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Match day thread: Carlisle




  • If you missed out on a copy of The Wanderer at the Portsmouth game, I understand there will be a second batch on sale today from the WWISC stand on Hillbottom Road. Free to WWISC members, just £1.50 for non-believers.

    If it's good enough for Henning Wehn, it's good enough for you.

  • A big game today! Full commentary will be on @BBC3CR DAB and on Chairboys Player ⚽️

  • Yes, you're right Phil, these games just seem to get bigger and bigger at the moment!

  • Exciting times here's to three points and back on track! Good luck all!

  • I thought bayo would be rested to be honest, although who does it like him? Coyb

  • Maybe he's fine.......boom

  • God.what is happening ??? Playing great but losing!

  • Two soft goals is what is happening I hate an early lead. But we are playing well which makes it worse!

  • we are playing well, gape looks a little isolated in the middle though he's been caught out a few times with there attacks

  • Carlisle are fantastic on the break defence having trouble coping

  • I'd say gape needs to go off he's game ain't up to it today

  • The refs starting to have a shocker

  • Why bring on Thompson??

  • Curle and baz having a bit of banter at least we got that decision

  • Saunders motm for me

  • Fear season is over .. what a pity

  • Where are we in the table now

  • @Wwfc2015, I agree the 2015 season is over, but I am lookng forward to a further 14 matches this year COYB's their are still 42 points to fight for.

  • 9th but if we beat Col U on Tuesday will be in 7th,

  • Why the negativity the luck isn't with us at the moment , pretty sure we will still be in the play offs. We have played so more games then the teams around us which obviously has had an impact.

  • We didn't play that badly today, two bad goals defensively though. Deserved a point at least IMO.

  • If we beat col u !! Or any other club, no stupid remarks or excuses we need new blood higher up.
    Nice to see players on loan doing ok though.

  • We were unlucky today. I thought we deserved to win. They scored their only two chances, and we missed a load in the second half. Really disappointing.

  • We have been rubbish and got results so you have to take a fairly good performance and defeat. I think we were all getting a bit carried away 3 weeks back. Still plenty to play for. Good to see Paris back today.

  • To be fair to @Wwfc2015_ the season was over in his book about six games in

  • @brittanywanderer said:
    If we beat col u !! Or any other club, no stupid remarks or excuses we need new blood higher up.
    Nice to see players on loan doing ok though.

    New blood higher up?

  • We played miles better today than against Pompey two weeks ago but that's football. Thought we created more than enough to win the game but just lacked that composure to finish the chances - Kashket is a huge loss to us when he's not playing. Saunders was exceptional today.

    I hate our "game management", but Carlisle today were every bit as bad. They were of course aided by a ref who made some horrendous decisions- including letting them take a free kick for an offside given against us in OUR half of the field. I love Bayo, but there's absolutely no point in having him in the team if refs give fouls against him purely because he's stronger than the guy challenging him.

    Really frustrating afternoon all in all, but plenty of reasons to be positive that we can turn this slump around.

  • We were unlucky today. Carlisle had a game plan and it worked. They looked dangerous on the break.

    Bayo looks like he needs a rest, Paris did well back in the side and De Hav is nowhere near good enough. Saunders MoM by far. Huge 3 games coming up again!

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