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Match day thread: Exeter



  • Best badge in League 1.

  • Ed_Ed_
    edited August 16

    Seems a bit busy to me, another one of those badges within a badge in order to shoehorn in the supporting mythical beasts which I am sure the council can ill afford on the payroll these days. We need nurses, not Pegasi (I'm not saying that Pegasi can't be nurses, I would applaud any such move on the part of the NHS recruitment team).

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    The big match preview yesterday even included team news for once! According to the team news section: "Dominic Gape missed the weekend's game due to illness, while Sam Vokes, Ryan Tafazolli and Tjay De Barr were also sidelined through injuries sustained in the days leading up to the match. Jason McCarthy is back in training after recovering from a knock, while Curtis Thompson, Brandon Hanlan and Sullay Kaikai are working their way back to fitness."

  • I have a good feeling about tonight's match COYB

  • Semper Fidelis? Who do they think they are, the US Marine Corps?

  • Lion at the very top seems to have stabbed the match ball. Ultimate shithousery......

    Talking of shithousery, announcing Cameron Dawson (Exeter keeper on loan from SW last season,lg 2 team of the season but displaced by Stockdale) as our new keeper just before kick off would be pretty effective. Just saying.....

  • a motto of the far more illustrious Elizabeth I, not the first and not the last example of cultural appropriation in Gringolandia.

  • You there tonight? @DevC

  • Returning to an earlier topic, did you see that both TalkSport and LBC have announced that they will be broadcasting the classified football results at 5pm every Saturday… just saying!

  • It’s almost as if there are radio stations out there who want to deliver content based on what the customers want

  • @ReturnToSenda there has been a suspicious move on Stockport today. Has something happened with Doncaster?

  • Sadly not Peter. Rather annoyingly, as I think I said before, I have a training course tonight that clashes. (only date the others could do). As I said elsewhere my memory of last years game on more or less the same night is coloured by being forced to stand too near to that bloody drum. Will not miss that!

    Think we discussed Talksport already doing he results at around that time but cant say I listen to that station regularly. To be honest I forgot LBC still exist. Do they do sport at all? Will be interesting to see if it attracts any new listeners and hence whether they are still doing it at end of season. Good to know its there if anyone wants it.

  • It's pissing down here in Somerset with thunder and lightning i imagine it will be the same in Devon though Dev would be able to tell us if there was a risk of it being postponed or not.

  • Far too early in the season for the 'must win' debate?

  • Every game is a must win for me.

  • We’re all a bit inflammatory lately but should cool down if we “get a result” this evening.

    An expression that always makes me smile.

    Barring postponement or abandonment, a result seems inevitable.

  • I am thinking it will be a draw for some reason. Well, for the reason that I think both teams will score the same amount of goals, I suppose!

    We should have a "guess the team" spot, as it seems like there is always something out of left field right now. I am going to go:












  • Are Vokes and Tafazolli still injured then?

  • Impossible to predict the team with so much injury/fitness/illness uncertainty.

    Still going to give it a go!

    Dickinson; Wheeler, Forino, JJ, Obita; Scowen, Wing; McCleary, Horgan, Mehmeti; Dmani

  • I hope you are wrong @frequentstander, as I really can’t see us winning with that starting 11.

  • Was going to suggest Jasper Pattenden at right back. Then I remembered Jack Grimmer! Wheeler is not a right back.

  • Pattenden is also not a right back I believe, but he did an excellent job there against the cobblers. I hope we get to see a little more of him this season, looks a real find.

  • Grimmer for Wheeler as per @micra and I would not mind that line-up myself @frequentstander but I have just got some new rose-tinted glasses from Costco.

  • Would be surprised it Al Hamadi gets a start after Wheeler got subbed on as a striker at the weekend.

  • New Polish guy, McCarthy, Mawson, Tafazolli, JJ.

    Scowen, Wing, Horgan.

    McCleary, Vokes, Mehmeti.

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