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Hello I'm a Q.P.R fan .I was wondering how eze our youngster is doing? I've watched him a couple of times and to me the boy looks class. Thanks.



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    Started last night and played excellently. Wasn't there myself, just heard audio, so I'll let someone else give you full info.
    This tweet sums it up though -

  • Thats good news, i was a bit disappointed that we let him go out on loan as i think he is good enough right now for the first team! But our loss is your gain and if anyone can make him a better player its wild thing.

  • I'm a big fan of Ainsworth and everything he has achieved for Wycombe but crediting him with an exceptional ability to develop young attacking talent is perhaps a little generous.

  • You make my heart sing with that comment @bowles10!

  • @Chris hopefully playing in a winning side and getting promotion will serve as great experience?

  • Eze really was outstanding in the first half last night, next level.

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    The fact that Gareth was willing to start him ahead of more experienced and tested options in a midweek game away at one of the promotion favourites, given his conservative tendencies, suggests he might share your high opinion of him, @bowles10.

    I wasn't there last night so have only seen him warm-up at half time last Saturday. He hit about a dozen forty yard passes to his partner. Every one, hit with a variety of trajectories, landed right at his feet. I'm optimistic!

  • Yep as I say I think this kid could be the real deal! By the way Mr ainsworth is still held in very high regard down at loftus road!!

  • @Wendoverman Hopefully it will!

  • @micra said:
    You make my heart sing with that comment bowles10!

    Probably too good to be trogging around in league two.

  • But I wanna know for sure

  • Eze looks extremely promising. Excellent control on the ball and willing to take players one in a one on one. Faded a lot last night but that isn't much of a surprise given his lack of experience.

  • @Manboobs said:
    But I wanna know for sure

    Looks like he might....make everything groovy

  • Does make my heart sing.

  • I'm definitely a fan; my wife even more so. She's an Eze lover.

  • @HCblue said:
    I'm definitely a fan; my wife even more so. She's an Eze lover.


  • lol here too.

  • Eze is good Eze is good,
    Eberechi Eze is good!
    Hahahaha laaaaavvelly

  • Will need to see him back at QPR to judge properly, not just style of play but very different things in different leagues, start times etc, Does Eze like sunday mornings?

  • New clubhouse leader, @StrongestTeam .

  • I can testify that @HCblue 's Mrs is Eze

  • @bowles10 Eze. Jolly good fellow.

  • August to January.

    Eze come Eze go.

  • I believe there may be a clause in his loan deal that requires Eze to buy a new property on his road every time he gets a start and give it to the manager as a thank you. It's Eze's treat for Gareth.

  • @devc He played the ball both on the floor and in the air, and seemed the only player unaffected by the weather conditions at Mansfield.

  • Rumour has it that our new QPR loanee was interested in a day out with Andrew Howard's motor racing outfit. Mr Howard sent him some photos of a recent race to look at on his laptop but the file contained a virus...

    Eze's PC Le Mans Queazy

  • What is going on!?

  • @bill_stickers in the absence of our regular entertainment ( @trevor and @WWFC_ ) we are having to make our own entertainment. Normal gas room service will resume when we start losing

  • I'm certainly not going to make a feeble pun based on someone's first name that would be far too...oh bollocks

  • @HCblue said:
    I'm definitely a fan; my wife even more so. She's an Eze lover.


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