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will Pierre go before the deadline ????? (and richmayes ban discussion)

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be interested to see what people think ..........

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    • All we need to know is what you know really. You are the self appointed expert

    • rumour is he is at Barnsley having a medical but I doubt that very much.

    • Surely you must have the inside knowledge Rich?

    • I hope he leaves so we can bring in a striker.

    • Rich, hasn't GA discussed this with you when he was ordering his skinny late?

    • nah I only volunteer in the club shop one day a week.

    • That's a new line rich. Fair play, what day is it, I'll pop down and help boost your coffers on the day as a show of support to a fellow gasroomer?

    • Looking for a discount on your purchases in the shop Ewan?

    • I bet @EwanHoosaami would pay a premium to put a face to the arse.

    • Im not male !!!

    • I think everyone just assumes your male because you're such a dick?

    • I find it hard to believe from the tone and content of past posts that rich 'if you think that you must be an idiot' mayes999 is female...but I suppose the world has changed so very much.

    • bendover man

    • Ha ha ha I see what you did there. Classic. Like Wendover looks a bit like Bend-over And that is like really insulting. Excellent. (I think it's a boy folks)

    • Im from Chinnor

    • How many more clues do u need.

    • edited January 2016

      that you're a complete twat? None.

      And if you're trying to implicate a completely unrelated avid fan of ours, at least get the amount of days she works in the club shop right.

      Probably worthy of a ban now @drcongo

    • worthy of what

    • I would delete myself if I could !!!

    • edited January 2016

      Yeah I agree, pretending to be someone else could be malicious beyond the usual dimwittedness.

    • Banned.

    • well played sir.

    • Bendoverman

    • Chinnor... that explains everything. The Texas of Oxfordshire.

    • How many 'chinnors' have you got? Badda boom!

    • Come on guys what's wrong with a bit of banter - it's nothing serious and the discussion with @richmayes999 always brings a smile! Keep em coming! UNBAN the guy/girl..or whatever. Where's your sense of humour.

    • edited January 2016

      What's wrong with a bit of banter... just think about it for a minute. Imagine if someone was representing themself as the real life you on a message board? Especially someone who frequently makes witless, false comments and throws around insults.

      It's creepy and it's completely unacceptable.

    • Nice to know 'Chris' that you are the moral policeman on here. Are you still editing peoples' posts or have you thought better of it...methinks that was a bit creepy and unacceptable!

    • The only posts I've edited were blueh_w/richmayes' s and that was for good reason. I don't know where this myth has come from.

      If you can't see why pretending to be someone else in real life is worthy of ban then I don't know what more I can say.

    • Insinuating that you are someone else and then misrepresenting them is not "banter".
      It is akin to stalking and very disturbing, no matter how some might find their observations to be amusing. Chris - you were quite right to ban that idiot.

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