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Hands up who secretly thinks the season is over



  • That's exactly why I don't think it would happen - but that's also the problem with sentimental appointments. It's certainly a less than ideal situation all round.

  • Pretty sure he'd come back as a coach in some capacity. I'm still not 100% convinced he wanted to go in the first place

  • If he came back as a coach, I think he'd have to be the main man. As @Malone says, he can't really come back to work under someone he was senior to only a matter of months ago.

  • I'm really nervous about the summer.

    Give him time, bed a system in etc, that's lovely and fine.

    But do he and his assistant have any expertise in recruitment? We literally have no idea.

  • Why not ? He might not be bothered and might just be happy to be back. Let's be honest if people start leaving he'll soon be moving up the ladder

  • We don't actually know what sort of level of wage assistant is versus coach at a humble league 1 club.

    Is it say 50k v 30k? Or closer?

    We also don't know what compensation Dobbo may get from QPR and what his financials are.

    He might be like most of the country and actually just need a job, and jobs in football aren't that frequent.

    However, maybe we should wait until QPR actually have sacked anyone!

  • Permission to log a thousand thumbs down please?

    Our reputation as a club that does things the right way and treats people the right way would be gone, forever, in a heartbeat

  • Have I missed something? When did GA stop being manager at QPR?

  • Please forgive an old man who posted out of turn....

  • Also, on the 'give him time' argument, I think it's usually clear very early on whether they're worth giving time. My major concern with Blooms is we look flimsy as heck defensively, and that seems more like a structural issue than a personnel one.

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    The give it time argument is also usually when a manager picks a weak line up up as well. Although some are ludicrously on Ainsworth already when he's picked absolute dross up in one of the worst spells of form ever seen in that division.

    Bloomy picked up a team in great form.

    However, a couple of wins now, and a good summer and it might well look more keen.

  • I just dont think you can give the job back to someone who preferred a basket case club over us during a crucial run in (though well within his rights and ambition) over someone who gave up a job (albeit L2) to come back to us.

    I think MB has been more than a little unlucky so far. Comparing him to GA when he has mostly had a front three of De Barr-Hanlan-Campbell/Wheeler versus the Mehmeti-McLeary-Vokes which GA enjoyed much of the season is grossly unfair.

  • Wycombe Wanderers fans are not ok.

  • I'm more than happy for Matt Bloomfield to be making mistakes at the moment - we were never going up, certainly not after the January transfer window where the objective seemed to be to cut the playing wage bill by as much as possible. The more he learns about the game between now and the end of the season, the more ready he'll be to hit the ground running in August.

    I fully remember Gareth Ainsworth's poor first and second seasons with the club. The idea that Bloomfield would arrive as a fully-formed manager in February when he spent the first third of the season as our lowest-ranked coach is a bit bemusing.

    And the idea we'd be able to pick up a better manager in the summer.... you obviously have more confidence in how big our budget will be than I do. I suspect most 'better' options wouldn't want to come anywhere close.

  • Spot on @aloysius. I genuinely struggle to believe that some fans are seriously making judgements on Bloomfield after - what - 10-12 games? He deserves so much better.

    Realistically, our hopes of promotion went when Mehmeti, Ainsworth and Dobbo walked out the building. Our hopes of the playoffs went when injuries ripped apart our starting XI. Start to judge Bloomfield at the earliest 15-20 games into next season. In the meantime give the man the support and respect he richly deserves.

  • It's not unreasonable to pass some judgement after 11 games - it doesn't mean it's categorical - we have enough of an idea of what he's about by now.

  • I completely disagree. It took us a year to see anything close to the real Gareth Ainsworth.

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    Gaz did rather take over a club in crisis compared to the stability Blooms has inherited. I'm not writing Blooms off, but I've not wavered from my stance at the time that we might have been better off with someone more established. This has been discussed further up the thread, but I don't believe for a minute that he was 'the only option' attainable to us.

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    The manager picks his assistant. None of our business how they divide the work or if he's just there as a sounding board as some are. When clubs get involved and assign someone -or worse: sack the managers choice and allocate him someone "better" you can be sure the manager will follow him out the door soon after. We've been spoiled with Dobbo.

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    This argument that Blooms picked up a team in great form and should have done better ignores all the injuries we've had, and while some posters acknowledge Vokes/McCleary/Mehmeti loss and Kaikai/Horgan and others not being available for cover less is said about the defence where Grimmer is probably the only one who can point to a good season, Taf and Forino are in and out and JJ is still having to chase fast wingers at full back , none of this is ideal. None of this is Blooms fault. Let's stop banging on about wether it was a sentimental appointment, so would bringing back Gaz, Bloomfield has been given a chance and should be allowed to do it, honeymoon period and squad building included. For me he gets all of next season unless he's obviously causing permanent damage or we're heading down.

  • We seem to be seeing more football under Bloomfield , which is better to watch but it seems less successful. Under Ainsworth we were difficult to play against , employed the dark arts to slow games down and frustrate opponents but it was successful. Not sure we have the players for the game Bloomfield wants to play.

  • @ReturnToSenda how many established managers (and their staff) could we have afforded at that stage of the season? We were on a good run and I think a continuity decision was made and I think it was the right one. Bloomfield has been hampered by injuries and decisions on players made (by Gaz and Dobbo remember) before he came back. Some of the people who have long believed we would never make the playoffs (even before said departures) seem very angry we may not be making the playoffs.

  • I don't disagree with you but I don't think its unreasonable to want to know more about what the second most important man in the club (maybe third after Rob Couhig) brings to the role, what his background is, what his motivations are etc. Maybe it's simply a role for Matt Cecil or Phil Catchpole to help guide him into the glare of the media.

    I do also think that - while it's totally up to Matt to pick his backroom team - the circumstances of the appointment are interesting to scrutinise. The article linked below suggests that Richard Thomas came from a recommendation from someone already at Colchester, but I don't get the impression from the article that Matt knew him before appointing him. Maybe the former deputy to Kevin Nolan at Notts County is the best assistant manager for us. Maybe he isn't. If Matt hadn't been rushed into the Wycombe job with a match fast approaching, who knows whether he would've been his first choice or whether he would have gone for an open recruitment, like he did at Colchester.

  • I think Blooms had already shown he had something about him at Colchester, where he had them steadily climbing the table. L2 I know, but I am excited to see what he can do with a summer behind him.

  • @aloysius the article seems to suggest that he was recommended as an elite coach and Matt 'interviewed' him as well as other 'candidates' whatever that means.

    Did he bring him to Wycombe because 'he liked working with him'?

    All very strange. More information required.

  • I appreciate you prefer to spend your time writing facetious comments rather than engaging in critical thinking, that's your choice and you're to be applauded for it. Others prefer to take a different approach. Such are the joys of a message board.

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    What sort of players do you think Bloomfield needs?

    TAF, Scowen, Wing, McCleary, Campbell, Vokes can all play good football.

    Need to get 2 of the above who have missed games recently out more regularly of course.

  • Matt didn't know his assistant pre Col utd. That's known.

  • Driving home from work on Saturday evening I was pretty miserable thinking that’s it for this season.

    I have only just been able to force myself to watch the highlights, looks like we had more than enough chances to win.

    Having now looked at tomorrow night’s fixtures. All 5 teams that have a chance of 5th & 6th are playing away from home and it all looks on again. Don’t you just love being an optimist!!!!


  • Let's remember too, that it takes sides years to play wonderful passing football and manage to score goals with it. It takes established managers a long time to get sides they take over doing it well.

    We knew there'd likely be a change in style when Blooms took over, so I'm not bothered that it's not reaping everything it's sewing, and probably won't for a while yet.

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