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Is it just me?

Or are others getting increasingly bored by this World Cup?

At least the mystery of why Ainsworth wasn't in the new signings photos. he seems to be managing Peru.



  • I’m not sure I’m increasingly bored with it given that I’ve not really got interested in it (yet). Apart from the Spain - Portugal game, which matched quality with drama most of it has been fairly mundane with the odd highlight (Mexico and Iceland).

    The fact that most matches have finished by the time I get back from work doesn’t help.

    Still. It’s football. It’s summer. It’s slightly better than Love Island and it gives us something to fill the void of existence with

  • Seeing Argentina implode was quite fun

  • I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Except for the var.

  • I'm personally loving it. Haven't watched a full 90 mins of each and every game but I've caught some of every game live and there's not been a drab match so far.

  • I'm starting to think maybe it is just you... I think it's been tremendous, in spite of the obvious problems that needn't be discussed here.

  • Agreed @YorkExile. Even Glenn Hoddle’s ‘punditry’ hasn’t been able to spoil things, yet.

  • VAR aside, I'm enjoying this as much as any previous WC, possibly even slightly more with Southgate's quiet revolution. I tend to go and make a cup of tea during the analysis, so that side doesn't bother me.

  • There have been some great games so far but the early stages are always a bit dull until some of the poorer teams are weeded out. It's going to be like Eurovision when they start expanding it!! Statistically I'm still enjoying it though...

  • If that is what football now is, strongest , you may be right. Frankly its boring me rigid.

    I missed the Portugalspain game and enjoyed the mexico game and England game but most of the rest have been dull as ditchwater. Hardly a serious shot on goal, "little team defends" until usually "big team" scores. Big team then closes out game with neither team giving the impression of looking seriously to score. Game finishes 1-0.

    Glad you are enjoying it though.

  • I like football me and I've seen some poor games/teams/players in my time.

  • edited June 2018

    It’s not the most interesting part of the competition. The start is exciting because it’s fresh and new, and once you get into the third games of groups the results start becoming decisive. And there’s an overwhelming number of games on. I wouldn’t change it at all but I can see why someone might get a little bit of football fatigue at this point.

    @DevC said:
    "little team defends" until usually "big team" scores.

    That doesn’t necessarily make the games dull for me, one of my favourite ever World Cup games was France v Paraguay in 1998.

  • The early rounds are the best bit, flooded with tonne loads of games, and a massive variety of teams making it a pure football festival.
    Yes you might get some poor games, but you'll get a good game soon after.

    The games today have been pretty enjoyable.
    Germany v Sweden up next has a real edge on it as well, as if Germany don't win, they're really struggling to even go through!

  • @Malone said:

    Yes you might get some poor games, but you'll get a good game soon after.

    Tag a what I always like about worldcup/ Euros. If the first game is dull, You’re literally only 30 minutes and a channel change away from new hope.

    The only thing I’m Bored with currently is the continued analysing and over analysing of the England game. Everything that needed to be said had been said by the end of the broadcast after the game, we don’t need to hear it 3 times a day everyday until the next game.

  • Looks like it is just you then Dev.

  • @TheDancingYak , I do similar to what @Jonny_King said the other day. Just leave the room, get a drink or something.
    Hype or analysis of the football can be so dull.

    I only like seeing the so called experts being wrong.
    The co-commentator for the last game seemed to almost jinx the South Koreans into scoring late on, the way he repeatedly mentioned how Mexico had got their clean sheet.

    Unfortunately some of the co-commentators can't be avoided.
    From Lawro with his "would prefer to be doing anything else" style, or P Neville with his overdoing the expression in his voice for no reason, which is almost as irritating to me as that real monotonous one he got infamy for.

  • One I forgot, from some analysis I did watch.

    Upson, slating some defender for losing Ronaldo from a corner. No mention of the time he lost Klose from a goal kick 90yards away v Germany a few years ago...

  • @Jonny_King said:
    Looks like it is just you then Dev.

    I thinks it's called idiosyncrasy.

  • I hear it's picked up a bit in the last couple of days. I've been away marching so haven't seen a kick.

    Advanced warning. I'll be away tomorrow so that should be entertaining but might try to catch whoever is playing Monday night. If you are looking for an evening off, that might not be a bad bet.

  • I wonder in hindsight if an event in the Vere suite at Adams Park or opening Montys in such s good day might have been a good idea for today’s match?

    We’re down to the cricket club but would just as soon be at Adams park

  • The England match against Panama ?? could have been bookended with all the excitement of the fifth ODI against the mighty Aussies.

    Where are you watching cricket @marlowchair ?

  • Have we ever been this close to an Aussie whitewash?

  • I think the England team want to watch the football. Roy and Bairstow may miss out.

  • How about now Dev?

  • Whoops! May have spoken too soon on the cricket.

  • How anyone can say they're bored of this World Cup is beyond me, particularly at this early stage. There have been some cracking games, including the Japan v Senegal match that's just finished. There's been a few genuine shocks, some surprising results and remarkably few one-sided games, one of which was England's demolition of Panama. Even Germany sneaking a win last night was exciting to watch.

  • @mindlessdrughoover I am sure all the evidence correctly collated and dispassionately assessed will show that England game was the most boring 6-1 anyone has seen in the world cup. Germans and Argentina on the brink of elimination is dull beyond belief and watching a game between England's possible next opponents holds no interest.

  • Ah yes, of course. I've forgotten to watch football dispassionately. Never quite been able to achieve that level of zen like wonder.

  • ( sorry, yes, did realise you were being ironic)

  • I think it’s been an excellent tournament so far. You can dip in and out of games you’re not enjoying, surely?

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