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From one financial challenge to another?

Looks like Ainsworth is going to have to use all his skills on building a side at QPR with little or no money. QPR have published this week their accounts for 21/22 season which shows they made a pre tax loss of £24m. The report also shows Rangers still owe almost £90m in various loans, player transfer instalments and an outstanding settlement over Financial Fair Play breaches. Clearly Rangers have owners with deep pockets but will they keep dipping into them. They’ve got the right man in Ainsworth who is able to work with a financial straight jacket on.



  • He really will need all of his powers of culture building and encouraging-brick-wall-running-through-ing to make this work.

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    Without any doubt he's walked into an utter menace of a job there.

    Think QPR are currently on a run of ONE win in 19 games! They're in absolute freefall, and Gareth has already said keeping them up is the mission, even though on the face of it they're about 8 points off the bottom 3 and maybe 6 or 7 places up.

    The "little club", competing against all the big boys schtick won't be received well there though. It seemed to rankle a lot of our fans for goodness sake, so imagine a fanbase as historically deluded as QPR's!

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    Already delving into his bag of Wycombe tricks!

    🔨Building Team Spirit | QPR Squad Feels The Challenge Of The Haka - YouTube

    The few QPR fan comments I have seen so far have been less than impressed. It definitely has the potential for "Remember when Ainsworth came in and tried..." anecdotes in the future.

  • Sadly was unlikely to have been offered it otherwise. Hopefully we'll be discussing in 10 years what a job he's done and why Arsenal and Liverpool are snobbish to turn him down before he goes to spurs who still haven't won a trophy and are disappearing under stadium repayments.

  • He needs to keep them up by any means and then shift a lot of them on. I’m sure there will be many in the squad who will not enjoy GA as their manager. The usual batch of ‘too good for this’ that occupy so many dressing rooms. (Except ours)

  • Spot on. If he makes it to the summer and is able to get characters in who suit his ethos, I really rate his chances much more. It's the staying up with this bunch that is the really dangerous part!

  • Wonder how much control he and Dobbo will have over incommers? I’m sure if they said to Rob and Pete that a player wasn’t a good fit character wise then that was that. Not sure the QPR ownership will allow that although Rob seemed to allude to them needing to make Gaz an offer that gave him something more than money to persuade him.

    I hope that’s what’s happened. I don’t think the two of them would be a good fit with some of the more ‘entitled’ players in the game.

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    Some amazing expressions on the QPR players’ faces when that fella walks in.

  • Although on the surface it may seem cheesy, the session serves a few purposes for Gareth and Dobbo:

    1) tells the players that things will be run differently and starts the journey on the squad pulling in the same direction together

    2) tells Gareth and Dobbo who is up for it and who isn’t, which is just as valuable as the first point

    I agree with what’s been said here. If Gareth can keep QPR up then he’ll be in re-build mode over the summer. The extent to which he’s able to do that though may depend on QPR’s financial position, ability to move on from players who may be tied into big contracts, and finally, autonomy over decision making at the club. He’s head coach there, not manager.

  • QPR one down at Rotherham. I’m already worried for Gaz.

  • QPR really aren’t a good team and GA and Dobbo will have to get them organised and maybe bring in some of the U21 lads.

  • Sounds like QPR should have actually done the Haka. It sounds like they were half asleep.

  • Q.P.R are losing £500K per week

  • If this is GA's dream job, I'd hate to see his nightmare job.

  • Totally irrelevant, but PSG pay Mbappe three times that sum a week.

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  • Real Madrid? No 'little club-no money' pep talks with the fans and players. Impossible to keep any injuries secret. Try signing a player from Gibraltar and see what the fans think.

    Can't even hide behind the language barrier as his wife could translate for him.

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    I think they're nailed on for the drop and the only question is whether Les and co. entrust Gaz and Dobbo with one almighty summer rebuild.

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    I think they need Les Ferdinand up front mate! The more I read about them it does sound like they are not a good team at all and their best players are all unavailable. I do hope Gaz doesn’t become the fall guy but if so then he could easily fall into the Nathan Jones category of only seeming to fit 1 club.

  • Having said that, the fans have made it quite clear they think Ferdinand and Lee Hoos (CEO) are absolute clowns.

  • They came in on a run of 1 win in 18 which is utterly shocking, now of course taking that to 1 win in 20.

    Imagine only winning 1 game in almost half a season.


    If the last guy only lasted 12 games or so you have to fear for Gaz and Dobbo there.

    They could probably just survive relegation, but it'd put huge pressure on a racing start next season

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    Fans said Critchley lacked charisma and motivational qualities - which might be true - but that clearly wasn't the reason for their shocking performances!

  • They really are awful aren't they.

    I struggle to see how GA & RD will motivate that shower to avoid relegation. They have underperformed for every one of their managers so far this season & too many seem to be marking time whilst their contracts run down.

    Perhaps reminding them that their current form & performances means the likelihood of suitors once the transfer window opens is close to zero, might have some effect.

  • Shame we couldn’t have kept Dobbo.

  • You'd hope one or two players see the benefit in doing something differently after such a dreadful run even if they don't see the overall vision yet.

  • Not sure they’ve underperformed all season. After 12 weeks and 16 games of the season they were top.

    They can easily avoid the drop if he can get them playing like they did at the beginning of the season.

    He’s going to have a difficult summer though as well over half of the squad still have contracts.

  • Shame we couldn't have kept both! But they're a combination so was never going to be a case of one stays.

  • I’d forgotten QPR started so well. Makes it even worse somehow.

  • And Middlesborough in 21st are now chasing down Sheff U for the other promotion spot.

    Not sure either team would have expected their current league position after a third of the season had been played.

  • They must have had an absolute stormer to not be in the bottom 3 after 1 win in 20! Unreal run that is.

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