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That irritating Gareth to Preston thing again

He's the 6/5 favourite now, which would be meaningless, however (and I understand this sounds a bit Cressex Service Station-y) I know a reporter on the local PNE rag, who told me they were waiting until the end of the season to offer GA the gig.

Would you expect him to take it? He said he wanted to manage in the Championship with Wycombe, and he's done that. I know he's a local, family man, but surely at some point he'd need to take another job.

I'd be sad for him to leave, naturally, but slightly excited to see who else we could get/ perhaps a slight change of style. Although he'd leave a squad built to a huge extent in his image, which would leave anyone else in a pickle.

Just thought it was worth a discussion.



  • There are so many unknown factors, it's impossible to say what "will" happen unless you just guess.

    All I can say is that I desperately hope Gaz is still our manager next season.

  • Hi @prufrock_91, you end the tread title with "again" and this rather sums it up for me in that it's already been done (discussed) to death.

  • There’s only one man who can fill Gareth’s shoes. They say never go back, but the stage is set for a return.

  • Traffic control officer?

  • Hi @ValleyWanderer I must humbly apologise most profusely to the gate-keepers of this forum. Thought it was worth another chat as things might come to a head with it in the next few weeks. I can see I was totally wrong, and will insist on better from myself in future.

  • Dont upset the gasroom mafia

  • Have to say looking objectively if I was a chairman of a Championship or top level Lg1 club looking for a manager, its hard to think of anyone who has done a more impressive job anywhere than GA over a number of seasons. At the moment Preston looks the biggest risk, Blackburn and Portsmouth other possible risks, QPR not so much at present. Whether GA would take any of those jobs if offered who knows. Obviously from WWFC perspective I hope not. He would be an extremely difficult act to follow.

  • Imagine being β€˜slightly excited,’ at the prospect of Gareth leaving.

    He won’t go to Preston.

  • @HolmerBlue said:
    Dont upset the gasroom mafia

    Or you'll get someone warning you not to upset the Gasroom mafia

  • I suspect with the squad he has at present and the support of most fans and Rob he will look to prove our promotion from L1 was not a fluke and will stay for another season at least. 'We want another promotion on our CV...' he said in one interview post Cardiff. I hope he does not go. I hope this does not upset the people who live in fear of the Gasroom mafia and prevent them from putting forward their views. (Re the Gasroom Mob...Can I join? If I do can I have a physical ticket...?)

  • Oh I dunno, my new role as Gasroom Gatekeeping Mafia seems quite refreshing. Opinions are what the Gasroom is for (even if in some "done to death") and long may that continue or you'll all be getting a horses head in your bed.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  • @Chris said:

    He’ll need an assistant there’s still time

  • @HolmerBlue said:
    Dont upset the gasroom mafia

    No need to worry until you find a horses head in your bed!

  • Wycombe Wanderers to Gareth is not just another team on his CV. We are up there with Blackburn in terms of teams that Gareth β€˜loves’. Are Preston also up on that list? Maybe, but does he love Preston more than he loves Wycombe? QPR may be a head turner and Blackburn certainly would be, but I’m not so sure Preston would be.

  • I agree, at the moment I'd be much more concerned if it was Blackburn or QPR, but those two jobs dont look like they will be coming up at the moment, so we should be safe.... I hope that's ok for me to say without offending anyone

  • Shouldve added... because I really dont want the horses head scenario

  • Blackburn are 15th in the league. I would say every chance of that job becoming available in the summer. Whether it becomes available to GA is another question.

  • LX1LX1
    edited April 27

    @prufrock_91 It's natural for Wycombe Wanderers fans to discuss Gazza. he is our manager.

    I think it's 6/5 that he will retire as Wycombe manager (note SKybet's odds have no basis ). The job is made for him. He is settled in life. Seems to be loving life. Don't see PNE as a great move myself. But as has been said above only he knows.

    If I was Mr Couhig I would make him an offer he couldn't refuse :wink:

  • I suspect he will go when he is sacked or when he is ready to start bouncing around from club to club for money. Considering the number of managers that have been at QPR and Blackburn if he gets two years he'll be lucky even if he's a 'fan favourite' . He's not going to get a project like Wycombe, where there is still lots of work to be done and a supportive owner asking him to do it. If we are in the relegation zone at Christmas or fail to make L1 play-offs then he might look around or get the chop I suppose. (Fingers crossed this post ages well and does not come back to bite me.)

  • For Gareth to move to a Championship club, surely it would be with the ambition of winning promotion to the promised land of the Premier. I just can't see Preston having the resources to finance a serious challenge for promotion. On the other hand, who would have realistically thought that Barnsley could be 3 games away from promotion.

    As others have mentioned, I think the QPR or Reading jobs would be the big attractions for Gareth.

  • @Wendoverman , are you seriously suggesting that the minimum acceptable for next season is to reach the Lg1 playoffs - something we have only done once in our history. If not GA should "get the chop". Really????

  • I doubt that's the view amongst the majority of fans, but the owners have made pretty clear statements along those lines. I think it's fair to say that GA will be working under far more pressure next year then he has before at Wycombe (maybe excluding the Torquay season).

  • Blimey. If GA believes he is likely to get fired if he doesn't reach Lg1 playoffs next season, seems a pretty good reason for him to grab that insecure Championship job on a vastly increased salary.....

  • Any takers?


  • edited April 27

    If we're not in and around the play offs at Xmas he'll be under pressure for sure, for the first time ever in league 1 he will have a squad that on paper should do well, and next year will be our best chance of getting back into the championship- the fans and owners will know that!

    I hope GA sees this as a positive, I'm sure he'll believe he can take us straight back up if he can keep the squad together, with a couple of additions to replace players leaving/ loans, but PNE is obviously a significant step up in size of club- it would be less of a surprise taking them up to the premiership than us to the championship was last year- Alex Neil was on 20k+ a week or something silly so they definitely have a budget in another stratosphere to us.

  • GA did say that the first three results he looks for are Blackburn, then Preston, the. QPR. So Preston are certainly up there.

    That being said, I don't think he is going anywhere. He is in a great spot with us.

  • Just out of interest, when was the last time a manager of a team that finished bottom of its league, poached by a team higher up the pyramid ?

  • @DevC said:
    @Wendoverman , are you seriously suggesting that the minimum acceptable for next season is to reach the Lg1 playoffs - something we have only done once in our history. If not GA should "get the chop". Really????

    No @DevC . Calm yourself. I have never posted anything of that order. I was suggesting however avuncular wealth Creator Rob C may appear, should we not make the play-offs or be a long way away from it there may be a chance this put upon millionaire may decide to make changes.

  • @DevC I think you are in danger of taking quite reasonable posts and making up your own outrage there.

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