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Match day thread: Exeter



  • There’s just one problem for me, no focal point of the team.

  • Horgan has also been horrendously bad. Very much hope to be proven wrong in the second half, but he genuinely can't shoot or cross. Absolutely zero end product

  • Did the squad stop for a few beers on the way down?

    Absolutely fucking dreadful performance.

    McCleary and Mehmeti have done pretty well on the ball. Although the service they’ve had to the frontline seems to be coming almost exclusively from our right back trying to flick on goal kicks. Inexplicable tactics.

    Everyone else has been woeful. Passing atrocious. Absolutely absent in the tackle. Defending on both goals non existent.

    I walked past a Sunday league team training on my way home tonight and saw better football on show.

  • Guys, can you stop personally attacking Tyla Dickinson

  • Any chance of a thunderstorm? Wouldn't mind some of that Bristol Rovers lightning in this second half.

  • I'm stumped. I can see the reasons for not letting on about injuries - but everyone knows Thompson is injured, just tell us when he is back FFS!! It's likely that when he comes back he will be on the bench to start anyway. No team in the league will be saying "Oh no.....they've got Thompson on the bench!!!"

    • Do I want pay to go to the next game because I may or may not see Vokes and Taff play? These are the players you pay to watch. I'm a Wycombe fan but can only go to a handful of games due to childcare commitments - so have to pick and choose which games to go to. I want to be able to tell my 6 year old that he is going to see Sam Vokes play today. How can I do that?!!?
    • Do we give the other team an advantage by admitting they are not playing? Doesn't look like it makes any difference at all at the moment!!!
  • Yes, the reluctance to sign players until bargains become available nearer deadline day might prove to be a false economy if we miss out on promotion by just a few points.

    (although that looks a bit optimistic right now!)

  • Our passing has been poor, our midfield is struggling to make any impression & our defence is disorganised. none of it is good.

    Yes we probably need a more experienced keeper, but of the 7 goals conceeded to date I think Dickenson is to blame for 2 of them.

    These opening games are the worst I have seen JJ play & I am really concerned that his legs have had it, today even his passing isn't up to his previous standards.

    Mawson so far has looked comfortable, but really needs to talk more to Dickenson & Forino so that all 3 work more closely.

    Wheeler really is not a forward & unbalances the side to such an extent that the midfield falls apart whenever he is upfront. We need to show faith in Mellor &/or AAH and give them a run in the second half, they cannot do any worse than Wheels has managed in the first.

    I also think we need to put Freeman on for GMac who is on a knife edge following his yellow card.

    But hey I'm just a fan so what the fuck do I know

  • This is a game where with the five sub rule, we need to make radical changes.

    Freeman for Horgan

    Gape for Wing

    AAH for Wheeler

    It won't happen, but having so many subs is an opportunity to inject fresh energy and ideas, especially in a game like this.

  • Or go down by just a few points is a more realistic statement

  • Shambles is the only word for it

  • When was the last time McCleary played well away?

  • What a goal

  • Great strike by Wheeler.

  • Maybe McCleary should be the target man

  • Lovely goal! I hate this not celebrating against a former club nonsense, though.

  • Hahah bloody hell - can’t write it. 2 more and we’ll be labelling it a masterstroke. Fantastic hit though, much needed

  • Their fans boo him. He scores and doesn’t celebrate. Even good things are winding me up tonight.

  • Ref has not realized that every boot against Horgan is a high boot!

  • Regarding the distribution, looks like Mawson & Forino are starting to use Dickenson, I just wish he would pick out someone other than Grimmer who hasn't successfully controlled it once so far.

    After questioning Wheeler he of course goes and scores a screamer. (As an aside, I wonder if Exeter fans are claiming that was Blackman's fault...)

  • Blackman is a lucky boy

  • Shame Blackman wasn’t available this summer

  • It was nice of Blackman to avoid having to celebrate a save against his old club, though.

  • Very skilful from Blackman but I don’t think I’d want him doing that if I was an Exeter fan.

  • class goal by wheeler ...blackman is bigger than I remember...absolute beast

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