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  • Do fans have a higher alcohol tolerance the more non-League the football gets?

  • Obviously. Back in the day it was essential to go into at least half a dozen pubs before you found a local who actually knew where their local football ground was* and how to get there.

    *Or you could get an A-Z but that was seen as a defeatist attitude

    (I should stress train travel rather than driving was the preferred method of getting there. Jeffways Coaches was an alternative option if you didn’t mind missing the first 15 minutes of the game)

  • Getting 2 in at half time was a pre requisite at Loakes Park

  • People in corporate boxes can drink while watching the game

  • I suppose it depends how you definite the cut off between a "box" and a "lounge".

    I've definitely been in the latter before and they've drawn curtains!

    But if you're at say Old Trafford, miles up in the sky paying 50k a season for the box, I wonder if anyone is going to come and pull shutters down!

  • Anyone for a triple relegation? ;)

  • edited November 2022

    They can’t officially. Blinds / curtains have to be drawn 15 mins prior to k/off officially. In the boxes there is some flexibility at the discretion of security staff which usually means if blinds stay up any alcohol consumed must be away from the windows.

  • Adam Leathers has joined Hampton & Richmond Borough on a 28-day loan deal.

    The loan list is now:

    Adam Leathers (Hampton & Richmond Borough) National League South

    Connor Parsons (Solihull) National League

    Arnold Matshazi (Slough) National League South

    Antoine Makoli (Chesham) Southern League Premier Division South

    Christie Ward (Hungerford) National League South

    Jasper Pattenden (Dorking) National League

  • Matshazi scores for Slough in the FA Trophy.

  • Matshazi’s loan at Slough ends

  • Luca Woodhouse’s loan at slough has been extended.

  • From twitter replies both seem well thought of at Slough.

  • Interesting to have a different approach for each. Did Scott Davies want to keep Matshazi? I would guess not! Anyone clued up on the situation?

  • Gaz on the EFL podcast with Clem suggesting one or two players could be off to Stevenage on loan.

  • Thoughts and prayers with them at this difficult time

  • I’d take a guess at Al Hamadi and Kai Kai. Perhaps Young if he’s fit again.

  • I think Al-Hamadi and KaiKai, especially KaiKai, showed enough at Plymouth to justify their retention as benchers.

    Jack Young’s status is a complete mystery, unless I’ve missed something along the line.

  • I'd keep Kaikai, but would loan out Ali, hasn't shown enough for me, De Barr when fit again shows more energy and promise

  • Stevenage are having a great season, and the top of L2 would be a great test for the players mentioned.

    Stocko spent a few weeks there before replacing Allsop didn’t he?

  • Unfortunately, they're also managed by Steve Evans.

  • Whether we like him or not, it does seem to be that Gareth and Evans have a good relationship though, as there has been quite a few loans etc between them over the years

  • Daryl Horgan has moved out on loan to League 2 high-flyers Stevenage for the rest of the season.

    The Irishman has made 101 appearances for the Chairboys, with 17 of those coming in the current campaign.

    Meanwhile, Arnold Matshazi has returned from his loan deal with Slough Town, though Luca Woodhouse has extended his spell with the Rebels until the end of January.

    Jasper Pattenden is back with the Blues after his loan with Dorking Wanderers came to an end, and Ben Kaninda's loan at Hanwell Town has also expired.

    Adam Leathers remains with Hampton & Richmond, while Antoine Makoli is on loan at Chesham United, and Christie Ward's at Hungerford Town.

  • Good move all round for Horgan I suspect. Best of luck to him.

  • Pleased for Daryl, he needs to be playing football, and hopefully some, if not all, of our wage bill too.

    I always wonder if the kids we have out on loan are the ones we think are going to make it or not.

  • Bit of both @floyd , Ward is a probable, Pattenden a possible, others not so sure.

  • Quite a strange move. He came to us as a technical player to add Champ level quality for the squad. Our more direct style hasn't really helped him, and he's certainly not going to get free-flowing passing football at Stevenage.

  • Good luck to him, Much prefer players who are prepared to go out on loan and play rather than sulk or pick up wages for nothing. Needs a decent run of games and could easily be a very attractive option for someone next year if he impresses.

  • I've heard good things about Ward, it would be nice to see him make a real impact at Hungerford wouldn't it? I've got high hopes for Pattenden too, assuming that his loan at Dorking ended for a reason other than them not fancying him.

  • I don't think it's quite that simple, Sergio played pretty well for Evans at Crawley and got on ok with him whereas Nick Freeman didn't get much of a look in at Orient but still fought back here. He might be the one flair player in an otherwise hard working team, or he might have it explained to him in very direct terms that he needs to work harder, or it might just be a change of scenery and a chance to impress and start again with different people.

  • Bloody hell, that's brutal on Horgan.

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