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Match day thread: Sheffield Wednesday



  • Matt does a great job in these very difficult times. If who ever made the original Twitter comment had seen us under Tony Adams, then he/she would have known how absurd their comment was.

  • The game was tough to watch, especially in the last ten minutes when it was literally difficult to watch due to the snow. The commentary was epic, once in a while it's fun to have such partisan commentators that they put ballroom bill blue view of the world to shame. Was expecting Pete to turn the airwaves blue but to my surprise it was Matt who pulled a hot Mic moment out of the bag and gave me a few chuckles in what was otherwise a bleak evening in every sense. Hopefully @bluntphil will be back for Saturday (no offence Matt n Pete).

    This was always going to be a really tough and weird season, I didn't think that we would have enough to stay up but will also watch every game and hope for the magial turn around and a 3 nil drubbing of some ex PL team etc. Maybe throw in an old school 442 before the end of the season and see what happens...? COYB

  • 442- those were the days.

  • I'm looking forward to the weekend already! A few days reflection always helps. Huddersfield haven't won a league or cup game this calendar year.

    GA and Dobbo will always get the players on the pitch motivated and ready to go for a win. I'd be really pleased with a point on the weekend and believe we've got the capability of getting more. Fingers crossed.

    Adeniran was mentioned as having a back injury a short while ago, so I assume his abscence is due to this. Back injuries are notoriously bad to get over.

    With a few players rested on Tuesday from the starting XI, hopefully a few of those key players will be in good health for the weekend. COYB!

    The twitter poster that Matt referred to was a regular facebook poster last season and the season before. I don't go on their anymore so not sure what's been happening last few months.

    He was always very quick to criticise but equally very quick to praise when we won. He comes across as everything is either extremely good or extremely bad and not a lot else in between. Always announces when he supports an iniative or purchase e.g. season tickets, the wall tile etc but equally vocal if he thinks the offer is overpriced or unfair on what he sees as appropriate.

    He was heavily critical of the merchandise that came into the shop over the summer and that it was expensive and perhaps taking the biscuit in the current climate.

    I assume he's perhaps upset some of the Wanderers staff by being so vocal about things he dislikes and perhaps is why Matt felt he would publicly call him out.

  • The hours that lot work down at Adams Park at the moment, I’m not surprised if there’s a bit of grumpiness in the freezing cold in Sheffield. Long day, equipment failures, people having a pop at how shit it all is.

    People who think they’ve got a right to have a pop at anything and everyone without being responded to need to get a reality check.

    And @aloysius’ β€˜cheapened the commentary’ post is already my PPOTY.

  • Not up to speed with these new acronyms (PPOTY?), but agree with your comments. We are fortunate to have Matt Cecil, a dedicated fan of the club and a damn good operator who is well respected by his contemporaries.

  • I'm not sure what the fuss is about, Matt dealt with the tweet in question in a light-hearted manner, I'm sure no offence was taken.

    And if you address a tweet towards one of the commentary team then it's understood that they might use that and refer to it as part of their commentary isn't it? All part of the interaction

  • Your Personal Post Of The Year, @arnos_grove? Your Perfect Post Of The Year? Peerless? Premium? Priceless? Princely? I'll take them all.

  • The decision, as they say, is yours...

  • Poorest Post of the Year?😁

  • Pete Couhig back on commentary again tomorrow according to the club's Instagram page.

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