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Match day thread: Coventry



  • Pre match Gaz chat:

    Commentary will be live on BBC Three Counties 103.8FM, 630/1161MW and on iFollow.

  • If travelling to Coventry today, please remember not to make too much noise as this is likely to provoke the home fans.

  • M1 is stationary northbound at Hemel, J8-9, due to accident.

  • Comms also on 3CR 98FM

  • Charles out injured so El-Abd starts.

  • Ainsworth has no bollocks !!!

  • When did he lose them Richie?

  • I-follow job.

    First view of the stadium. Doesn't look a full house, to say the least

  • when he put Adam back in ahead of Sido !!

  • You really are something aren’t you?

  • Coventry's videographer is naff. It's like spot the ball on iFollow.

  • Harriman is 24 carat gold class. I know we all know this, but it bears repeating once in a while.

  • Oh crap! 0-1

  • Thompson my MOM.

  • Second year in a row our goalie should have scored.

  • No matter that he's a goalkeeper, Allsop has to finish that.

    What a miss.

    What an ending that would have been.

  • You can't expect a goalkeeper to put those away, not like they'd train for it, or it'd fall like that more than once a decade!

    Would have been a sensational story though

  • We never ever looked like scoring, we need to play on the ground!! McCarthy looks really poor distribution wise as most of them do. Thompson and el abd really the only players who can come away with that with any passing ability and quailty. Very frustrating to watch

  • Freeman and saunders not even on the bench today so frustrating no creativity at all sums it up that our best chance fell to our keeper hoof ball will only get us so far.

  • Exactly that, we are still playing how we did last season hoping for knock downs and flick on's... this league is much more technical ainsworth needs to change it up to suit this level

  • Cowan Hall missed an absolute sitter deep into injury time away at Cov last season. Becoming a trend

  • Gutted, more for the missed magic ending, that would almost have been a Bean moment. I agree we did not play well - defensively we are good, but we have simply not been creating chances.

  • Agree with most of the above (minus Richie of course). The wind was a factor, but frustrating that Cov still got the ball down and played and we just went long. Thompson caught the eye, but on the other hand I thought Fred was poor when he came on.

    We never really threatened second half and the goal was horrific, first the right back running the length of the pitch virtually unchallenged and then the smallest player on the pitch being completely unmarked for the free-est of free headers.

    Maybe we didn't deserve to lose, but we certainly didn't deserve to win. If we keep wasting chances, keep switching off at the back and keep hoofing instead of looking for a pass, this is going to keep happening in a much more unforgiving league.

    That said, I still think we'll stay up and to still be 18th isn't bad. Quite nice to see Rovers, Argyle and the PNL all below is in the dropzone.

  • Certainly not one of our better performances, summed up by the fact that our best chance fell to Allsop!

  • edited October 2018

    Just back from the game.

    Truthfully, we can't say we were unlucky. Coventry played almost all the football and generated the greater threat, even if they lacked a clinical touch in the box. I thought their CF had a super game - very effective.

    I could live with our first half performance - we were dogged, committed and generally somewhat cohesive. It was notable how little opportunity our set-up and selection gave us to counter-attack on the several occasions it might have been on. Thompson, who impressed me more than ever before overall, missed a glorious chance to play CMS in from half-way late in the half. Otherwise, we were reliant on the usual hoofball, not that that looked wholly unlikely to generate opportunities.

    I was extremely disappointed by the second half performance. While tactically largely unchanged - which I thought was reasonable - until late substitutions, we lost almost all fluency and ceded possession very cheaply much, much too often for my liking. Coventry, meanwhile, played with ambition. Ryan made some very good saves to keep us in it and 0-0 would not have been an injustice. However, the fact that it seemed increasingly that we had come not to lose, indeed with the almost express intention of getting a scoreless draw, meant that I can't feel bad that we lost.

    I willingly accept a measure of pragmatism if it is purposeful, even if I always hope to be treated to skilful and creative play. Today, especially the second half, seemed like a notch below deliberate pragmatism and more like a team with limited ideas and aspirations that was willing to manoeuvre its way however it could to a share of the spoils. I left feeling that football had won a merited victory.

  • Why are we so scared to take these teams on at football. Coventry are not one of the stand out teams in the league and yet we played for a 0-0 draw. We ended up losing late on with a whimper, who knows what might have happened if we had played to win.

  • Why don’t some of you just leave the drummer alone. Lot of the minority choose just to pick on him for no reason. And last thing if you don’t like it just move

  • Have I missed something?

  • Any word on how negotiations are going with the aliens that abducted Nick Freeman and Sam Saunders?

  • Not that I've noticed, Jonny.

    We positioned ourselves deliberately a few rows in front of him - we like to join in with the singing but don't care to be part of the throng when they become too moronic - how middle-class, eh? Anyway, as it happens, there was a point midway through the second half when the remorseless drumming was giving me a headache. My solution would have been to move a few rows further forward rather than to demand a cessation. I'm not aware that anyone took a different line today...

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