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Hands up who secretly thinks the season is over



  • We're all gutted, but there's no need for the "r" word version. Bastad is enough.

  • Bright spot: If we lose to Cambridge that puts Oxford and MK in deep trouble. Win-win.

  • I can't be the only one who sort of wants both to stay up for easy access away games?

    Maybe i should only whisper that!

  • Yep, that’s pretty much it realistically. The only good thing about today is that it puts Oxford and Milton Keynes right in the mud.

  • Over and out!!

  • Derby threw 2 points away in the last min.

    Peterborough are 5 points ahead, and have Ipswich and Barnsley in there.

    It's very very unlikely, as we'd need to win all 4, and we've won about 3 in Bloom's 10 games (is it?) so far, but it's one game week on from being 100% over still I think.

  • Mathematically, I am still expecting the playoffs. Looks like the shuffle of managers may well do no-one any favours.

  • Yep. It's been fairly disastrous.

    Gaz seemingly made absolutely zero impact on QPR and lucky to survive beyond the summer, and Bloomy coming in and showing lower midtable form.

  • Looking at the QPR fans forum he will be lucky to survive until Monday.

  • We are not out of it yet but are now absolutely relying on other teams losing to make the play-offs, I suspect that is pretty unlikely given the form Bolton & Barnsley are showing that they will falter, though Posh & Derby might; of course we also need to find some form & start winning.

    Being brutally honest we are at best a top 10 L1 side & that looks like what we will achieve this season.

    Next season will be just as hard given Wigan & Blackpool & 1 of QPR, Cardiff or Reading are going to be relegated from the Championship replacing Plymouth, Ipswich & probably Barnsley or Bolton. Budget wise we will struggle & I am worried that without Dobson, we will not have quite the same eye in the bargain basement where we will have to shop for players.

  • Raised my hand so high I'm in orbit

  • Spot on.

    Still just about doable this season if we hit incredible form and others fall off a cliff.

    But next season really depends totally on nailing the recruitment calls.

    Early signs are that we're happy to re-sign most of this year's boys, when many thought an absolutely cataclysmic turn over was happening.

  • And… now it’s over.

  • I can’t imagine us winning the play-offs even if we did sneak in at this point.

  • I think it will depends who buys us in the summer to whether we have a good season next year ,if it's the cohigs and Bloomfield we are in for a relegation battle

  • You know the Couhigs have just overseen the best period in our history?

  • The beauty about having to miss the game completely today is that I still live in a universe in which it didn't happen.

    Schrodinger's cat and all that, 😺

  • But you'd still want to be in them rather than not, wouldn't you?

  • Who wouldn’t want to go to Wembley?

  • Perhaps a rhetorical question from @Chris ? But then again, perhaps not.

    It brings home to me how far our expectations have elevated that I really didn’t mind the loss there to Southend, despite or perhaps because of all the drama that day and where we had come from in such a short time . Yet last seasons game against Sunderland was one of the flattest days ever watching my team and the emotion hasn’t fully re-inflated for me since. Can’t work it out. Oh well bring on pre-season, we’re all off to party in Louisiana aren’t we?

  • I was unable to watch the game today - which I wasn’t that happy about as we seem to do disproportionately well when that’s the case (see FGR and Posh away).

    Not so much today.

    The summer will be very interesting, let’s see who Bloomfield can bring in as I think we’re going to need a change of personnel to be fully able to pull off his more ball-to-feet style.

    Great if you’ve got the players who can execute it and still get results, but if you don’t have the right players then we risk a descent into PNL-style ineffectuality, which is not a fate that I relish.

  • Gawd! Are we already in trouble next season? This all moves too fast for me...

  • Yes.

    At 70mins we were at a crossroads.

    Score the winner, and the playoffs were very much on.

    Not score the winner, and next season is immediately at massive peril.

  • edited April 2023

    If the L1 playoffs are within touching distance most years with the odd cup run that will do for me.

    The last four seasons have seen us getting to and winning the play offs, being relegated by one point, getting to and losing the playoffs and almost making it this term ( as things stand). I did not live the glory years that older posters can recall but the last ten years have been all right in my book. Maybe I am easily pleased.

  • Alas it is indeed over (probably) - Portsmouth Travelodge cancelled and so I won’t even have a kettle poo story to share and I’m now sort of wanting Cambridge to beat us to place Oxford and the franchise scummers at grave risk.

  • How the other half live.

    You had the gilded truffle lifestyle of the Portsmouth Travelodge in your sights and it's been cruelly ripped from your grasp.

  • We looked toothless today.

    Let’s be honest we haven’t looked like a play off team since Gareth and Dobbo left.

    Our PPG return since they left is lower mid-table.

  • It seems utter inconceivable that we wouldn't be in the playoffs if Gaz had stayed.

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