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Tottenham priority ticketing structure



  • @TTID you're probably the best poster on here

  • @peterparrotface said:
    TTID you're probably the best poster on here

    Dont know about that mate but I appreciate the sentiment.

  • 473 tickets on general sale tomorrow

  • General scrambless you mean, poor sods who queue up and miss out, be interesting to see the queue, as everyone can buy 4 which is madness

  • Not sure its as many as that - was 453 when I called earlier and I was one of several who joined 500club today and then got tickets after that. Good luck anyhow to all those Vying for tickets tomorrow

  • Number taken from Twitter feed 25mins ago

  • Hopefully they won't all get bought by people online before the queue even gets moving

  • Ticket office will have to manage 3 separate booking streams - online, telephone, in person.
    Best of luck in you're in one of the queues.

  • Gonna be carnage tomorrow. I feel for the person who gets to the front of whatever queue just as the last one has gone!

  • Looking on the spurs website, there are few (if any) tickets available in the home areas

  • So after last nights frenzy, with demands for resignations bashed out on poker hot keyboards, we've still not found out why the ticketing scheme got changed for window 3.
    Let's hope most non STH regulars have managed to get tickets and the 470 odd on sale tomorrow will satisfy the rest.

  • Everyone's gone to ground @doob.

  • I can understand that 400 tickets for regular fans who are not in any of the 3 priority groups is a tough pill to swallow but at the end of the day the club needs to ensure its revenue stream above anything else. Those that are ST holders, share scheme or 500 club members are guaranteeing the club vital revenue at a time where money is tight. Therefore they should be rewarded for their commitment above those that can't do that, as harsh as that sounds, the life of our club I'm afraid should be more important to us than loyalty. We are fans of a club we love and the club doesn't owe us any loyalty, we owe the club our loyalty by committing to such schemes as and when we can. Money is tight for a lot of people and some people can't afford to commit to any of these schemes and turn up when they can, they have been dealt a huge blow here but that may also be due to the reduced capacity at WHL. Giving people in those three groups priority makes perfect business sense because it entices more people to join up, look at the sudden rise in 500 club members since the Tottenham draw, that is just good business acumen.
    Yes there has been a bit of a cock up on rewording the ticket policy but as someone else pointed out, had all those who have snapped up a second ticket waited until window 3 then it really would have made zero difference on the total tickets left over. I don't think anyone from the club owes us an apology and I think as a group of fans we all need to calm it down on here a bit, after all we are supporting the same club here.

  • Which was worse? Andrew Howard moving the 2015 friendly to Countances without telling the fans? Or Andrew Howard changing the ticket allocation for the 5th most important match in our history...without telling the fans? VOTE

  • @fedup1980 I really don't think people are having a pop about the season ticket, share scheme or 500 priority, they are having a pop about the fact that 400 tickets will not go to regulars, as regulars have no priority over anyone whom hasn't been to a single game. Even the club can't have been so name to think if they had put a say '3 game' history then we would not have sold out. As you say those people who make as many as money or time allow have been sold down the river. I think a business really should have considered that these provide much needed cash flow sourcentre across the season.

  • Ps anyone know how long the queue is? Surely Internet sales are just a further insult to those in the queue, I understand phone sales for those who live far away, and also surely a 4 per person policy is ridiculous given the small numbers left

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    @fedup1980 - it isn't 400 tickets for regular suppporters though, it's 400 tickets for anyone who gets in first.

    To me there was quite a big difference in the wording change on Monday too, as it meant it was much more likely some tickets will make there way into hands into people who aren't regular match goers - and from numbers reports it appears this may have nearly halved the number of tickets on general sale.

    I'm not looking for an apology, but am posting my views to reminder the trust that a small minority of genuine supoporters have been completely ignored with these ticket sales, and I feel this was unnecessary given the ticket allocation was 4,000 and our regular home gates this season have been ~3,000.

  • This is being, and will continued to be raised with the Club and the Trust until there is a satisfactory response/apology/reform. In the short term, if you miss out on a ticket, there will be touts at the ground. In the longer term, if you are not a member of the Trust, join, and we can try and make sure this won't happen again. (Obviously those responsible will be held to account also).

  • Givenue the number of tickets, each of the associated priorityou groups should of received one each, and then tickets gone to those with 3 game history, 2,000 of these would of kept everyone happy yes everyone would of had just one ticket, but the club would of respected the whole supporterange based, as it was, fellow supporters saw the danger and we're helping each other out, when they knew they were real genine cases. Respect to all those who did this and not just gave the tickets to glory hunting friends, this shows a lot about the unity of the club's supporterse at this moment in time

  • I think that the way they structured the ticketing system makes perfect sense from a business point of view, increase investment in the club by offering those that can priority. Unfortunately for those that can't afford to commit to the extra finances they have been hard done by. I'm not saying that what Wycombe did was right, but it was a clever business strategy to drive investment. At the end of the day the club needs to attract as much investment as possible. Anyone who had the ability ( i.e. ST holders, share scheme and 500 members ) had plenty of time to acquire their tickets leaving the last few hundred to those that could not. Any season ticket holder who has been holding for more than two tickets has run the risk of missing out. I am a 500 member but did not get a ticket as I am moving house that day, people will feel hard done by but all I am saying is that from a business sense it makes perfect sense

  • @fedup1980 All I'd like to see is that they follow their own charter, regular supporters prioritised before general sale

  • Allowing people to buy an extra ticket after purchasing their original one ( possibly for those that are not regular attendees ) is the same as allowing people to buy two tickets in window 3 anyway so it really makes no difference.

  • @fedup1980 I agree about the change in policy, you was poorly managed but only resulted in the same possible outcome as if everyone had booked 2 any way, the issue I struggle with is, straight to general sale, anyone can see this is pour and very unfair on regulars

  • Poor souls queuing overnight?

  • Congratulations chaps. 600 up!

  • @fedup1980 I don't think it makes good business sense to alienate the majority of your customers.
    The most likely reason why they're not putting any restriction on the sale today is because it would require a manual effort (of checking the club database). The only objective now is to shift the remaining tickets with no interest in who they go to. Changing the ticketing scheme after they'd seen how many were sold in windows 1 and 2 means they've reduced the number of tickets available today - presumably that was why it was changed.

  • @fedup1980 I agree with all you say about it being good business to prioritise STH, 500 Club and share scheme members. The resulting increase in 500 Club membership demonstrates how effective this strategy has been. There is, however, cause for complaint in that the remaining tickets are now going direct to general sale, with no priority for people who are not STH, 500 Club or shareholders but who have a recorded history of ticket buying and attendance at Wycombe matches. Somebody who has never been to a Wycombe match has as much chance of securing a ticket today as somebody who has attended regularly.

    There is a published club charter (there is a link to it somewhere in one of the threads on here, but I don't remember where) which states that, in the event of matches where less tickets will be available than the expected demand for them, STH will get first priority and second priority will go to people who have a recorded history of buying tickets. That charter has been ignored and those people with a buying history have been given no priority for the Tottenham Hotspur match.

    I also believe it is unacceptable to publish a set of rules, wait until a lot of people have taken action in consideration of those rules (when they may have taken different actions if the rules had been different), then change them half way through the process. The club have done this and compounded it by (a) refusing to acknowledge that the rules have been changed part-way through the process and (b) editing a webpage where the original rules had been clearly published to show amended rules without revising the date displayed on that webpage, so as to make it appear that those were the rules all along.

  • @doobs you're looking at it from the point of individuals who attend regular games but aren't subscribed to the any of the schemes. The club on the other hand must strive to raise as much income as possible. For those not in the schemes it is a hard pill to swallow but I believe first and foremost the revenue of our club should be its highest priority even at the cost of upsetting a few individuals. It so obviously makes perfect sense as a club because the rise in investment has rocketed up, right or wrong it has put the club financially In a better position to keep debts down and to attract the talent that we would otherwise miss out on

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    Imagine we're playing at home against C*lch*st*r, we're 3-2 up with 10 minutes to go, and then the referee quietly whispers to one of our players that he's decided away goals count double today.


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