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'QPR close in on Wycombe 'keeper Matt Ingram'

edited January 2016 in Football

Would be a shame however he is more replaceable than someone like Pierre in my opinion. £150-£200k would be about right....



  • Cue @trevor comment - 1mil at least or does this club have no ambition.

  • I think we could do a little bit better than £200,000, perhaps as high as £300,000.

  • Ingram is knowhere near the finished article. I suspect it will be a low initial fee (say about £150k) plus more generous add-ons for appearances etc and a large sell on percentage.

  • Amazed at these modest valuations. He's arguably the most talented player to ever come through our youth system.

    Grimes from Exeter to Swansea cost the Welsh side 1.5m. He wasn't the finished article either. Not that I think we will get anywhere near that but we should certainly be getting a Damn sight more then 200k!

  • If Ingram does go to QPR, I suspect the negotiations may have been ongoing since before Michael Harriman's transfer and any fees, compensation, sell-on agreements, etc. will be entwined to the extent that it will be impossible to establish which club paid what for which player.

  • Matt Grimes was very much the exception rather than the rule. He went to a premiership club and is widely expected to be a virtual shoo-in to play for England one day. Matt Ingram , fine player that he is, is some way off that level.

    Our model is to say to young kids, "come to us, you'll play in the first team, we'll develop you as a player, and when you are ready to move on up the ladder, we will not stand in your way". We have delivered on that promise with a number of players. That reputation should not be lightly squandered by holding pout for unrealistic fees.

    Within that context, obviously we should get the best fee and the best sell-on that we can. To an extent that is driven by how interest there is in the player from different clubs. Don't be surprised though if that is not quite as high as you hope.

  • That website always makes up stories so don't read too much into it

  • I agree with the DevC summary of the club strategy regarding young players. If Ingram does sign then good luck to the lad. However, we will need a replacement.

  • no we won't, Alex Lynch has waited patiently and will be given his chance.

  • We will still need another keeper as we can't rely on Richardson as back up for ever.

  • if this is the case Lynch will be playing tomorrow.

  • Don't really think we can have Barry Richardson on the bench indefinitely!

  • He'll be a big loss to the club if true.

    Good luck to him though if he does leave. It'll be nice to see 'one of our own' go on to play at a higher level.

  • Looks quite certain he will go. One that I will be very proud to watch his future. Just goes to show how good our youth system was when you look and see another one of our kids is on the verge of another big money transfer today (Phillips for £6million?)

  • I wonder if he will be loaned back or will go now.

  • I'm no goalkeeping coach but for a big lad Ingram is not commanding. Nor does he have presence in a melee. All this can be worked on of course and his shot stopping and positioning appear to be spot on. It is probably a good time for him to push out of his comfort zone otherwise he won't progress.

    I would love to find a Hyde like figure as a replacement - knees out in the air as he crushes any striker in his path.

  • It'll be a big loss if and when he goes. Lynch has got big shoes to fill. Hopefully he can take the step up and be the next Matt Ingram.

  • One area he will have to work on is his kicking which is pretty mediocre.

  • Knowing how good GA is with loan system perhaps a young keeper from a higher league may prefer a regular game than warming the bench/3rd cloice.Good luck to Matt deserves his chance.

  • It does amaze me how some seem to micro analyse our players and other categorys them in to specific leagues. No player is perfect.
    Matt Ingram is a great prospect but has weaknesses. Maybe he needs time to work on these or maybe a change of scenary might help too.
    Got to wish Matt all the best if he does move on. It will be sad to see him go.

  • Spot on, Righty.

    He is a young lad, making his way. Is he the finished article - no. Is he pretty good - well it appears QPR may think so.

    To be honest, if the stories are true and intention is that Ingram goes straight into first team of a Championship/Premier yoyo team, I am a little surprised that he has taken that leap in one go - I would have expected him to go to a slightly lower team first with that move in a couple of years time. Good luck to him though if its true. Will be great to see his progress.

    I may well have got my timings seriously wrong, but would Ingram, Ibe and Hause all have started together for WWFC?

  • He won't be going straight into their first team, Alex Smithies is their No.1 goalkeeper. Robert Green is leaving not Smithies.
    Would be a chance of getting him loaned back to us potentially (with a 24 hour recall clause)

  • Goalkeepr is a tricky would bung a new keeper straight in. Hopefully, Gaz will get them to loan him back for the rest of the season so he's not just warming the bench but getting game time. If not, Lynchy has waited patiently and should get his chance.

  • Swansea are also in for him apparently

  • @kiscokid said:.......,,

    "I would love to find a Hyde like figure as a replacement - knees out in the air as he crushes any striker in his path. "

    Plenty of those in non-league I suspect. Big bruisers, take no prisoners. Thoughts?

  • They have also spelled "signing" incorrectly

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