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  • I join those annoyed about the red kit. It's not like we even play well in it (P3 L3 F2 A8). Maybe the Trust need to change their slogan from 'Protect the Quarter' to 'Protect the Quarters'.

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    I think divulging injuries would actually help the fans (arguably their mental health) and in turn the team. After all, we're told every game how important the fans are to creating a good atmosphere, the 12th man, helping us to win games etc, etc.

    So, with our three main scrappers currently out (plus a load of others), for goodness knows how long, then I am immediately worried about how we will pick up any points. I'm dreading the 2pm team announcement to see yet again who's missing. This can go on for weeks on end and slowly but surely I lose hope we might get ANY points at all.

    Due to this, I have noticed as the wait goes on I'm sitting silently hoping for the best rather than perhaps supporting the team to the best of my ability.

    In my mind, if I knew Scowen was out for 3-4 weeks, I could get behind the team and try and be more positive for that short period of time, rather than worrying all game and all week about when he & others might be back. If only we had x or y. I also think a lot of other fans could be as well, their frustrations and lack of support over the last few games might be less if we just knew a little. Given we have no idea, I find it rather depressing not knowing. GAs comments recently support this, "I'll have a great side in the second half of the season" or such like.

    I carry that worry from game to game and for some it may impact their mental health as they worry about it too much. For many WWFC might be the only thing they look forward to each week.

    just for you @glasshalffull the reason for knowing is that I believe a number of fans would provide a better level of support to the team if they knew about injuries on an ongoing basis. Given how the football world tells us we wouldn't have won that without you getting behind us, then defacto it is impacting the teams results. Can you disprove that please :)

    In addition, I think it will impact attendences. If I knew Scowen & Hanlan were back tomorrow I might just have gone to Oxford and justified the significant cost for me to do so. As it is, I'm pretty skint at the moment, so will pay my £10 to watch from Vipienne. It's the hope that kills you...

  • What if you knew Scowen and Hanlan weren’t back tomorrow?

  • Flip that on its head. What difference would it make knowing that Curtis is out for 7 plus months. So long in fact he hasn’t even got a squad number. As players are close to fitness keeping your cards close to your chest is wise. When someone is out long term no advantage. Just nice to know as a fan where your favourite players are.

  • I think that's obvious. I don't know that they are playing and because of that I'm staying at home and watching on TV. The amount of injuries and lack of news about them was a big factor in that decision. I've probably made the wrong decision as we will sneak a 1-0 win.

    I will admit that if money were no object, I was more likely to have gone tomorrow but the lack of injury news and having to now choose carefully on which away games to go to I decided I'd rather watch it at home and save some money for a future away game.

    I've been to approx 35-40 league games per season for the last 20+ years so it was not an easy choice to make.

  • What I'd like to know is "When are Oxford going to finish building the stadium?". They don't reduce ticket prices to compensate for there only being 3 sides.

    It's just not bloody right....

  • They definitely have a future in baseball if they want it!

  • Last week was probably my peak "oh come on" moment of the season. Especially the Gape one.

  • Because none of us know if he's back tomorrow, or not back until 2024.

    Keeps em guessing innit.

  • Genuine question - would we prefer the current style we have with injuries, or playing the Premier league manager game.

    Saying someone is massively doubtful, won't play, then they turn up looking 100%?

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    I would just give a barrage of weird information to the opposition to distract them with nonsense.

    "With Curtis back tomorrow but having the third prosthetic arm attached, we are going to play him in goal, and go with a 6-1-3 formation. Everyone else may pick up a knock in the meantime, so we are bringing the Trialist family in to fill out the team. We will take all set pieces with the weaker foot, and play Route Two football with a Bulgarian Press."

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    Here's the latest injury situation, as far as I know, based on info made publicly available. Feel free to correct, etc...

    Chris Forino-Joseph - substituted in last weekend's home defeat to Plymouth Argyle following a suspected knee injury - Gareth Ainsworth said in his post-match interview that "it looks like we've lost Forino" - no update since

    Ryan Tafazolli - has missed the last week with an unspecified "minor" injury - could be involved in the squad at Oxford

    Dominic Gape - has missed the last week with an unspecified "minor" injury - could be involved in the squad at Oxford

    Josh Scowen - has missed the last three weeks with a medial knee ligament injury - could possibly be back for Portsmouth (H) 02/12/2022

    David Wheeler - has missed the last six weeks with an unspecified injury (possibly Achilles) - no timescale on a return

    D'Mani Mellor - has missed almost eight weeks with an unspecified injury (possibly knee) - "back soon" (source: BFP 29/09/2022)

    Tjay de Barr - has missed almost nine weeks with an unspecified injury (possibly knee) - no timescale on a return

    Brandon Hanlon - has missed ten weeks with an unspecified injury (possible abdominal surgery) - "back soon" (source: BFP 29/09/2022)

    Curtis Thompson - has missed 33 weeks (over seven months) with an unspecified injury (possibly ACL ) - not expected back until 2023.


  • Just seeing the BFP mentioned above, was anyone else confused how in the Plymouth game write up, there was a paragraph that said something along the lines of " we are going down, something's seriously wrong ...."

    Seemed a strange thing for James R to throw in, but there was no reference to anyone else whose quote it was?

  • A fan of our most successful manager ever? Absolutely. And are you really a negative pessimist? Absolutely.

  • I seem to remember in the playoffs we were less than impressed by Pete Winklemans ticketing policy re ‘competitive advantage’. Am I to take it from the above @glasshalffull that you condone such antics?

  • This is the same paper who accidentally said that Ukraine had invaded Russia, to be fair.

  • GA has said on a number of occasions that he doesn’t expect Curtis to return until the second half of the season.

  • If you go to many away games, you will know that the majority of clubs place visiting fans in an obscure part of their stadium to help gain an advantage for the home team, Oxford being another case in point. I have often read complaints on the gasroom that visitors to Adams Park have the benefit of their fans being housed behind the goal with superior acoustics to any other part of the stadium. I know that Wycombe’s managers down the years have believed this to be helpful to the opposition.

  • To be fair to Oxford, we're not placed in an obscure part of the stadium. We're along the side of the pitch, at pitch level with a perfectly good view. There can be many complaints about our visits to the Kassam stadium (£26 a ticket!) but I don't think the placement of away fans is one of them.

  • It’s widely accepted that having your most fervent fans behind one of the goals helps their team (i.e. the Kop end at Liverpool) which is why we prefer to kick towards the Valley End in the second half of home games. I accept that isn’t possible at Oxford because the only thing behind one of the goals is a car park!

  • All stating the obvious but not an answer to the question asked.

  • It certainly backfired on Winkleman but I understand why he did. If the authorities allowed us to house away fans high in the Frank Adams stand where their vocal support would be less effective, would you approve?

  • absolutely not , giving then the best view in the house

  • Agreed! Yes I would @glasshalffull . IMO not best view, tuck em top right well out of sight and sound , zero atmos up there.

  • I’m guessing Al Hamadi was yesterday’s injury

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    Good to see that neither Wheels, Josh, Brandon nor D'Mani are wearing any kind of protective boot.

    Curtis is hiding at the back so it's hard to tell.

  • For a relatively short guy, Jack Young seems to have an extraordinarily wide wingspan.

  • Is that Brandon Hanlan between Wing and Grimmer ? If not, I don’t think he’s there. I couldn’t spot Gape, unless that’s him hiding behind Wakely (?) and Mellor. Sam Vokes is pretty hard to pick out as well, hiding behind Mehmeti, Pattenden and a guy who looks like a former Wycombe midfielder (nicknamed ‘Spooky’ for his incredibly pale blue eyes) but remembered as much as anything for having scored a goal with his backside!

    I had a job to spot Forino. He’s only an inch or two shorter than Tafazolli but he looks shorter than that in this picture (and unusually pensive) behind McCleary and Al-Hamadi.

    Finally, I notice that Josh Blunkell (behind Daryl Horgan) appears to be a good size for a goalkeeper. I’m hoping we might see him on Tuesday evening but I’ve a feeling that the Trophy matches are not streamed.

  • I've counted the legs - and can now confirm the injury problem for Curtis is that he has no legs!

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