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New contract for McCarthy

Have to admit I was really hoping to see Taf, Max or Vokes leaping onto the sofa…



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    I can't be the only one whose not overly bothered about Taf. Always injured, questions over his attitude.

  • Welcome back Jason!

  • It is definitely a pity he is injured so often, because the man barely puts a foot wrong. An absolute titan of a player.

  • Much more likely that Vokes stays than Taff for me.

    And I’d be fine with that.

  • I'm wary of making comments like this as I think it's usually melodramatic, but he looked like he couldn't be arsed vs Ipswich.

  • First game back and they were very, very good. I would cut him some slack. Taffs and Vokes both staying would be great. (Depending on injury status of course...)

  • Pleased we have McCarthy signed on. I sometimes feel he's quite underrated by the fans. I think he's played really well the last few months, after a mixed start to the season.

    I'd be delighted if Taf stays, such a good, solid defender. His injury record isn't great though and that might be a factor for someone who may well be among our higher earners.

  • Well done to Jason. There’s nobody more passionate about playing for Wycombe than him.

    I would be delighted to see Taff stay despite his fitness record. I think it’s a bit harsh to question his attitude but I think he does need a gentle kick up the backside now and then. He got that on Saturday and will more than likely start this week with renewed energy.

  • The video that showed him watching the game with the Bolton owners sons changed my view of Taffs...he seemed very supportive of the team and really pleased with the win.

  • Pleased with another season for Jason McCarthy. A part of the Ainsworth era that we need to keep the identity of the club and dressing room moving forward as new players come in. Having a big clear out would have been a poor decision and one I am sure Matt never considered.

  • Really pleased to hear this. Jason is a big part of our culture, and we need to protect that moving forward.

    I like Taf, he's a great footballer and comes across really well on his videos. But, given he must be on one of our biggest contracts, and his injury record, I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave.

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    Totally underwhelmed by JMacs extension. Around me where I sit folk are always praising (no pun intended) his endeavour and commitment but I just don’t get it.

    Yes I know Millwall took him to The Championship but he got found out there quicker than Paris.

    Runs around like a nutter when stopping looking up and playing a clever ball is being cried out for. Literally can’t trap a ball for toffee. A squad player at best.

    This signing suggests to me that other, more important players, where our budget would be stretched aren’t going to re-sign. Has to be an extension triggered by appearances. If not smacks of mid table lack of ambition.

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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the McCarthy extension either. What a player brings in terms of 'culture' should never make up for their shortcomings on the pitch.

  • Bearing in mind the expected serious cut in the wage budget next season, how do you think we are going to get these technically better players on the payroll?_

  • McCarthy is the “Terrace Drummer” of the squad for me. No one can fault his effort but it needs directing better, perhaps tries a bit too hard and ultimately the end result tends to be the same.

  • I always think ‘the terrace drummer’ has modelled his look on JMac, in fact has anyone ever seen them in the room at the same time? Spooky!

  • Loved the one of him in the terrace too. How many "I'm better than you" folks would do that?

  • I assume perfidious is the one who liked this 7 times with different accounts.

    Taf is quality and ups our handsomeness.

  • My attitude is that anyone who helped us get promoted once could potentially do it again, so I would never be upset at re-signing someone who played significant minutes in the 19/20 season (unless retired).

  • All of these announcements seem to be players saying how they'll "be around next year".

    I don't know if this is a club briefed statement to use, or if they are literally only signing 1 year deals?

    If it is the latter, that actually seems more to suggest we'll still go as hard budget wise as this year?

  • Agreed totally unenthused with McCarthy's extension, so one footed,technically very average. final ball often found wanting.

    With Grimmer already signed thought a younger, cheaper and more versatile player would be sought as cover.

  • Rob and Pete need to get a grip. Historically we are a Championship team and need to start showing it. We need to spend big next year. Mid table in League One? Not good enough. Get that checkbook open, stop giving extensions to limited journeymen who have gotten us where we are today (love the guys, club legends but you know...), buy The Player(s) that will ensure promotion or your lack of ambition will be there for all to see. Stop embarrassing us with these limping towards the top of the table campaigns that inevitably start to fall short around the end of August every season or in January when we get rid of all our best players. Oh and get us a proven manager at this level and avoid getting us into any more financial trouble while you're doing it. It's not rocket science.

  • We've proven time and time again that we know how to recruit well on a budget (albeit we've now lost Dobbo...).

  • McCarthy is similar to Bloomfield in terms of fan appreciation. No-one questions their commitment, but plenty question their ability. Personally, like Bloomfield was, I think McCarthy is a solid performer who can be relied upon. He's not a star player by any means, but having player's like him in the squad, who've been around a number of years is vital for keeping the culture that we've worked so hard to develop. He probably won't be in the starting XI week in week out, but when he is called into the team and gets a run, you know he's not going to let the team down.

    At our level, if you've got a good culture, a handful of star players, surrounded by good solid pros who can be relied upon, then you're generally onto a good thing.

  • Like a number of you I appreciate McCarthy is part of the club culture & it is important that we have some continuity on that front, having said that we have JJ & Grimmer & perhaps most importantly Bloomfield to connect us with that culture.

    I am less convinced that he is what we need to help us going forward, he is remarkably one footed for a modern pro-player, seems incapable of trapping the ball consistently & his crossing is woeful; given we already have Grimmer signed up for next season who can cover the same positions & is much more dependable as a right sided CB, McCarthy seems to me to be superfluous.

    As for the Taf debate, his injury woes weigh heavily against him, as does his occassional lapse in attitude (e.g. the Ipswich game), on the plus side when he is up for it he is incredibly calm & assured & along with Mawson has clearly helped Chris Forino blossom. Having said that I would prefer to give Willis the chance (I suspect at a lower wage than Taf) to be the senior CB next season especially if money is tight.

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    I like Taf. Anyone who watches his videos will see how much he communicates on the pitch and leads by example, and while I can sometimes see behaviour that might be more relaxed than we’d like, I think that’s just his playing style and his mentality to stay level-headed during a game and not get caught up in the emotion (it’s why you often see him run back to our half without celebrating after we score).

    If his YouTube is anything to go by, he’s probably the most disciplined player we have off the field and he’s constantly searching for any advantage to help the team.

    Sadly for us I think Taf could still play in the Championship (at the very least an automatic promotion chasing team in League 1), so I think we’ll struggle to keep him in the summer if he wants to challenge himself at the highest level possible, which if I’ve read him correctly is what he’ll be looking to do.

  • My reading of this was simply that because the club will no longer tell us how long contracts are for, all they can tell us is that X player will be signed on for next season.

  • Not sure where your vendetta comes from @Malone - see it’s not hard to actually tag people you are referencing (unless hiding jibes gives you a perverse pleasure?).

    Absolutely not me, not even one! I enjoys Taffs YouTube insights. He is good enough for us. But “I have seen milk turn quicker” otherwise he would be playing at a higher level.

    And yes, comfortable with my sexuality, but by gum he is a looker.

  • Not entirely convinced this extension is deserved based on performances in the last year or two but if he's back up for Grimmer at RB and we can pick the same 2 Central defenders for more than a couple of games in a row at any point next season he could be handy support. One problem being that he's not been great when asked to fill in in other positions.

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