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Dave Tarpey Maidenhead United

I saw a rumour linking the Magpies striker with us, I admit to only have seen him play once
in this years FA cup replay with Port Vale, I was very impressed with him that night, and immediately googled
him to see where Maidenhead had got him from. To my surprise Tarpey was approaching 27 and done the rounds at Hampton,Farnboro,Basingstoke.
Left winger Tarpey scored all four goals in Maidenhead's Trophy draw at Truro on Sat, and the Henley born striker is supposedly attracting interest.
I dont know if their are any legs in this rumour, but i certainly like the look of him on that one occasion, i saw him play.



  • 71 goals from 158 appearances (left midfield) even in non-league is not to be sneezed at. Someone on the WW Fans Facebook page mentioned that he'd been impressed by his performance against Port Vale, describing him as small and not dissimilar to Sam Saunders, "gliding" across the turf. Handsome too according to my wife !

  • If the Maidenhead wideman does sign, he can rekindle his friendship with our rookie keeper.
    Woohol !!

  • That's an odd one @ChasHarps ?!

  • Shame this didn't happen.

  • Loan window opens very soon. Watch this space on some movements!

  • Are you Richy in disguise M3G?

  • No mate not at all. As you should well know! But I do think we will move for someone when the loan window opens.

  • Seen a bit of Tarpey and he's definitely a very talented player. Could he make the step up, yes quite possibly.

    Would certainly give us a bit of the guile and creativity we lack so badly, particularly when playing at home.

    He's capable of playing on either wing or "in the hole" and would certainly have given us a different option today.

    If I had to liken him to a previous Wycombe player it'd probably be Mo Harkin - in that era when he was young and seemingly unstoppable - or even Kevin Durham for those with longer memories.

  • Ha if he's like Mo Harkin then I'd leave it, thanks.

  • Must have missed that game when Mo Harkin was "young and unstoppable." I'd settle for another Kevin Durham (RIP) though

  • There was an all too brief period where Mo seemed to have it all, but it didn't last.

    To the extent that Lawrie Sanchez made him the lynchpin of the team, moving him from the left wing to the tip of a midfield diamond.

    Unfortunately though he became too big a luxury particularly away from home where he wasn't physically strong enough to put in a proper midfield shift.

    Anyway, the point I was really making was that Tarpey is a right footed left winger like both Harkin and Durham who likes to comes inside onto his stronger foot.

  • I believe Mo had serious "issues" which blighted his obvious talents; Kevin Durham was a supremely talented midfielder - he and Noel Ashford (striker) were magnificent. I think they were contemporaries.

  • Memory failure. Noel Ashford was "an attacking midfielder" (cf Jermaine Udumaga) who score 13 goals in 50 matches.

    Apart from the fact that he transferred to Barnet (Football League) I can find little information about Kevin Durham other than the fact that Barnet named a "suite" after him following his death from a heart attack whilst on holiday in Spain in 1990-91.

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    I see tarpey got national south player of month for January

  • Probably based on this forum link

  • Be a sickener if he winds up at a rival club (or better).

  • Shame we didn't sign Tarpey. He's scored seven in four games including four last night against Hemel Hempstead.

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    in an appalling second half, was scrolling around, and saw that myself. Wonder if he's earning too much from his proper job to bother with the lower leagues?

    If he carries on the current rate of scoring he'll certainly get offers.

    Interesting to compare him to Southwell who scored a lot at the equivalent level.

    A lot have applauded his efforts so far, but personally am massively unconvinced. We simply don't create that many chances, and rely on brute strength and percentages. Akinfewna, i can see scoring 10-15, Southwell, i think 5 would be a result.

  • Has Bloomfield got that many in the last 5 years ??

  • Elliott Benton is scoring goals at conference south level, just for a bit of perspective

    He is one of Wycombe's worst ever players

  • "Benyon"

  • The problem for Southall at the moment is that he comes from a club they played football to a club that plays -----?

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    It's more likely the step up to League football isn't it? And he hasn't played badly in any game so far by all accounts.

  • We're a small club with no money punching above our weight. Have you not heard?

  • There must be loads of players at that level that could play at our level or even higher

  • Yeah I suppose so. I'm sure most are looked at by scouts.

  • The Benyon comparison is a good bit of reality.

    The only player I've ever written off before seeing kick a ball. It was like we were bringing some child competition winner on.

  • @trojan10 said:
    Just came across this
    [Url]Take a look at kdonaghy1977's Tweet:

    Awesome free kick, and I bet Tarpey is on a good whack for a conference player.

    I bet Tarpey wouldn't come cheap, but would love a Saunder'ess type of midfielder at our Club.

  • Tarpey now has 10 goals in seven games this season. Sign him up!

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