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Development squad... is it still a thing?

Have we dropped the development squad for this season?

Given all the changes that Matt's been instituting attention has been elsewhere - but isn't it a bit strange we haven't made a single development squad signing yet, a week before the season begins?

The fact Kone is back with Newham made me ponder... He'd be a perfect development squad signing but probably wont be first team ready for a while. Previously we'd have taken him on then sent him out on loan. But maybe the club have decided to move away from this model given the very limited return rate?

Both Mehmeti and Forino were showing themselves first team squad capable after a few training sessions, according to Ainsworth. It was similar with Luke O'Nien when he was signed, ostensibly for development. Perhaps we've now got a much higher bar for signing players to the squad, married to an obvious new policy for this season in signing starlets on loan.

Looking at @ReturnToSenda's spreadsheet, we only have four development players currently on the books, at least two of whom (Ward, Pattenden) are first team squad ready. The other two (Woodhouse, Makoli) I've no idea about. Could they get lost though the cracks?

I get why it would be politically difficult to announce the development squad is no more. Rob Couhig promised us a B team in return for ownership. That was then diluted down to a development squad. If that's now gone altogether one of his central pledges is no more.

Maybe we're waiting to finalise the first team squad and seeing who gets released when Premier League squads are announced. But if we have changed strategy, it would be good to hear it from the club.



  • I think Kone would be a development squad player anyway so wouldn’t ordinarily be involved in a 20-man squad anyway so best for him to play for his current club.

    Also not sure what date Kone is eligible for a visa from (or indeed how long it will take for processing) which may be what delays things.

  • Given we put a team of strangers out against Hanwell the other week, and there are unidentified players in the background of almost every video we’ve seen, I reckon the Development Squad is still happening.

  • We’ve had a bunch of trailists in the building so I don’t think we’ve stopped it.

    I think it’s more likely we’ve switched our “wait and see, the best players will be available later in the window” approach of last year with the First team to the development team.

    Get the first team players in place and as good a preseason into them as possible, then switch out focus to Development players as we aren’t (I don’t think) has hamstrung by the transfer window?

    i distinctly remember the underwhelming feeling last summer as we were announcing development players through the summer while wondering who was going to be in Goal for the first game of the season. I can wait for development players.

  • @aloysius You didn't mention Declan Skura. I wonder if he's still around. Not sure he's ever been in any matchday squad for us.

  • Lots of players still around hoping for that dream move. I suspect we will get a glut of announcements mid august.

  • Just remembered, I think Skura featured in Taff's latest YouTube video.

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    @NewburyWanderer my bad, he's still on @ReadingMarginalista@ReturnToSenda's list, I got him confused with Shala

    further edit: I can't seem to delete usernames from the text on my phone. Sorry @ReadingMarginalista , didn't mean to tag you@ReadingMarginalista

  • Think Woodhouse got a few minutes at Wealdstone, It seems to make sense to prioritise the first team recruitment if that is what we are doing, financially and because there are points to play for on Saturday.

  • Also if you're prepared to roam up and down the country on trials at the moment you're probably looking for first team football as a priority.

  • what about the wages cost of having the deveopment squad would be better use on first team only.

  • It's probably pretty low cost, I'd take a guess that the fee we got for Mehmeti paid for the whole scheme for several years but that would be a guess, and there could be more to come from him and others. It also broadens our options for friendlies, squad filler and scouting generally, it's much cheaper than having an academy but they'll chop it no doubt if it doesn't add up.

  • HSAT i'm surprised we haven't announced half a dozen or so dev players this week. Or had any more friendlies.

  • I've been trying to work out what HSAT could stand for. Hurl shit at tourists?

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    High Security Awareness Training.

    But having said that, it could mean something else

  • Herpes sores around todger?

  • Hello, sweaty American tourists?

  • Heads, shoulders, knees and toes but for people without knees?

  • Having said all that?

  • Floyd is a middle aged fella.

    As a simillar aged fella, i'd imagine it simply stands for


    Even though I can't say I've ever seen that written like that ever!

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    Head Shoulders Anus Toes probably, what with all those blue haired woke teachers nowadays teaching pronouns instead of basic reading skills (goes on at length before collapsing on the floor having swallowed his tongue)

  • Three and a bit weeks from my original post and we seem to have reduced the development squad by a further one, the only peep of anyone being brought in has been a comment by Bloomfield that Grace is working on signing Kone.

    All seems a little rum to me.

  • It seems that the dev squad budget has been reduced in order to max out what we can spend on the first team squad.

    The Couhigs are clearly intent on a push to get back up but it’s not started very well..

  • Kone appears to have "unfollowed" the official Wycombe twitter account after being quite active in engaging in recent weeks (according to the Facebook group anyway). Might suggest that the ship has sailed.

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    I often wonder why the development squad or women’s team couldn’t play some matches before the WWFC main Saturday event. Sure it wouldn’t have the same appeal to all but might entice more to watch these games on a first team match day (more revenue for the club through hospitality, bit of added exposure for these teams).

    Bit like the rugby premiership double-header days they had. It’s would come with additional cost for the club but would be be every week and a nice way to showcase these teams to your core fan (customer) base?

  • I get confused. Are we now concerned that the Development squad that many complained about bring at the expense of signings for the first team is now possibly being ignored in favour of signings for the first team?

  • I think we probably are.

  • No one is let onto the grass at AP without approval, even on none match day (hence no half time kids stuff etc). Games before the main event is a none starter.

  • I think we're just trying to work out what's going on. I appreciate that's not for all, some just like to be spoonfed content, though maybe you could indulge those of us with slightly more enquiring minds every so often.

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