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Jeff Stelling's Football Marathon March - Sunday 17th September



  • absolutely lovely scenes, and as pleased as we all were with 3 points on saturday, it's the money and awareness raised by Sunday's walkers that will have an impact long after the memory of a routine 2-0 win against Blackpool has faded (which for me will be about this time next week)

  • Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement.

    Over £760 in cash was collected around the pitch on Saturday (not bad for a cashless stadium) and a further £100 at the Trust stall. All of which will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

    Pleased to report that thanks to Comp0eed plasters, Boots padding and the fine efforts of my chiropodist, my feet just about held up for the day through as @StrongestTeam says the last few miles were tough going.

    But the lingering memory will be the reception back at Adams Park with so many fans gathered outside the ground. My emotions spilled over with watery eyes as we walked up Hillbottom Road to the finish.

    Great team effort by our club and its fans over the two days.

  • Top stuff everyone - I didn't realise quite how many of these Jeff has done. Number 34 I think he said?

  • £237,843 raised so far plus £45,377 in gift aid.

    Massive thanks to all who have contributed, encouraged and given thanks.

  • That is fantastic. It was a wonderful experience to have been a part of. From what Jeff said, both in his comments to the walkers pre and post, and to me as we chatted, I think this will be his last but perhaps plans are in place for something else to keep the spotlight on raising awareness and funding to reduce the lives lost or forever changed from this disease.

    As for the physical act of walking that far, I encourage anyone who likes walking and has some time to train to perhaps consider one of the other charities who run these. Alzheimer’s UK, British Heart Foundation, McMillan et al. The company who planned and marshalled were fantastic, taking on a challenge with other people was a profound experience and walking as a group means you can talk, share stories, support each other, maybe make new friends. So much more enjoyable than any race I’ve ‘run’ round where it’s you versus some time in your head or distance.

    I’m 56 and somewhat overweight. I built up my walking with a ten miler two weekends in three and a longer one on the third until those longer ones became twenty miles. I did four of that distance. I saw a lot of countryside around my home I never knew existed, took some nice photos, found some new pubs and got a lot fitter. I strongly encourage anyone who fancies it to give this sort of thing a try. If I can, you can…

  • 100 Percent agree with all of this. I'm a bit younger but still at that stage where regular sport or organised excercise beyond the daily schedule seems a bit of a chore. It was really something special to be part of, looking at a 10k walk soon, long walks with a bit of countryside really are achievable for most and very fulfilling, really seemed to bring out the best in people. And that's a wonderful total.

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