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Jeff Stelling's Football Marathon March - Sunday 17th September



  • I’d like to think training is ongoing. The doc who examined my prostate was so old that without some updates to his practice he could have easily popped a leech up there and sealed it in with a prune.

  • I think the training is ongoing when the place is open...every GP I've seen has the internet open and a medical site listing symptoms.

    I assume the GP I used to go to as a kid (in residential street, no appointments, sat in waiting room until you got called) was just making it up as he went along...

  • Please don't take NO for an answer

    "The PSA test is available free to any man aged 50 and over who requests it."

    "Each year in the UK about 50,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 12,000 die from the disease" - please don't let it be you or someone you know!

  • I turned 50 this month and have my PSA test booked in for the end of the month.

    Even if you’re under 50 you can still get tested and for free if you find charities running free testing.

    Reading Lions Club are running free tests on Saturday 30th September at RG2 0GQ.

    Best of luck to anyone being tested soon.

  • Bucket collections for Prostate Cancer UK this Saturday - please bring cash on this occasion, or you can donate by card at the Trust Gazebo/Stall outside the Caledonian Suite.

    Man badges available there too.

  • @AlanCecil Alan just want to say well done for not only doing this and raising an incredible amount of sponsorship but also leading on a number of admin matters too.

  • Totally endorse @Midlander’s comment above.

    Main reason for this post is to say that the weather prediction I made on Tuesday has been slightly overtaken in the meantime by subtle changes in pressure distribution, with low pressure over the Bay of Biscay driving warm humid air northwards into the British Isles overnight on Saturday, resulting in the likelihood of showers, some thundery, on Sunday. Don’t forget the wet weather gear.

    As you would expect, the powers that be are playing news about @AlanCecil’s painful bum very close to their chests but we’re sure he is “close” to a return to the tarmac. We wish him (and all his fellow walkers, of course) all the very best.

  • Team news

    Cecil, A - Doubt (Rear)

    Glasshalffull - Out (Metatarsal)

    @StrongestTeam making up the numbers (one paced - not fast)

    @bluntphil on comms

    Anyone else joining in?

    Weather forecast has been awful but doesn't seem too bad now. Will probably rain a bit somewhere along the route.

  • Latest email:

    So far you have raised over £185,000.


  • Manboobs - can start strong but may tire in the later stages. Needs a pocket full of wine guns to have any chance of completing the distance.

  • Pleased to say i have passed my fitness test and will be fully available to start on Sunday.

    The sciatica went away after treatment by an unnamed Gasroomer and the blistered feet have recovered and will be fully plastered before we set off.

  • Who is the secret Gasroom medical practitioner. My moneys on @drcongo!

  • Bit concerned, @AlanCecil, to hear that you’ll be plastered before you set off. Thought you might have waited until you stagger into the Caledonian Suite.

    @drcongo sounds logical, @mooneyman, but I’ve a sneaky feeling that it may be @EwanHoosaami. His line of business, after all.

  • We have some visitors at the game today who will be walking tomorrow as well as the chairboys walkers, will be some buckets going round and links above for online donation. At the risk of sounding like Bob Geldoff please give a few pennies if you are able.

  • Just seen you walking round the pitch. Good luck tomorrow!

  • Excellent donations from the supporters- I was a bucket carrier and I reckon £200 went into mine. Fine work by all.

  • Enjoying @bluntphils live coverage of this on WW's Insta story - good luck everyone!

  • Gaz has joined for the last 10 miles!

  • Does anyone what route they took today?

  • Round and round and round and round. Think all present and correct in the vere, lovely welcome back down hillbottom road, we knew we were the best club going but this sort of stuff confirms.

  • Great effort from all involved, especially Matt Cecil who, in one mighty puff, didn't miss a candle.

  • Well done to everyone who did it, you should be very proud of yourselves

  • Well done to all involved, fantastic achievement! Nice to hear GA joining as well.

  • Fantastic effort, well done everyone.

  • Well done all involved, great effort !

  • A grand day out. Walked with some lovely people supporting clubs from across the country and a great finish back at the ground. Just got to get up the stairs somehow 😂

  • From what I saw today the only walker possibly plastered was the fella, Ben I believe, who was offered double charity money if he drank a beer every four miles. He achieved it and more, knocking back two before we set off and lugging a 12 pack with him. Cheeky extra Guinness (health reasons, iron levels) at a pub 5 miles from home and at least one at the ground. Wore a leather waistcoat, also a charity bet.

    Didn’t seem to have any detrimental effects but if his mate was to be believed he also eats dog food for money.

    it was moments like that, and meeting a lady in her 60s who walked the entire coast of the Isle of White non stop in 26 hours this year (look up the distance), that made the day one for the ages.

  • Cheers for the back story, I don't think I ran in to you today but might have done.

    He did seem in pretty good spirits and after a bit of a chat about where the ground was (and how long the last section was) he dipped into the Aaron Pierre memorial Tesco and came out with some tinnies to distribute. Very welcome 👍🏻

  • Just to reflect on this a bit and answer the question above properly it was a fabulous day.

    The route was a closely guarded secret and a logistical masterpiece as without any road closures they got just under 400 of us safely where we needed to be stopping cars and providing us with food and water and toilet stops.

    Wembley to Wycombe by any practical route (no handy cross hills thanks) is a bit further than regulation distance so the course was split into two: Wembley (including brekkie in the Bobby Moore suite and safety briefings in the stadium bowl to Hillingdon, then transfers and packed lunches and Beaconsfield to Loudwater and Wycombe. A good varied course with some countryside, canal paths and streets and sensible paths mostly over motorways.

    Along for the walk were Jeff Selling, Mark Bright and Chris Kamara who was wonderful value as you might expect, he assures everyone he's doing better after illness and still managed to give pep talks and stop for hundreds of chats and selfies. The second half was joined by Steve Ryder and Gareth Ainsworth who also stopped for chats and photos whilst deliberately not trying to upstage anyone and being very complimentary all round.

    I get the impression that on professional running marathons and really serious timed events people are really struggling and heads down focused on times whereas yesterday everyone was mixing in and sharing experiences and stories and that made for a great time. Club staff, celebs, clinical and charity staff, football fans from near and far, walk veterans and family members all together.

    If the last bit along the rye, behind the college and then seemingly round and round before we got to the hour glass was starting to get to people a little then the welcome down Hillbottom road, with friends and well wishers in good numbers and some tunes from the radio station was perfect, as was the short walk down in to the stadium across the front of the main stand to the finish line, medal collection and photos. The club then opened the Vere, with overspill into the board room for drinks, and a nice looking pie and mash before some fairly emotional speeches from Bluntphil who'd also been interviewing lots of people along the way , charity management, Jeff, and Bills wife. All who had plenty of nice things to say about the club.

    Lots of our fans were involved, I believe all made it round and I think we add this to a number of special days at AP. Huge thanks to everyone involved and everyone who donated. As a few people said: Think Bill would have loved it.

  • This is a wonderful report which reflects the charity and our club in such a great light. I was gutted to miss out through injury but very proud of all those who did take part for such a worthy cause. Well done to all of you.

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