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  • Hard work and commitment have never been issues with Horgan.

  • I really hope he's at least vaguely familiar with the concept of Stevenage, because it could be quite traumatic.

  • ‪What about the space. He created space. Admittedly no goals or assists. But space. ‬Hopefully he can build on that and create something more tangible in div 2. Wish him all the luck but in terms of return for wage he was a failure for us.

  • WHY. Surely he now has a chance of a more minutes on the pitch plus a fair chance of a league winners medal.

  • It’s a fantastic move for him.

    12 points clear of 4th place they are going to get automatic promotion, medal round his neck and possibly games/goals.

    Better than sitting in the stand here for the rest of his contract.

  • At least its not Westley's Stevenage.

    That regime had even-tempered gasroomers spitting feathers.

  • Great move for Daryl. If he can help Stevenage get promoted he could be back in League one next season and on the up!

  • My point was Stevenage is a shithole, although I also don't see where he fits into Evans-ball.

  • You say that but it could be a massive win for him. Going to a club thats having a great session so far (they were really struggling last season btw), he's out of contract in the summer so will have game time and opposition who'll (might) be a lower quality. That means that he'll hopefully shine, either give GA a reason to renew contract OR give clubs a reason to sign him in the summer.

    Massive respect for to agreeing to it as he could have easily hung around the club, picking up a healthy wage, playing a few mins here and there and COULD potentially disrupt / be a bad influence to some younger members of the squad (if he's like that?)

  • COULD potentially disrupt / be a bad influence to some younger members of the squad (if he's like that?)

    Not a chance. Remember him sprinting off the pitch like Usain Bolt when subbed while we were chasing a game? Model pro.

  • I seem to recall GA singling him out as putting maximum effort in, in some reserve game or other, and how that set a good example to the younger players.

  • I wish him all the best, but somehow can't shrug off the feeling that we never really got to see the best of his abilities.

    A few glimpses here and there and, if the bloody linesmen keeps his flag down, with more game time maybe his Wycombe career in the Championship would have looked very different.

    Good luck Daryl.

  • Yeah, no need to chuck that sort of thing about, although to be fair the post was more praise for him not being that way, fairly sure he's a quiet type with young kids, he certainly hasn't been publicly moaning. Hopefully a (slightly) different style and different teammates will suit him.

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    He was probably always going to struggle with our expectations with being an international, and having had a great game against us for Preston.

    That game was against Beano at right back, and it probably gave a slightly skewed idea of what sort of player he was.

    There was a spell where you wondered if Mehmeti left, McClearly right, him central, all off Vokes was our best bet, but short lived.

  • I'll never stop wondering what would be different if he'd scored that chance against Rotherham.

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    I don't think that was remotely the sliding doors moment it's been out to be; we were hopelessly out of our depth for the first month or more of the season.

    Now, the offside against Derby...

  • Miss read that for a second and reminded of Aron Holloway running down the tunnel vs (I think) Villa!

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    We each carry our own version of really after a "what if" moment. Personally I catch the ball that Bloomfield punts into row Z at Wembley and run off celebrating the victory.

    Don't get me thinking about the day we DON'T make the trip to Torquay it's too traumatic.

    Parallel universes and all that. Or is it butterflies ...

  • Was he our best player in the play off final?

    I've never had the heart to watch it back again but I remember thinking he was playing well

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    Talking about what-if moments on the other thread, but as it applies to Stevenage here, how lucky must they feel considering they came bottom (and were absolutely awful) during the Covid season, but were reprieved by the Macclesfield AND Bury situations combined, and are now knocking on the door of League One?

  • @drcongo Sorry, that last bit didn't read as I wanted it to. I have always had the impression that Horgan is the same type of professional that Bloomfield was and when he is told to jump, this first responce is how high? (Metaphor btw)

    I only put 'COULD' like this as we never know what happens behind closed doors and as soon as someone is told they aren't wanted, we have all seen someone change. This isn't to say it would have ever happened but there was an increased chance that it might have happened.

    I hope this makes sense?

  • Would have expected Kai Kai to go on loan, rather than Horgan. Makes you think that either:

    1) Gaz has changed his perception on Kai Kai’s ability.

    2) No one was willing to pay Kai Kai’s wages, but they were willing to pay Horgan’s.

    In the podcast with Clem, GA suggested ‘one or two’ could go to Stevenage. I wonder if another player is heading in that direction.

  • I reckon Wakely will go out somewhere for either a League 2 or Conference side to get his name out there for another move

  • From what I’ve seen of Wakely he’s nowhere near League 2 level in my opinion. I’d be surprised if he’s conference level to be honest.

  • Well he was loaned out to Maidenhead last season and was used as a bench-filler for most of it. It's a shame that such a big deal was made of him when he signed to have just disappeared. (Was that because they were expecting Vokes' transfer to have been finalised and it wasn't ready in time?) Granted, he has featured a few times this season and has made the bench a few times too but I'm guessing that was because of injuries and suspensions to other players

  • Still time for him to go out on loan too, Horgan has a bigger profile and was always more likely to attract interest.

  • I really like Wakely, I suspect he is someone who just needs a run of games to get going.

    Should he not make the cut at L1, I could see him taking over from Alan Massey at Maidenhead and becoming a long serving Conference player as a left centre back. He's only just turned 22. Strikes me as someone who rarely puts a foot wrong and you would notice him more when absent rather than when he plays once he establishes himself in a back four.

  • Only thing is he wouldn't be able to stay pro with Maidenhead

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