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Match day thread: Norwich (League Cup)



  • Planning a heavy night @BSE?

  • Likely lack of internet access tomorrow so thought it was best to put it up early :)

  • Will be lording it up in the Frank Adams tonight, given the identical ticket prices for the whole ground. Anyone else going to be roughly mid-pitchside? Section P, I think.

  • I too will be in the upper tier, hope we put the full first team out. Despite being what would usually be a 1st Round game for us, we have a real chance of a half-decent money spinner if we progress

  • Here is your #Chairboys squad in full then.

    Starting XI: Allsop, McCarthy, Charles, Jombati, Gape, Saunders, Bloomfield, Cowan-Hall, Freeman, Samuel, Mackail-Smith.

    Subs: Yates, Kashket, Harriman, Morris, Thompson, Akinfenwa, Williams.

  • Can you pay cash on the gate for the upper tier and can it be accessed from either end of the stand or just behind the away end only?

  • Access is either end. I doubt cash - more like bug at the ticket booths and then walk up

  • Cash on the terrace but not in the upper tier. Thanks for the advice anyway

  • 2 down
    A tactical shambles

  • Today's basketball is brought you to by....

  • Well... I suppose it was worth a try.

  • First looked like handball, second looked like handball earlier in the move, but we are wide open against a team from a higher division.

    Moon dropping behind away end looks lovely though

    And it's 2 1

  • Like I said, bags of time left...

  • spoilers

    Come on guys, that’s twice I’ve got the score from this thread before the commentary’s caught up!

  • Given that this is the opportunity to get to the last 16 of a major cup competition, against a team that has made 9 changes, I question why we ourselves have made 5. I rarely question team selections.... But this strikes me as wrong

  • Not just the changes in personnel that's a surprise but also the change to a 3-5-2 formation hitherto only seen in the Checkatrade.

    Pretty bold to go into a match against Championship opposition with PCH and Freeman as wing-backs and an untried three man defence.

  • We've played quite well in bits despite the suicidal line up and an appalling ref

  • The formation suits us going forward but we’re so open at the back.

    I’m sure Matt Bloomfield won’t want to watch his marking for the third goal again either.

  • Not sure what's going on with Harriman but surely something if he's not getting in tonight especially in a side with wing backs. Very odd.

  • @LeedsBlue why be on a thread about the game and be surprised people mention the score! Lol chap.

    Insane tactics to go three at the back. Rinsed down the wings.

    Much better team than us of course but we didn't need to go so open

  • @Malone ... before the commentary that I was simultaneously listening to has mentioned it...? Yes, I’d say that did come as a bit of a surprise.

    Anyway, it was just a throwaway comment. But hey, you keep on β€œlolling” if it makes you happy.

  • Sounds like we gave a good account of ourselves in the end. Bit of a shame that with such a good chance to make the last 16 GA decided to experiment so much, but Saturday’s more important in the end...

  • Very exciting game. Although I agree the formation was odd, you have to try a different shape at some time and if ever there was a season where the league was the priority then this is it.

    I agree it did seem bizarre not to play harriman considering the formation. He looked excellent from the bench.

  • After what we all heard at the fans forum, a cup run is crucial.... A win today could have been far more viral than the game on Saturday.

  • We may have lost tonight but it certainly was an occasion when we should have learnt a lot. Certainly at the end I was expecting an Draw and a Penalty Shootout.

  • Playing 3 right backs is a new one. I’m guessing Fox and Fred were not allowed to play by their parent clubs.

    Lots of pluses. Samuel certainly showed himself capable. Play like that v Sarfend and we will do just fine

  • @Tom said:
    After what we all heard at the fans forum, a cup run is crucial.... A win today could have been far more viral than the game on Saturday.

    Not if Stroud and Co (under instructions from Beeks and Kane?) are determined to push through the part sale to new investors! Extra money from cup runs would reduce the need for this investment.

  • Fred was cup tied as he played in R2 I think.

    I can see what Ainsworth was doing with that formation - doubtless thinking the best (only) way to beat a team with so much more quality than we have was to simply go at them - the downside being leaving such big gaps at the back. Still, a performance to be proud of in the second half, no noticeable injuries, Beast gets his first goal and the team so obviously has fighting spirit to spare.

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