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World Cup 2022

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Anyone else still wrestling with the idea that this actually starts tomorrow?

Anyway, Argentina to win it imo



  • I'm going to stick my neck out, and say it won't be England

  • Opens up nicely for us once France lose to Denmark

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    Denmark are the form team in Europe - have beaten France home and away this year. I personally think it's between Brazil and Argentina as they're both more settled than the top European teams, but I fancy Brazil to crack again.

  • Uruguay v Portugal is the one I'm really looking forward to

    Surely "disgraceful scenes" guaranteed?

  • Ghana v Uruguay rematch too!

  • First one since 1998 that I won't be watching. Just can't bear the thought of the thousands of people who've lost their lives.

  • Ecuador midfielder Alan (!) Franco is already my favourite player of the tournament

  • I am with you I think. No flag, no bunting this year. Until today I’d forgotten it was starting tomorrow.

    Selfishly I hope we get knocked out in the group stage so I don’t get tempted to watch a game. I feel sorry for Wales. To qualify after so long but it to be for this shit show.

  • Same. I love the World Cup, but not this one.

    Hope we don't win, I want England winning the World Cup to be something special, not an abomination.

  • I would have been up for a boycott but now that it is happening I'm not sure we should let FIFAs stealing do us out of a tournament as fans or players, go there and win it then you can rub everyone's nose in it and use the platform. I think it's already becoming an embarrassment for those in charge as it should, I hope they are shamed in to action in a number of areas and reflect that the whole thing was a stupid idea.

    Having said that we obviously won't win, I don't want to contribute to anything financial or reputational and the sportswashing as we now call it and the corruption will continue as it always has.

    A right old mess.

  • The last World Cup was held in a country considered to be the most corrupt in Europe

    The last Euros but one were held (jointly) in the second most corrupt country in Europe

    The next World Cup will be held in a country that still condones state murder by execution, condones prejudice against its black population and bans abortion even for rape victims.

    Do we intend to exhibit the same level of moral outrage for that one?

    Qatar is a pretty horrible regime who got their World Cup through corruption and is patently unsuited to run the competition. If we want to criticize them though, be ready to criticize all the other horrible corrupt regimes in our world.

  • If you’re able to follow this World Cup I won’t hold it against you, but it’s not for me.

  • People can think what they want Dev, give it a rest

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    Qatar clearly shouldn’t be the host, however in terms of human rights they’re not much different to the previous host.

  • I haven’t remotely suggested they can’t Eric. Just maybe given them something else to consider. Do you not see the difference.

  • Looking at recent results, 4 of Ecuadors last 5 matches have been 0-0 draws. The other game being a 1-0!

    Sunday afternoon nap time me thinks.

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    There's plenty of information out there and plenty of people asking further questions and taking their choices.

    Don't believe for a minute the organizers via their FIFA lackies asking for wider historical context now are sensitive historians and purveyors of fairness, they're doing so purely to distract criticism from their failure to deliver on many promises made before the tournament was awarded.

    It's mildly amusing they try and shut down press questions as scrutiny is all you are really buying with the purchase of hosting rights. If you're country is (even spuriously) famous for food, sport, celebrity, TV and film, has lots of attractions, if they have vaguely decent PR people to back up the £$, and if you're being very welcoming to fans that gets reported louder. Whilst the US, Italy, the UK and other hosts have current and historical issues they'll try and accentuate their tourist USPs. There's so little to like about this tournament or the way it's been bought and run that even the sort of outlets who would love the money they are being offered to run programmes highlighting cultural aspects don't want to touch it with a bargepole.

    US comparison interesting but the politics is heavily split there and attracts much criticism already whereas Qatar is seemingly run by a family who do what they like regardless of publicity, the wishes of their own population or any agreements they have signed.

  • BBC starting off with a criticism of Qatar special.

    The men’s game is such a toxic environment for there is not a single openly gay player in any of the top 5 leagues. So a little bit of introspection would be good too. Just for balance.

  • Not long to go before we can let the football do the talking.

    I assume everyone on here is supporting Ecuador because Lawrie Sanchez

  • The US comparison, as does comparison with all former and future hosts, has some merit. I’d argue that whilst individuals, some elected, in the US hold views i fundamentally disagree with and find abhorrent (total abortion ban being one such) there is debate and mechanisms that allow change. Not perfect mechanisms and there are many concerning matters not yet addressed. Homophobia and gender inequality in elite sport as said above.

    I see China is confident it will host the World Cup in 2034. By then I’ll likely not be here to see it. I hope things will have moved on in a direction I like but as someone who has been described by others as progressive left, I am aware that others would likely favour a different direction to me.

  • Haha... First bribe of the world cup... how was that ruled out ?

  • Dodgy VAR to kick it all off!

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    Dion sounded about as confused/surprised over that decision as he does when he sees stairs...

  • Like we needed any further proof that it’s a corrupt sham.

    Also, great to hear the BBC commentators joking about the stadium air conditioning. Looking forward to their hilarious gags about dead migrant workers later.

  • Oh dear - a penalty rightly awarded to Ecuador, wonder if they will try to chalk this one off...

  • Most likely the first "goal" was offside, it's just that the pictures were woeful in trying to show it properly. The drawn knee offside shot was silly.

    However, as much as people are salivating over the idea of it being a washout it's been a pretty entertaining game so far.

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    Qatar are pony - especially their fully chaotic goalkeeper

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    Would give Saudi Arabia a battle for worst outfit. Could be a smashfest from Argentina in their opener.

    I looked at Ecuador's recent run of games, and they don't ever seem to score more than 1. Yet they've looked pretty potent today!

  • I think this World Cup May struggle to gain full attention due to combination of daytime kick offs, lots of games on same day and the weird feeling that domestic games are happening at same time. Honestly I’ll be far more interested on Weds in how Tavi at Paulton recover from weekend Trophy injury time heartbreak than France beating up Canada.

  • Although by time Wycombe play again, 80% of World Cup games will have been played.

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