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Stourbridge game now all ticket

Apparently, because Stourbridge have now sold their entire allocation, the Staoubridge game is all ticket for all fans.

Wouldn't it have been easier for all concerned just to give Stourbridge some more tickets?



  • All seems a bit unnecessary I agree. Give Stourbridge some of the old main stand.

    It's also not like they have a firm of violent ultras just clamouring to get into the Valley end for the kind of famous scrap two times family club of the year WWFC is known for.

  • Seems a bit silly when we'll have 4-4,500 fans rattling round!

  • We could do with a few more in the terrace, I'd be happy to stand amongst Stourbridge fans.

  • Really strange solution to a welcome problem. Surely just give them more tickets.

    Sounds like it will now cost us financially now. All ticket games are just hassle

  • Must be plenty of fans who don't do social media who would have just "presumed" that they can turn up on the day and buy then, especially with no home game from first sale date to match day...

    All ticket, for a non league gang who aren't any sort of local rival at home. Incredible.

  • It's the biggest game of the season so far, as far as I'm concerned and I'd like to think we wouldn't be too far away from selling out. But then I thought that when we played Hereford in the 3rd round a few years back and I think we only got 3500 odd!

  • No way we will sell out. 5,500 tops including away attendance.

  • Could a representative of the Trust please explain why the away end, which has 2,040 seats is restricted to 1,800? Also, can the end of the Beechdean Stand still be used to allow 3-400 more Stourbridge fans? Seems a great shame for a little club on their big day not to have as many fans there as possible?
    Also, if extra trains are being laid on for Stourbridge fans will the club be putting on extra buses to get these supporters from the railway station to Adams Park?

  • Where is this information regarding All Tickets?. I can only see on the official site reference to the match being all ticket for the away supporters and that they cannot buy via WWFC but only from their own club.

  • They really should get it up on the website tho.

  • thanks floyd. I agree just only using twitter seems a poor way to communicate to fans.

  • I don't understand why we are limiting our potential income of away supporters by only selling one stand. If the shoe was on the other foot and we were the away team playing at a bigger league club and we played in a half empty stadium I would be pretty annoyed that they didn't open up another stand. It's a big game for them and us, why not make their day special and memorable, unless it is the psychological of the FA cup, not wanting to make them too comfortable?

  • I read stour had sold 2 k tickets according to their website.

  • I remember that before the Oxford game last year the club decided not to give them the 300 extra tickets in the Beechdean because of the extra policing cost that'd be incurred. Now I'm assuming that Stourbridge fans wouldn't need as much policing as the PNLs, but given we only keep 45% of the gate receipt it could feasibly end up with the club losing money by giving them the extra tickets...

  • @wformation The website manager is away for a rare couple of days leave. Expect site to be updated within a few days.

  • @A_Worboys Our capacity is set by the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) and is the basis for the Safety Certificate by which the Club is allowed to operate.

    When the last Stand Safety Assessment was carried out it was deemed that the East Stand should be limited to a maximum of about 90% occupancy hence a maximum of 1834 ordinary seats, 10 disabled places and 6 for carers - hence 1850.

    I don't know why the end section of the Beechdean Stand is not available to away fans on this occasion - but would guess that safety and segregation are the main reasons.

  • Just ordered online and I didn't notice until it was too late that they add a £1 donation. I think that's out of order adding that by default. Feel like I'm being mugged off by my own football club.

  • @Salisbury_Blue I think that's a great idea, if I'd noticed earlier I would have donated more.

    @AlanCecil Genuine question, is there only one club employee who knows how to update the website?

  • Safety and segregation didn't prohibit giving the whole of the main stand to Villa's, how do we put this, rather lively and angry fans last year. Giving Stourbridge an extra 500 tickets would equate at least £2,500 in extra ww revenue (or equivalent of 12.5 sign ups to the 500 club).

  • I was of the understanding that due to Bristol Rovers pre-mature pitch invading antics in our 1-0 home defeat to them, our capacity was restricted.

    They were one of a number of teams that season and a few season before to pile over the very inviting rugby hoardings and I think the SGSA had enough?

  • @AlanCecil said:
    I don't know why the end section of the Beechdean Stand is not available to away fans on this occasion - but would guess that safety and segregation are the main reasons.

    It seems to me that Alan has now answered a number of questions on this thread and the only one he hasn't answered is the original and most important one. Could someone from the Trust please a) not guess but instead find out the actual reason for this decision and b) undertake to get it changed if at all possible?

  • I'm guessing (and it is only a guess) that another reason for the restricted capacity is to enable that stand to have unreserved seating. We know how difficult it is to get people to sit in their correct seat number, even when the game is a sell-out (a good example being the Northampton away game in 2015). By leaving, say, 10% of the seats unsold, it makes it easier for groups of fans who arrive close to kick-off time to sit together, something that might otherwise be difficult in a stand sold-out to absolute capacity with people not sitting in their correct seat numbers.

  • I don't really see where the problem is here. It's a big game for both clubs with the away side having already sold out their allocation. Making it all ticket seems sensible. As for those calling on Wycombe to let Stourbridge have the Beechdean Stand, surely it's best to wait until home tickets have gone on general sale for a while and see what the uptake is? Remember at the same stage last year, we all too quickly gave the Beechdean over to Villa, only for home tickets to sell out in no time. I'd think we can wait until the New Year, judge the home ticket sales then and if feasible and the demand from Stourbridge is there, then we can perhaps allocate extra tickets. I don't think there's any need to rush into a hasty decision.

  • Ahhh, the voice of reason:)

  • edited December 2016

    Stourbridge will have 200 seats in the Beechdean Stand plus the 1800 in the Panache stand and 80 in Beechdean stand hospitality.
    The club also turned down the BBC's request to build a TV scaffold in the away end that would have taken away 40 more seats so as to allow as many Stourbridge fans in as possible

  • Could it be that the club doesn't want to be embarrassed by the away team having more supporters in the ground than the home team! I can't see more than 3000 home supporters bothering to turn up.

  • I would be surprised if we don't manage at least 4000 - 3rd round - best squad we have had for a while - side that is scoring more than it has done for a while. Plus those extra fans that came to the Orient game will have had a good experience.

    Lots to look forward to!

  • The game is massive for us, the people of Wycombe need to get off their backsides and support the Mighty Blues. I expect us to win and I guarantee that thousands will come out of the woodwork if we get a Premier League team in the fourth round. Those with 3rd round ticket stubs should definitely get priority for the 4th round fixture, home or away

  • Yep @FlyingPostman , you don't get much better chances of the 4th round then a non league team (3tiers down as well!) at home.
    I'm sure many have an eye on the next round and ticket priority.

    As long as the players don't of course!

  • @StrongestTeam No I haven't contacted the Club or the Trust, because it isn't actually that important to me. It just seems on the face of it an odd decision and one that will potentially cost us money. So, frankly, to the extent I do care about it, the gasroom seems a perfectly sensible way of raising it with the Club and Trust, because we know that representatives of both read the gasroom.

    I do accept though that my tone was a bit snippy given that Alan had taken the trouble to reply. I am happy to apologise to him.

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