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Hands up who secretly thinks the season is over



  • Who knows. He might score the winning goal at Wembley.

  • I seem to remember early on in the season a chorus from people moaning that GA insisted on playing him every week!

    On form though he is a cracking player so would be sorry to see him go.

    But with a year left on his contract we could actually get a decent fee if he moves up to the Championship (whisper it, but potentially more than Mehmeti).

    That could go a long way to allowing MB to start building/keeping a competitive squad for next season.

  • He has been brilliant, but selling players has to be a big part of our ethos. I trust us to pick up more gems!

  • I'd be utterly amazed if we sold him for more than Mehmeti (£1m per @Malone)

  • If he’s got a good agent to set up a bidding war it could happen.

    A proven goal scoring midfielder with pedigree?

    Not saying he will but at least we (hopefully) hold the cards in any negotiation this time

  • I know it doesn't necessarily work like this, but what did Uche go for? Wing is much more of a sure thing.

  • Uche was 675k I think

  • Just get promoted imo

  • There's an argument that having sold Mehmeti we might be better able to hold out for more but you never know , runs of games scoring worldies every week are always going to help interest, let's go up and keep him.

  • A decent fee would be good but from a footballing point of view, Wingy took some time to bed in and shine for us...Time he might not get in a 'bigger team' which is probably why Gaz and Dobbo secured him.

  • Agreed, it's only one possible scenario but if Ainsworth only keeps them up by a point or two then signs a few Wycombe players that isn't going to endear him to those who already think he isn't up to it at that level. Lose 2 or 3 at the beginning next season and he'd be under huge pressure. Take your budget elsewhere chaps.

  • I don’t want to jinx him (and the club) by pointing out that (unless I’ve forgotten something) Lewis Wing must be in the lead amongst our current squad when it comes to the number of consecutive matches without injury or illness.

    It is remarkable, when you think how many of our squad have missed games through injury or illness, that we are still in with a shout of reaching the playoffs.

    I think most of us were shocked when GA made eight changes to a winning side for the trip to high-flying Plymouth but we ran them very close and probably deserved a draw. How crucial that might have proved. But, when we went to Peterborough three days later and beat them 3-0, the extreme rotation seemed fully justified.

  • Perhaps (& what do I know) Wings style of play/training precludes injury to a degree? By which I mean his game is skill based rather than ‘blood & thunder’. With his silky skills he always looks to be playing within himself - to me at least. Which may be why he was perceived to be slow to ease himself into our set up early doors under Gaz, as we anticipated 110% ‘on the edge’ from all players all of the time.

    Wing is cleverer than that, which is why he could play at a higher level. As key as Josh S in the run in for different reasons.

  • Wing has already played in the Championship, I think.

    I reckon you are spot on about the reason why he avoids injury. Same as Freeman who reported ill on Tuesday and whose only major injury was inflicted on him by a rash tackle.

    Wheeler also ill.

    These are good times despite the ravages of injuries and illnesses.

  • Just googled him and disturbing to see 4 stories of different championship clubs after him!

    Thank goodness he's one of the few in contract!

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    They are now saying 6 Championship clubs are interested - Preston, Blackburn, Coventry, Reading, Rotherham and Sunderland.

    But rather than make a move to some God-forsaken northern town, he has a great chance of playing at a higher level if he stays with Wycombe, and keeps putting in stellar performances, and bangs in a few more goals like the one he scored against Bolton.

  • Not sure he would agree with your comment about a God-forsaken northern town as he comes from a village near Darlington!

  • But he came from playing a lot of games in the Championship and on various loans, without establishing himself, so there is always a chance (money offers aside) he might want to stay where he has established himself. Naive I know....but it's happened before with players we all thought were off at the first sniff. (Having said that a bidding war between big Northern teams is no bad thing for us!)

  • Not sure Reading or Coventry fit the second part of the description either. Fairy sure they both fit the first part.

  • Aren't Reading financially in the shit ? Can't them paying money for him

  • That doesn't seem to stop most clubs

  • If you play for Preston the Trough of Bowland part of the Duchy of Lancaster is about 20 miles away one of the most beautiful places in the country.

  • As someone currently living in a 'God-forsaken northern town' I have to admit that i found a night spent in Preston a few years ago one of the scariest, bleakest, depressing episodes of my life.

    Last time I ever stay in a Travelodge...

  • Travelodge on a Saturday night in Newport makes Preston look like the Ritz.............

  • Pretty sure I've told my Stockport Travelodge story on here before involving a human turd in a kettle.

  • A few years ago, I and some work colleagues stayed in the Travelodge at Knutsford, just off J19 of the M6, for a conference the next day in Warrington.

    It was so awful that we seriously considered going into town and knocking off a policeman's helmet, so that we could spend the night in the cells.

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    I do hope that’s not a euphemism @bargepole

  • If we don't go up, then the more teams interested the better. They can queue up and we'll have ourselves an old style bidding war.

    This time without a clause, or any past madness.

  • Doing the 92 whilst only staying in Travellodges is a thing. Preston Travellodge is a classic of its type: Aldi opposite, strange underground car park with metal bollards making parking almost impossible, overlooked by flats in a poorly converted red brick mill and on a skanky main road with dealers etc everywhere.

    Now as for Morcambe…..

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