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Match day thread: Exeter



  • Fuck me, schoolboy defending by McCleary, Wing & Grimmer leaving Dickenson & Forino horribly exposed.

  • Horrific defending from Grimmer, but a keeper like Stockdale comes out and mops up that ball over the top.

  • So we’re pretty hopeless without Vokes or Bayo leading the line.

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    Who’d have known? Spent 5+ years moulding our style around accurate goal kicks to a target man.

    Now we’re aiming (inaccurate) goal kicks at Grimmer. He’s not good in the air. And he has consistently had the worst pass accuracy of any Wycombe players in the last 5 years.

    No surprise we can’t make it stick in their half.

  • Get Mellor or Al-Hamadi (or both) on asap.

  • Kick and rush, need to try and keep the ball a bit. We have the players to play it on the ground and loomk good when we do it.

  • This is a difficult watch. Toothless up front and our passing is diabolical

  • Give Al-Hamadi a chance FFS.

    If he can’t get in when all our strikers are injured, we might as well release him.

  • Very slack play from us. Yes they are closing us down quickly but we look so sloppy.

  • Really poor display so far - we look and feel like a club that wasn’t expecting the season to start when it did.

  • Serious questions for Ainsworth and Couhig if we lose this. 3 losses out of 4 with only one being against an expected potential play off rival (Bolton) is not good enough. We look woefully underprepared for the season - even ignoring the injuries we have. I'm willing to be pulled up on this if we win 3-2 (and no I'm not saying Ainsworth out to any of the Gasroom police) but it's not good enough for a team aiming for automatic promotion - in the words of the chairman.

  • Exactly this. We look like a club still shell-shocked from losing at Wembley.

  • Early days, but we're suffering for not recruiting a decent backup striker considering we knew Hanlan was injured going in to the new season. Tyla is fine, but lacks the command and trust of the defence. We seem to be stuck trying to play nice football, without knowing how to create chances. Too often McCleary, Mehmeti and Horgan are fine fine play triangles and take too much time getting it in the box

  • Beautiful, flowing, skilful, and exciting are just some of the words that can’t be used to describe that first half. Abject, turgid and guileless can though.

    What a way to reward the fans that have driven 4 hours and paid to get in. Wheeler up front is always like this, why do we keep doing it? What are Gaz and Dobbo seeing out there that nobody else can see?

  • Gareth needs to act , he has alot of credit in the bank but it won't last forever , such a disappointment start to the season

  • Nor am I, to be honest but Wheeler isn’t the answer. It’s a sign of desperation/lack of confidence in the youngsters when a Swiss penknife takes precedence.

  • we knew Hanlan was injured going in to the new season

    Hanlan was injured in the opening game.

  • Big 2 weeks coming up now. Let's back the talk up. Home games we've looked good. But away games the tactics have been a shambles

  • Dreadful first half, and you start thinking we could be bottom half if Vokes and Taf miss many games.

    However, be it pure unadulterated blind optimism, but I think we could win this 3-2.

  • Mawson doesn’t look match fit to me - did he play the Exeter player onside for the second and not too convincing on the cross for the first. Some nice touches and once up to speed sure will be great for us

    Came back into it back end of half - need to get the ball down and we need to score the next goal

  • Tyla isn’t fine. Defenders are taking chances rather than giving it back to him. Happened quite a few times first half. We can’t continue like this surely.

  • Well this is horrible. If we can’t find a way to get Mehmeti and Horgan able to have time on the ball this only ends one way. And yet we have more possession than Exeter. And I still don’t get Lewis Wing. Freeman and AAH please. Not that AAH is necessarily the answer but I’d like to see him get to pose the question.

  • This really isn’t working at all.

    Need to change shape and personnel.

    Lets stick two strikers up top and at least give it a go.

  • The issues

    1) (as I’ve been banging on about all summer) goalkeeper distribution/box management/tone management/game management - this was VITAL to be sorted from day 1 of pre season

    2) no target man when we’ve played with one for 5+ years

    3) Wing. Not fully fit - said in interview he didn’t have a pre season, ‘so these games have been like my pre season’ - why is he continuing to start?

    4) Grimmer. Eithet lost some ability or some confidence. Defensively he’s been a shambles for 18 months

    5) the treatment room - Thompson, Tafazolli, Vokes (three of our most important players) + others

    6) didn’t replace Bayo (no target man backup option)

  • This.

    It's not Wheeler's fault he's being asked to do a job that he's not the best at, but I can't imagine Al-Hamadi would make a worse job of it, if he's good enough to be a professional striker.

  • Hmmm, that was very abject 1st half. Need a big reaction in the 2nd half, cos that wasn't good enough. McCleary and Mehmeti are a threat if we can get them in the ball, but it hasn't happened anywhere near enough.

    I wasn't too concerned about the defeat at Bolton, as they looked very good and whilst it was an off day defensively, we looked decent going forwards. Not seeing much from Exeter that would concern us if we were anywhere close to our best, but we're way short of that at the moment

  • Grimmer not up to the level we need. Two games in a row. Schoolboy defending and loose passes.

  • This is totally down to Ainsworth and the Couhigs. Didn’t replace Stocko, didn’t replace Bayo and only just replaced Stewart. What does it say about our back up forwards if Ainsworth goes for Wheeler up front in place of Vokes. Three defeats in four is not automatic promotion form Mr Couhig!!!

  • He definitely isn't fine I agree. Forino deliberately didn't pass the ball to him multiple times that half when he was the best option. Multiple balls kicked out of play.

    He was also at least partly responsible for both goals. A corner onto the six-yard box he should be claiming. And that ball over the top was his all day long for goal 2. The Exeter player picked it up on the goal-line...! Neither goal would have happened with Stocko

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