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Any ideas



  • “If I’d asked people what they want they’d have asked for a quicker horse, I gave them an affordable motorcar”. Henry Ford

  • Fireworks during the game

  • Coffee that doesnt taste or look like dishwater & chips in the kiosks

  • Vuvuzelas and a relentless drummer.

  • Play exciting football and win lots of matches. Same as pretty much every club in the country.

    Hope we don't end up with one of those creepy wannabe ultra groups that march to games like Palace and Arsenal have got

  • A mascot in the form of a huge swan that occasionally gets a bit lairy.

    Half time Zorb races between terrace and opposition supporters.

  • Arsenal might be a good example to look at for ideas - seems like the improvement in atmosphere at the Emirates was largely driven by one small group of fans.

  • More tifo - let's have our own version of Dortmund's Yellow Wall

  • This has got to be a positive idea - better atmosphere, better match experience leading to increased match attendance. That’s got to be a desirable direction of travel and I for one welcome it

  • I gave to agree with @eric_plant top request would be winning matches...chips and drinkable hot beverages following closely behind. Not sure more than one meeting would be required though...

  • Two requests from me:

    1) A wall of flags at the back of the terrace

    2) An anthem we can all get behind and sing pre kickoff. This would make the biggest single difference to the AP atmosphere I think.

  • my observations and random meanderings :

    Look at the games that had the best atmosphere and identify what were their key elements .

    I would take a separate approach for each stand as the fans that use each area are quite different.

    Acoustics , It’s been said many times before but it’s true, from where I sit up in the FA a comparatively small number of away fans can sound louder , I can hear the terrace singing but it doesn’t carry.

    Run out song. I’d like us like other clubs to have to have a set piece of music that’s unique and identifiable as ours. A mental switch to tune the crowd into the game . It has to be short, exciting and something that avoids looking dated in five years time something like the drum intro to the “Stingray” theme. ( I told you they were random meanderings).

    Anyway it’s great to see the club is asking fans for their opinions ( can we sign someone now) but I’m off to sleep as the medication is kicking in.

  • The play off semi last season was one of the best atmosphere's i've ever heard inside AP. What did we do to promote that apart from play well in a huge game.

    Same with Wimbledon and Wolves in the cup run, i'll never forget the noise at the end of those games.

  • Please god don't let that bloke back in with his drum !

  • Go full American. Cheerleaders. Mascots. Fireworks. No away fans. Food and drinks sold by people wandering around the stands. National anthem played at every game. Replace the drummer with loud organ music.

  • Strap yourself down big boy, the drum debate is only just restarting in earnest.

  • It's absolutely critical to the discussion to be fair. The terrace has been divided between two bickering drumming factions for years now, much to the detriment of the atmosphere.

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    I actually have nothing against a drum, of the 2 that used to, one was ok. But there's a difference between playing a drum and just smashing the crap out of it for 90 mins

  • Try and get the Spanish guys over more often. Put them in the terrace (space permitting). They were brilliant at Pompey last game of the season.

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    It's been a long and tedious debate.

    The "keen" lad was accused of ruining the atmosphere and even stopping people chanting.

    Yet he's long stopped and there's often very little noise.

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    We need a drummer and/or a trumpeter.

    When I was at uni I’d often go along to Deepdale. The atmosphere their was fairly mediocre until John Beck hired a few local musicians who, over a few months, completely transformed the terrace into a noisy, singing wall.

    The issue was the unsocial behaviour of one fan who has been aggressive and ungracious in his attitude to other terrace dwellers. Tricky as it is, the club need to deal with that situation rather than ban instruments completely.

  • "Wycombe Wanderers are looking to develop its fan engagement with supporters"

    This plural / singular mix inside the first 7 words is making me too upset to read the rest.

  • He still is... nearly kicked off numerous times at away matches last season

  • Yes, he was continually shouting the C word at fellow fans at a match I went to last season. The club really need to do something about that rather than just blanket ban instruments.

  • I'm amazed he hasn't come to blows with anyone. Passionate he may be, but he's a nuisance and comes across as quite an unsavoury character.

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