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  • yes looks like a done deal until end of season.

  • Hopefully they will be paying ALL his wages to enable us to get another loanee in with a bit more enthusiasm and effort.

  • GA has made it clear people need to leave before anybody comes in.

  • With Thommo banned for 3 games that's left us in the brown stuff,surely now we have to bring in another striker unless we intend to rely on Ugwu which is a frightening thought!

  • Now's the chance then. Fingers crossed for a good'un.

  • Ugwu is a Conference South player at best, why the crowd chant for him is beyond me unless its some sort of pi** take.

  • Well good luck to him, but i agree with @robin, we need someone coming in.

  • When I first heard rumours that he was frozen out because he would not sign a long term contract I thought it was total BS. Now the loan to Oldham seems to materialise I have to say I am slightly confused. It does seem a case of cutting off our nose to spite our face.
    Howard and GA always say how supportive they are of players who want to go up the leagues but this kind of nonsense seems counter-productive to me. The chairman should have bashed some heads together. IF AAH was not playing 100% because he didn't want to sign a new long term deal so what, we still have his registration. If Ainsworth was not playing him because of the same then that is also BS.

    This looks like a farce to me.

  • nah we are skint and if we want to bring somebody in he has to go to free up wages.
    its simple economics.

  • Could it be Ainsworth was not playing him because he doesn't think he is worth a place in the 11. Maybe Ainsworth doesn't see that changing any time soon.

    An opportunity may have come up to save his wages and get someone else in who may make the team.

    Meanwhile AH gets a chance to secure a contract for next season and revive a fading career.

    Win-win I think.

  • I would think somebody will come in before he goes or its lined up as it leaves us very short if Hayes goes lame again.

  • On his form, effort and attitude this season he doesn't deserve a place in the first eleven Dev. I hope for his sake he gets his head down and takes his chance at Oldham, because he may not get many more in the football league unless he does.

  • Hopefully good for all involved. He clearly wasn't happy here and most of his performances this year weren't of the quality to establish himself in the first team.

  • Lets open a book on who is next to leve

  • we only have 2 loan spots available as we already have Allsop, Paris, McCarthy

  • Come on lets see who gets the highest score

  • Sellars on loan to conference south/north side would be good. I liked him but he must be rotting at the moment.

  • perhaps we will swop him for Tarpey.

  • Yes Sellars is another bench polisher needs to move

  • That Charles Dickens novel Oliver springs to mind, when AAH dared asked to play I guess.

    "Please, sir, I want to start"

    "What!" said the Gaffer at length, in a faint voice.

    "Please, sir," replied AAH, "I want start a game."

    "Mr. Ainsworth, I beg your pardon, sir! AAH has asked to play!"

    "He did, sir," replied Dobson.

    "That boy will be benched," said Richardson. "I know that boy will be benched for ever more"

    I sincerely hope Rowe doesn’t get to despondent as he clearly hasn't even had the opportunity of a bad (run of) form to warrant a permanent fixture on the bench.

    With next season's changes, we want have the luxury to bring other emergency loanees on the fly so for our sake, keep the fringe players some hope.

  • I would counter that as a professional footballer being dropped is part and parcel of the game. You don't ask to be picked you have to get picked. So even though he has only had a few minutes here and there he has looked uninterested when he has played. And ineffective. So if he REALLY wanted to play for us he should have at least put a shift in when he was on the pitch, not slope around allowing his team mates to do the donkey work.

  • SIR AINSWORTH Christ i missed that knighthood

  • I guess it makes sence. I'm sure he is getting unfit with no game time good luck to the lad. Well all be questioning Ainsworth if he does well I'm sure.

  • Well he's gone now , will have to find someone else to slag off.

  • We could turn on each other like starving dogs.. just an idea

  • He hasn't gone yet, think we need somebody in first.

  • If he was still there answorth would not play him again

  • Holloway is a great example that shows the underlooked side of management, dealing with a whole bunch of young blokes, with their various egos and outside influences.

    Seemed to have all the attributes and potential, but has shown very very little when you actually analyse it.
    We picked him from nowhere, so any loan move, he'll really have to show some good form and attitude quick smart, or he'll have a huge risk of being on the scrapheap and earning Β£100 a week for some regional team.

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