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  • I expected that comment regarding Thompson. I should have added a rider. What I meant (and said as much, really) was that players like Scowen, Gape and Thompson (three of a kind) were perhaps more likely to incur injuries now that referees are allowing much more physical contact.

    Tmompson’s long term injury seemed to me to be the culmination of a series of lesser injuries (for which he’d miss a game or two before soldiering on in typically gritty fashion) until a more serious injury stopped him in his tracks.

    I hope he re-appears well before Christmas but the omens don’t seem great.

  • I thought Gape missed a couple of games a few weeks ago.

  • Kaikai was injuried during a pre-season match but it wasn't due to a tackle. He went to turn, his foot got caught in a badly repaired part of the turf and twisted his knee and ankle as a result

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    @micra During the pre-season we had up to 40 trailist players as well as our 1st team squad all using those pitches and facilities.

    Throw in the fact that we relaid the pitches in one of the warmest & dryest summers on record, there are bound to be some parts of the grass that never fully bedded in properly before pre-season started and if we didn't have a full time professional team looking after it before and after sessions, there are bound to be some hidden hazardous areas?

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    What you say makes complete sense @Otter87 .

    I always try to play Devil’s advocate but I’ve clearly lost on this occasion.

    A friend of mine - a lifelong supporter of Wimbledon, including the reconstituted club that battled its way magnificently through numerous non-League levels to get back to the Football League - reckons that injuries tend to occur more frequently during the winter months and he is shocked to hear how many injuries we already have.

    He also says that Wimbledon’s performances had become so poo for the last couple of seasons that, what with the travel to and from being so frustrating, he decided to throw in the towel. I had the temerity once - some time ago and never repeated - to ask him if he’d consider switching to the better stuff on his doorstep. And I didn’t mean Amersham Town.

    I decided not to correct the typo in the second line of the previous paragraph as it is probably appropriate and certainly in keeping with the current Zeitgeist.

  • I assume were nailed on to win now on Saturday with all the competitive advantage we'll gain from the below.

  • I wonder how many Oxford players get injured trying to jump into the crowd but finding themselves hitting a vehicle in the car park instead.

  • ‘Not far off’, ‘Close to return to training’. Exactly the same phrases used by GA and the majority of managers. Injury news is privileged information and I still don’t see why people get so hung up about it. There is an advantage in keeping this information in house, no matter how small. There is no advantage to be gained by making it public.

  • Fingers crossed one or 2 are back for tomorrow.

    But every chance it's a "who will miss out totally unexpectedly".

    That's the new OWWSA coach sweepstake apparently.

  • Most of the pitches we played our pre-season friendlies on were none non- league clubs pitches and I suspect they are not as well looked after as league clubs pitches.

  • Sometimes things are just back luck and there is no need for an explanation.

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    People get hung up about it because they don't appreciate being kept in the dark about players playing for the team they pay a lot of money to watch. Curtis Thompson, for example, has been out for more than half a year and none of us have a clue what's up with him.

  • Genuine question: what difference would it make if you knew that player X, Y or Z was playing or not playing? Would it influence your decision to attend the game? Since you are a student of football surely you accept that knowing in advance that certain players are likely to play or not play is valuable information for the opposition?

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    It wouldn't influence my decision to attend the game, but I'd feel a lot more engaged with the club if I had an idea of when player X, Y or Z might be back. Plus, generally, I'm obviously interested in my team's players and want to know how they're doing.

    It's clearly not information that's kept under lock and key - otherwise Josh Scowen wouldn't have told fans about his own injury return timescale on Saturday - so the club can't be that strict on it, can they? I also refuse to believe the opposition are ever completely in the dark about the opposition's injury situation: word gets around very easily within football.

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    If Gareth Ainsworth gave details on every injured player because he wanted the fans to know, and supporters had a go at him for handing the opposition an advantage, you would be defending Gareth Ainsworth

  • Maybe we, as fans, want to know because WE CARE. A Lot (as Faith No More would have it).

    As for not revealing injuries giving us some kind of advantage - not working out too well so far this season, is it.

  • I make no apology for defending a manager who has brought our club undreamed of success, I also know that he and most of the managers I have met would never divulge information that they thought could be helpful to the opposition.

  • What I care about is gaining every possible advantage that could enable us to win games of football.

  • Please don't twist this to make it look like those wanting to know about stuff are attacking Gareth or his integrity in some way.

  • I see from the preview that whoever is fit enough to play tomorrow will be kitted out in RED. God knows why. Isn't that against some fan charter or other.

  • Sorry, that was a reply to Eric Plant, not intended for you.

  • Groundhog Day on the Gasroom.

  • Don't tell me were playing in red tomorrow ?!?! Ffs why ??

    Also, I'm in the I'd like to know, and it doesn't make any difference whatsoever camp when it comes to injuries ! This season is absolute proof it makes no difference at all

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    We’ve been through this loop numerous times.

    As fans we obviously would like to know who is fit, who is injured, who is going out clubbing, etc, etc.

    As manager, GA believes that not divulging that information is in the best interests of the success of the football club.

    As fans we know that is GAs view and much as we would like to know more we also know that we aren’t going to.

    in the context of a fans forum we should be free to speculate and whinge about being kept in the dark but that needs to be on the context of accepting we do not have a right to know who is injured and that things are nut going to change whilst GA remains our manager (which most of us - I think - hope continues for years to come).

  • I get what you mean and fans don't need to knows such...

    But for instance would you go to some theatre play if you knew 20% of the cast were out? Or at least like to vaguely know why after you'd spent money?

  • Our match going group do play a game of "who's the surprise injury?" at around 1.55pm in the Chairboys Village nowadays. Some way of gamifying the 2pm disappointment when another key player has mysteriously disappeared. I had Tafazolli last Saturday, but not Gape!

  • How is not divulging the nature of Thompson's injury helping the opposition?

  • I’m with you on this one @ReturnToSenda

    You see the premier league managers giving their weekly team updates on Sky, including injuries and they seem to do OK.

    I spend good money supporting Wycombe yet I can’t know how the injured players are progressing, how much we buy or sell our players for etc etc. I find the whole thing rather petty and somewhat disengaging.

  • Now wouldn't that be one for the Twitter brigade to enjoy.

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