already got

  • It does depend on a lot of things:

    1) What's the owner like? Blackburn and QPR have or have had nightmare owners (Briatore, Venky's, et al who interfered in the running of the team. Does he really want that again?).

    2) Does he need the money? If he is financially comfortable, does he need the stress that a job in the premier/championship would bring?

    3) Does he have family commitments where he lives now, and are those compatible with

  • He's given subsequent interviews where he has said he wants to stay. I don't think he's the sort of bloke to just say that without meaning it. I think he'll stay.

    Of course there's always the chance someone like QPR will come along and offer him a 5 year contract worth 3M a year or something but I can't see it. To a man, my QPR mates all want Liam Manning, and as it goes I reckon that would be a great appointment for them, plus it would take a very good manager away from that lot so I'm really hoping that happens.

    I hope Gaz stays anyway. After the game on saturday, plus Bayo's retirement I'm certainly not ready for the emotional upheaval of Gaz saying goodbye to us.

  • Good post Dev. I'm in the "desperately hope he stays" camp, but I just can't help feeling very worried at the moment.

  • As long as he’s prepared to shoulder the stress of the Championship for a second time, he will be happy to stay at Adams Park. Probably.

  • I hope you’re ok @TwinBrother.

  • Reassuring, @eric_plant The Sky thing was the last i had heard (watching the whole broadcast back yesterday). Thx. Also agree Manning seems a better fit.

    Definitely not ready to say goodbye to Gaz (and Dobbo?) The Sky interview with Bayo broke me.

  • Reading his comments in the BFP it does suggest he's REALLY happy here :) I think the milestone of 10 years in the role come September is also a significant reason he probably wants to stay.

  • The BBC have written this which makes me think that he's happy to stay and work towards next year:

  • I'm sure he is perfectly happy here, and would say that to any interviewer after a play-off loss, considering he's so close to our fans.

    I wouldn't be worried for any other club aside from QPR and Rovers, and if he was approached for a conversation, I'd be fearful that he might think now is the time to move on more than it ever has been in the past.

  • Yes, thanks for that @eric_plant. My Wimbledon mate said he’d seen (?on BBC Website) that GA had said he’d be staying for as long as he’s wanted.

  • Reasons to leave:

    -He loves Blackburn and QPR

    -End of an era with Bayo retiring and squad ageing

    -A chance to properly test himself in the Champ with a decent budget

    -One poor season at the Wyc and he might not get this opportunity again

    -He could take Dobbo and backroom staff with him (hate to say it) and build the culture quicker

    Reasons to stay:

    -He loves Wycombe more

    -It takes a long time to build the unique culture he has at the Wanderers

    -He has a lot of credit in the bank and the fans are behind him (may be difficult to win some over at QPR/Blackburn if results slide)

    -Couhigs are fantastic owners

    -He will be backed with funds to reshape the squad and finish the job he's started of establishing us in the Champ


  • Well he now has a big fan base with Sunderland fans.

    Here is the thread about him and the QPR job. He has won people over with his honesty and integrity.

  • I don't think Sam Vokes would sign a new contract without an assurance that GA is staying.

  • In what way is it a "big rebuilding job" out of interest?

    Bayo has gone, that could easily be it, or perhaps one other, who will be replaced on our terms.

  • GA moving on is my biggest worry about this summer. Squad wise I actually think we’ll be stronger next year so I have no concerns about that side, but the biggest issue is the temptation of QPR / Blackburn.

    Why can’t championship managers just do what GA has done and build a dynasty?! We’d never have to worry then.

    It’ll be an interesting few weeks for sure.

  • Just to pick up on a couple of points from @YorkshireBlue

    We don't know yet whether the Couhigs are "fantastic owners". They haven't really been tested yet with a tough time or with a situation where the team is underperforming reasonable expectations. Would they be "hirers and firers" or would them give the manager time. Jury is out.

    Its quite a stretch to say he "will be backed with funds to .... establish the team in the Championship". Potentially that would need huge money - not sure the Couhigs are up for that or even have the cash. We are trying to do it a different way with the development squad and an outstanding manager and team spirit but it remains a huge leap forward which may or may not be achievable.

  • I wonder just how many times this discussion has arisen here or will be in the future? Still, it fills a quiet time.

  • Some helpful points there @DevC . So far my personal opinion is that the work the Couhigs have done so far has been fantastic. As you say the real test comes in difficult times on the pitch (we've had it off the pitch with covid). And in particular relation to hiring/firing.

    On the 2nd point, we don't know for sure. But they've made their aim of getting to the champ and staying there clear, so the manager will have to be given a decent (but not obscene) budget (wages not fees) to have a chance to acheive that goal. The signing of Vokes was a signal of intent. We've never 'splashed the cash', but next time if we do manage to get back up I would think that the large proportion of the 5m or so could be spent on the squad?

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