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Development squad... is it still a thing?



  • There's all sorts of reciprocal study visas for yoofs, each with different random conditions, had one myself a long while ago. Think the Government have added a few more recently as a result of efforts to secure trade deals after being very anti that sort of thing for a while. Wether he'd be able to get a long term contract if we felt he was worthy of one I don't know. Much easier if it's short periods.

    Kone I'd be interested to hear more about as he's allowed to be here and play non league, and presumably work in another field. May just be home office beauracracy and incompetence delaying decisions.

  • Excellent interview with the highly impressive Sam Grace on the official website, talks about the philosophy, individual players etc. Hopefully allays any fears/misgivings about the development squad and its immediate future.

  • With squad lists being posted now I wonder if we will see new additions to the development lads.

    We’ve been so blessed with Anis and Chris Forino over the past few seasons it’s only fair to temper our expectations I guess.

  • edited September 2023

    The interview with Sam Grace is also available on the latest Ringing The Blues.

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