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Off-season political poll



  • Also look up what Tony Benn said about the EU and it's lack of accountability. I voted to remain that was on balance but I believe that there was a perfectly good argument to leave.

  • I voted to leave and have no regrets. The EU will implode within 5 years and i don't want to be anywhere near when that happens,will be interesting to see if the French get a referendum next year then everybody else leaving after that.

  • @Chris The 'liberalisation' process has lead to Deutsche Bahn effectively becoming a private train operator that happens to be majority state owned (by a state that ultimately would want to sell it off it could get away with it). It has also been forced to relinquish many routes in Its running of Chiltern Railways isn't a 'by the people, for the people' arrangement that a publicly-owned railway would/should be.

  • @ReadingMarginalista said:
    Chris The 'liberalisation' process has lead to Deutsche Bahn effectively becoming a private train operator......

    I am almost totally ignorant when it comes to the machinations of our elected/unelected legislators. What I do know is that the 'liberalisation' process has led to Deutsche Bahn effectively becoming a private train operator.
    I believe the confusion arises from the fact that the past tense of 'read' is 'read' (pronounced red). It's a tiny point but every time I see 'lead' I hear 'leed' not 'led' and it stops me in my tracks!
    Forgive my pedantry.

  • @micra You are of course right, written in too much of a rush!

  • The remain campaign was a shambles. It almost seemed that some of the more reluctant representatives actually wanted to lose e.g telling the sensitive public "of course if you vote to remain there can be no upper limit to immigration but ( and do stop being such nasty racists) concentrate on > @drcongo said:

    If anyone has not watched Requiem for the American Dream (available on Netflix), I highly recommend it. Noam Chomsky lays out 10 principles for the concentration of wealth, which is essentially the playbook that our current government is working from. The entire thing is designed to move money from the poorest in society to the already rich. We've just watched this played out on an epic scale, wherein the working classes were tricked into voting for something that will fuck them up more than any other social group.

    The elite will end up benefiting hugely from this as the starvation of funds to public services "forces" the government to privatise the lot. The middle classes will just about do OK from it, as the middle ground inevitably does. All the privatisation though will mean public services that are beholden only to shareholders. And when a private company is legally obliged to do everything in the best interest of only its shareholders, wages go down, jobs get "downsized" while others get automated out of existence and the working classes are left to starve and blame the immigrants. Again. And so we become stuck in a cycle.

    The turkeys have voted for Xmas.

    It seems as if the elite had an unexpected fifth columnist

  • I have severe doubts about Corbyn's enthusiasm for remain, but I have even more doubt that that article has any basis in truth. It's internal Labour Party politicking of the basest type.

    Corbyn doesn't convince me in the slightest (although I don't have many issues with his policies) but the way he has been treated by fellow Labour MPs is a disgrace.

  • If you read the article the truth of the emails is not in dispute but you are right to say their release is part of the current coup.
    Corbyn is an old school socialist they've never had any time for the eu which is why I almost choked on my corn flakes when I read @drcongos capitalist plot theory. Jems less than half hearted support of the remain campaign (my favourite was telling the twitchy public there can be no upper limit on immigration if we stay in way to go ) was the excuse the vast majority of the PLP were waiting for.

  • The truth of the emails maybe but not the significance.

  • @Morris_Ital I never meant to claim that every leave supporter was part of the same plot, but the few conductors of that orchestra are, the rest are just being played like fiddles.

  • Did I miss something, all this talk of a Euro exit, I thought we were playing Iceland tonight? #confused

  • @SurreyWanderer - I share your confusion. There seems to be a crossover going on !

  • The politics have crept into the Euro football thread. They're OK here. Well, it's the right thread at least.

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