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Price Increases

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Chunky price increases coming in for 23/24.

Season ticket prices frozen though if you buy/renew by 19th May.

Frank Adams being split again so middle three blocks more expensive, a matchday ticket for FA centre blocks will be £31 in 23/24.

Terrace will be £23.

Will be interesting to see if it impacts attendances given the current climate.



  • 31 quid for third tier football?! That's utterly obscene.

  • £31 for the cheapest seat would be, not sure £31 for the most expensive is.

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    I think it will absolutely impact attendances.

    I've always been a firm believer in the way they do it in places like Germany. Lower prices to get more people in, then they will spend when they are there

    4k people paying 500 a season = 2million

    6k people paying 400 a season = 2.4 million

  • It is - when you consider you can watch PL football for £30.

  • Besides, even the cheapest adult seats outside the family stand are £28. Attendances will absolutely take a dip.

  • If I have read some of your previous posts correctly you don’t attend many games anyway. Doesn’t stop you complaining on behalf of other people, of course, but a little realism is called for and prices are rising in every single aspect of life.

  • That does rather assume that an additional 50% of our core attendance would attend if match prices dropped by 20%. Does this feel credible to you?

  • @PrinceOfCrowell think it says terrace is £22?

  • Who knows as we can't ever say for certain. But I do personally feel, and always have, that more people would come if it was cheaper and more affordable. Do you not think that ?

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    Might switch to a subscription this season to save 4p.

    Seriously though, wonder if there's any advantage of paying in 1 fee up front like I have for xx years. Rather than just pay monthly?

    I suppose you pay in one go, it's a single transaction, and no admin to do if something did happen to you and it didn't get cancelled. But I suppose you simply link it to an account where you never have too much in anyway, and it'd soon expire!

  • The price for an over 65 season ticket in the FA stand is £457, which works out at £19.87 per game if you attend all 23 home L1 matches.

    That seems to be very good value to me, what else can you get for under £20 these days?

  • Ultimately it's up to every fan to decide if they think it's worth it. I presume the club have weighed up the pros/cons of relatively higher or lower prices but a lower price and fuller stadium could make a better product. They obviously hope for high prices and a full stadium.

    Wycombe do not charge significantly more than similar clubs, and it is the game itself that gets away with high prices due to unwavering demand.

    The huge international demand by spectators to watch English football is partly due to great contributions from those currently within the game (players, club staff, agents, marketers, etc), but is in my view more due to the incredible history of the game rooted in social culture. In an ideal world a regulator should ensure the game is as accessible as possible by ensuring stadiums as full and by maximising the reinvestment of profits into local communities.

    Of course, in this neo-liberalist world where we all must strive to make as much cash as possible these kind of protections are just a dream.

  • Obviously its more complicated in the real world with long term sustainability, atmosphere, differentially priced areas of the ground etc and even profit on food sales coming into the equation.

    But keeping it simple lets say we have 4000 willing to pay £25 for a match ticket - raising £100,000 revenue

    If we dropped the price to £20, we would have to attract 5000 to also raise £100,000

    Do I think 1000 people would change their decision on whether or not to attend the next game because of a £5 difference, honestly no.

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    I thought one of the Couhig's first changes was to stop those 3 "prestige" blocks being more expensive than the other blocks.

    Suggesting people would simply buy the cheaper tickets then move over anyway?

    But while £31 is madness, although £29 (other blocks) not much better - get a season ticket and it's a "mere" £21.50 or so a game, early bird.

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    Without doing different surveys of fans, it's impossible to know numbers.

    But everyone has their price. Most of us are tied in through birth / supporting as a kid etc, but say it suddenly went to say £1,000 a season for 3rd tier, then I'd probably walk away myself and just watch online.

    For many, £500 is already that price.

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    Just re-checked and an adult is showing as £23 on my phone.

    EDIT - just refreshed it and it’s now showing as £22.

    Interesting as I have one page open on my phone showing £23 and one showing £22. The away stand was showing as £28 but now showing as £27.

    There were also separate prices for the 2 edge blocks of the Main Stand vs the centre blocks, however all showing as one price now.

    Either they made an error initially or they’re making it up on the hoof!

  • That is a judgement those running the club, with data to support their decision, have to make.

    In my example of 4000 people paying £25 generating £100,000 revenue, how many people do you think would attend if prices were dropped to £20 - do you think at least another 1000 people would attend?

    By the way, I have just looked and the price for sitting in the outer wings of the big stands and other stands for an adult have all gone up by £1 - less than 4% - comfortably less than current rates of inflation. Doesn't seem excessive to me??

  • This discussion doesn't concern you Dev

  • You'd be mad to pay £31 for a middle block when you could pay the cheaper price for the outer blocks and just sit in the middle anyway

  • I’d spend infinite % more in the kiosks if they lowered their prices by 20%

  • Also changed on the refreshed page is that the season ticket for the FA stand is now the same for all blocks.

    It’s only the matchday price that is more expensive in the middle 3 blocks.

    Can’t believe it’s changed so massively since they initially released the data, wonder if they had some initial negative feedback.

  • I can just about to afford to keep on subscribing...and I like going to the footy. If they asked me, I would like it cheaper of course...but you could ask anyone if they would go if it was cheaper and they would say yes, but like all opinion polls, whether they actually would or not no-one would ever know.

    I know nothing about business, but I get the sell cheap and get more in argument, but there must be some reason it is not seen as feasible that is beyond me and my poor grasp of maffs and economics.

  • Twenty quid odd behind the goal feels fair enough. Everything everywhere is getting more expensive (all the time) so I’m not sure why we expect Wycombe Wanderers to be exempt.

  • Or maybe someone just got the figures wrong, and they have been corrected? It happens...

    Point is, if you're a season ticket holder you're not affected. They have already identified these people as their key supporters. The club's costs are going up and they can't shield every rise from everyone. Shielding a rise for STHs is to be applauded in my view.

    And whether it's relevant to @DevC is actually irrelevant, as the calculations he models are interesting for someone like me who can't be arsed to do the maths but is interested to see the potential implications.

  • It appears that taking my twelve-year-old son to Block M next season will cost me £47. Psychologically speaking, that's too much to watch us play, for example, Shrewsbury.

    Each to their own though.

  • The argument about lower prices vs higher attendances has a lot to do with latent demand. If I remember rightly, Bradford City introduced rock-bottom season ticket prices some years ago. Their attendances immediately sky-rocketed. Bradford is a large city, and they were getting very low crowds compared to what they had during their short stay in the Premier League quite a while ago. With the new low prices, lots of new fans, or lapsed fans from the PL days, started to go.

    I don't think we've got that latent demand in and around Wycombe. We get better crowds for the big games, but trying to persuade an extra 2 or 3K people to become regular fans is a big ask. Besides, too many people in and around Wycombe are emotionally invested in Premier League clubs. That even applies to a lot of our own existing fan base, to a certain extent. So for us, I'm not sure that a substantial price decrease would lead to an proportionately greater upturn in regular attendees.

  • That's a shame to hear @Meursault

    As I read the prices, it is currently £45 for an adult and a 12 year old boy.

    I guess everyone has their cut off point and for you if I have read you correctly it is the increase from £45 to £47 which has turned you off.

    As I understand it, it is currently £30 for the two of you to watch from the family stand but will be £33 next season - a potential saving of £12 per game over the prices you are currently paying. Would this be a workable alternative for you?

  • I've just renewed my ST, glad the price didn't go up as it was hard to swallow last year (?) when it jumped to nearly £500....

    When RC took over he did state that the stadium experience would be's not. A last plea would be not to increase the beer prices, I want to spend my money at the club but if we see standard ale going to £5.50 or even £6 then there will be a group of about 20+ of us who drink in the Vere before and after every game spending a considerable amount of money that will either drink down the Glass or drink in our local pre game and taxi to the ground in time for the ko.

    .....and relax. OK rant over, looking forward to tomorrow's game now.

  • Blame Sky

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