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  • Some way below the best news, indeed. Hopefully, it's unfounded.

  • I’d be surprised. I am sure he wants one year in league one before looking around. His relationship with Andrew Howard is a big factor too.

  • It would be hard to blame him, as I have always felt this would be the job that would prise him away, but the timing would be unfortunate. I was hoping for a year in League One at least, like @TheAndyGrahamFanClub says above.

  • I would imagine that key to getting those players to sign new contracts was Gaz telling them he was sticking around for a year

    I hope so anyway

  • As we will soon see on the Gasroom, idle speculation provides content for the next few months.

  • If we’re top half in December and QPR aren’t, that’s when the offer will come in.

  • Richie is probably currently updating his CV ready for submission as soon as Gareth is out of the door.

  • I think the stability we offer Ainsworth is a massive factor if he went to qpr started badly he would be out, also hes worked so hard to get us to league one in sure he would want to give it ago.

  • Sincerely hope so @Aok84. The next few weeks will be critical for us with regard to the recruitment of new players and decisions by some (JJ for example) whether to accept new contracts in the sense that, unless and until GA clearly commits publicly to the club for next season, a key incentive to sign may be perceived to have disappeared.

  • I think Gareth is no idiot and would want to prove himself in League One. Also having had a taster, he might want to wait until QPR leadership is on a more stable footing. Having said that...if they offer him a million pounds he might just say...yes.

  • @DevC argued recently (correct me if I’m wrong Dev) that GA might not want to run the risk of failure in League 1. Recently published statistics alone on the fate of 24 clubs promoted to League 1 suggest that “failure” is unlikely. (A solid mid table finish would not in my book constitute failure.)
    Money doesn’t buy happiness (though you can of course be miserable in comfort) and I have the impression that Gareth is thoroughly enjoying his time at AP. As Andrew Howard said when he appointed him - the perfect fit.

  • I think we have a team to compete in League One so I think he will stay until he gets an offer he just cannot refuse. Imagine Wycombe in the Championship!

  • I guess this story highlights the fact that Gareth won't be around forever and that we would be well-advised to have a plan for the eventuality of his leaving. I am reasonably optimistic that the club is in good hands in that regard.

  • If Gareth got a serious interest from QPR, I’d fully expect him to be receptive and accept an offer should it be presented.

    Let’s be realistic here, it would be a huge step up financially and professionally.

    I wouldn’t begrude him it in the slightest either.

  • I know you didn't mean it, but I rather like the word "begrude"!

  • Just have to love autocorrect!

  • 'likely' it is claimed by the Sun. So bollocks

  • I couldn't see Gaz leaving for many clubs atm... apart from a few... unfortunately I think QPR are one of those few

  • QPR would have to be prepared to pay a sizeable 'manager transfer fee' (I've decided...)

  • @LX1 said:
    'likely' it is claimed by the Sun. So bollocks

    Anything printed in "The Sun" deserves to be treated as complete bo!!oc&$.

  • Of course he will say that. He isn't going to resign and lose his compensation money.

  • QPR seem to be one of those clubs that always have some drama going on, but it'd be hard to imagine him turning them down. Blackburn are probably the only other specific club that'd hold a bigger appeal to him!

  • It’s all very well talking about loyalty but I’m sure GA is a realist.
    There weren’t too many of us left in AP, 4 years ago, after our last home game when Gaz came back onto the pitch to face dogs abuse from the ‘fans’ behind the goal. I can still him standing there, at the edge of the penalty area, in the drizzle, as the chants of “Ainsworth Out” rang around. All very different from yesterday, but he’ll know that his staying loyal to WWFC will soon be forgotten if we struggle next season.
    I think he’d relish the opportunity to manage in the Championship, just as most people would move jobs if it meant a promotion and more money. I wouldn’t rule out Reading coming in for him either - unless he’s moved house that’s his local club.

  • Doubt it @Doob , Reading have only just appointed Paul Clement on a 3 year deal.

  • Id love Ian Holloway at Adams Park should GA go but guess that would be beyond us !!!

  • He's bound to be excited at the chance of getting stuck into league 1, it's all great experience, and what he's worked towards for years.

    A championship club coming in for him would be a move no one could deny him though, QPR or Blackburn even more so with his background.

    Don't see it this summer though, so hopefully the only news coming out in the next 2 weeks is the last contract extensions from JJ and Sido.

  • @Doob spot on. And the same halfwits would call him a Judas if he went now.

    He’s said before that he knows he would’ve been sacked if the club could’ve afforded it. We see fuckwits on here who oscillate between calling him a genius or clueless over a five-match period. If he was offered 3 years by QPR I think he’d cope with the thought of a sacking.

    Hope he stays though.

  • He'll be a strong character who won't let things get him too high or too low (for the old cliché), but he's got to remember that baying small gang of yobs abusing him post Rovers game.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    I think we have a team to compete in League One so I think he will stay until he gets an offer he just cannot refuse. Imagine Wycombe in the Championship!

    We could be one day i dont why it would be out of our reach when burton albion got there .

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