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New signing - Tafari Moore

edited January 2018 in Football

GA has signed Arsenal player Tafari Moore loan - let’s hope he’s another Eze and a bit more......




  • The first Rastafarian to play in the quarters?

  • If Beano and Moore both play Kevin Ellison is going to be busy when Morecambe come to town.

  • Beware the Velcro effect.

  • Better stick to that one, then - as the waitress said to the full-back.

  • "Velcro is the trade name of an original fastening mechanism. There have been others since, but they've all been rip-offs" (Jimmy Carr)

  • Pull the other one.....

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    Mystery number 15 in the pre-match tweet... surprise signing?

  • Nathan McGinley, defender from boro according to other twitter rumours.

  • Goodness, that's a lot of supplements they take before a match. I guess playing in a clingy football shirt puts a certain pressure on them to maintain those sculpted physiques...

  • @SEWanderer said:
    Nathan McGinley, defender from boro according to other twitter rumours.

    Anyone seen how long he's on loan for?

  • Moore looked superb today, just a cut above what you'd normally expect of a full back.
    Almost the best debut goal I can remember.

    McGinley - less stand out and a few dodgy moments slipping or misjudging the high ball, but generally solid and some cracking blocks

  • Both were excellent and far above what you did expect from loanee defenders thrown into unfamiliar circumstances at the last minute. Such a promising performance from both that bodes well for the rest of the season.

    Scarr did more than ok today, but I'm already excited about a potential Stewart- McGinley partnership

  • I'm more excited at the damage Moore can do. Just him being so mobile seemed to unlock acres of space.
    Him and Paris could do some serious damage if they get an understanding going.

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    Mcginley was fine. I admired his courage but am not sure he's likely to compete to be first choice. Moore, on the other hand, was the most exciting thing ever, not just because he's got fantastic skill and pace but because he played with such an obvious desire to bomb forward at any opportunity and to be given the ball. So naive and youthful and energetic and enthusiastic AND so good!

  • That's completely how I see it @HCblue .

    From the first time he got on the ball, the difference to Sido and Bean was stratospheres apart. Much better than Harriman too.

    But hey, he is from Arsenal, so usually it should be this way

    If he can stay fit and plays that well, we've made one of our best loans ever.

    Ok calming down now..

  • i thought McGinley looked a bit nervy first half.. maybe to be expected(joining a new club and being thrown straight in) ... but 2nd half threw himself around and looked committed, won most headers and generally looked much better ... agree also Moore looked very promising and a shame that marauding run didnt end in a goal !

  • There was a passage of play towards the end of the first half where we threw several blocks in, and I think McGinley was responsible for a couple of those - think that helped calm him down and grow in confidence in the second half. I saw things the same as HolmerBlue - looked a bit Nervy and got under the high

    Moore was outstanding for me - excellent first game

  • Oops, hit enter too early.....

    Moore was outstanding for me - excellent first game. Nice little trick to come inside that opened up plenty of space for himself.
    Also very competent in his main job of defending. Real shame he didn’t mark his debut with what would have been a cracker of a goal.

  • I don't recall seeing a standing ovation for a 'miss' but that is exactly what he got after that run. Extraordinary.

  • The only thing I can add about Moore was that the touch with which he brought the ball down at the start of the run which so nearly led to the goal of the century was a thing of absolute beauty.

  • What you see with the academy players coming through now is composure on the ball in the defensive third and tight areas.

    At no point did he look to go long, it was either inside to the CB to recycle or the short ball to Saunders who was coming deep to collect.

    I think the over lap in the first half early on was great to see. You can see the Arsenal way in his game, simalir to the way Bellerin carries the ball out and turns defence into attack in a matter of seconds.

  • Definitely see the "Arsenal" in him. Better going forward than defending. Not that his defending is in any way bad, just very exciting going forward. Really re-energised my optimism for the rest of the season as I was slightly turning towards negativity with our injury list.

  • Thank goodness there's no midweek game, and especially not Luton away!

    Hopefully we should at least get a couple back for next weekend, and get the niggles from today cleared up.

  • Moore today was a class above and the best debut I’ve seen in 15 years for us

  • @robin said:
    Anyone seen how long he's on loan for?

    Both are to the end of the season

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    As a side note, the Sky highlights of our game are 46 seconds long and comprise the four goals and nothing else. By comparison, highlights of the Wimbledon/ MK borefest (per 3CR listeners on my way home) last two and a half minutes and include four shots straight at keepers, four off target and a mini-goalmouth scramble. Morecambe v Stevenage got two minutes including footage of a bog-standard foul on a keeper.

    Putting it neutrally so as not to seem the sort to think himself entitled to something for nothing, I wish the editor at Sky allocated responsibility for putting together highlights of our match today had had a different one given him.

  • Ah but maybe that will keep us under the radar a bit ?

  • Moore simply purred along the ground. A great athlete. Looked a real asset going forward. Wasn't totally sure about him defensively but 90 mins in I don't think that's much of a worry.

  • Great to see GA go straight on at final whistle and get those two lads together in the centre circle at the end for what looked like a rousing chat. They were both superb.

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