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  • Christ sake. We have no chance tomorrow now that Plymouth know this!!!

  • The Plymouth Manager has just seen @glasshalfempty's post and realised his tactics are all wrong for tomorrow!

  • I think Plymouth's tactics will be "surround the ref and whine" no matter what we do!

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    How soon was it known Freeman's injury was a massively serious one? Did we announce that one fairly quickly?

    Just trying to compare it to the Thompson one.

    I think the most worrying thing is when Gareth, probably the biggest optimist you've ever met is making comments along the lines of we're really going to be a force in the second half of the season...

    Before it's even October!

    Similarly, saying for Thompson I think it was, how he'll have a "role to play in the second half of the season".

    That suggests he might only get a few games in max!

  • Scowen out until Christmas time apparently, he has a knee brace fitted. Forino hobbled off yesterday, expect him to disappear down our injury black hole, for weeks on end, no worries.

  • Just the kind of reassurance we’ve all been looking for. Forget 2022.

  • but i am sure GA will say they are in contention for next week

  • With Freeman’s injury, I think it was known (and public knowledge) straight away that it was an ACL. And within a few weeks we learned that he’d be out until around February (from August) and that he’d been offered (and had signed of course) a year’s contract for the following (this) season.

    Curtis Thompson’s situation is very different. He seemed to be struggling intermittently for months last season but whether he was aggravating, for example, a partially torn ligament or muscle that ultimately failed or had been playing with niggles (that would have kept a lesser mortal on the sidelines) and, ultimately, incurred something major, such as an ACL, who knows. Whether, like Freeman, he has been offered a new contract from next summer, again who knows.

  • Let’s just hope Gape isn’t out for long. As it is going to be very hard to compete in this league with no Gape, Scowen, Thompson and Young.

    I thought the midfield three did very well yesterday in the first half.

    Having all your forward options injured as well is a nightmare.

    given the situation I just hope we can pick enough points up between now and Xmas to not be dragged right into a relegation dog fight.

  • Gape being out just felt like real insult being added to erm injury.

    A guy who probably doesn't get into the first choice mid, but is heroically holding the fort in the absence, and then he's out himself.

    You just can't make it up this season, and we face a real prospect of never once fielding our first choice eleven this whole season - let alone with everyone in form at the same time.

  • Been thinking about this today. I think our injury situation feels even worse because so few of our injuries have occured in game. on Curtis and Brandan that i can think of.

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    Thompson, Scowen and Gape are all out and we have no idea what's wrong with any of them or how long they're expected to be out.

    It's good though because we've also kept that a secret from our opponents hence our excellent run of results

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    It does make you wonder what goes on in training / behind the scenes

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    League games missed through injury by established 1st team players since start of last season (some will have been Covid, but pretty much impossible to separate those out):

    • Freeman - 45
    • Gape - 34
    • Thompson - 29
    • Kaikai - 19*
    • Tafazolli, Hanlan - 15**
    • Scowen, Wheeler - 11
    • McCarthy - 10
    • Mehmeti - 8
    • Forino, Vokes - 6
    • Obita, Horgan, McCleary - 4
    • Wing - 3
    • Jacobson - 2
    • Grimmer - 1
    • Stryjek - 0 (winner!)

    *Was Kaikai injured for play-off final or just left out?

    **Was Hanlan injured for first game after signing or just left out?

  • Interesting numbers. I would have guessed that Forino had missed more than 6 and that Tafazolli had missed more than 15, probably.

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    Scowen injury is to the medial ligament, hence the knee brace, he commented - hobbling across the car park - that he should be back in 6 weeks.🤞

  • I have zero evidence to support this theory (other than the number of Marlow Rd based injuries): knowing how much Gaz values a ‘tryer’ I do wonder if some players are just putting too much into training sessions, with resultant consequences?

  • I think your theory is entirely plausible @perfidious_albion .

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    A theory that isn't supported by anything.

    I reckon that some of our injuries are caused by the state of our training pitches. I recall the club trying to get a groundsman over the summer and I'm not sure if the post was ever filled. But if we've got 20-40 players (including trialists) using 2 pitches everyday and then having a friendly every other week, there is very little rest and time to repair those

  • We don't have a sprinkler system either, but do many clubs at this level?

  • More than possible but Kaikai, Hanlan, Wheeler were all injured in action. We don't know what happened to Gape and Tafazoli and I honestly can't remember what happened to Curtis.

    I think we have just had sh1t bad luck on that front. You can have the best squad in the league but if you get the wrong injuries at the wrong time you suffer. I would guess that our promotion season we were fortunate as well as being pretty good.

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    It benefits nothing devising wacky theories about things. I thought we'd learnt that with Taf and Rev-gate.

    If the pitches are such a problem, why weren't they such a problem last year?

    Same for the "impressing through trying hard" theory.

  • I think the training pitches were relaid in the summer and I’m not sure they are used anything like as much as you suggest. But I can’t recall, in 55 years of supporting the club, anything approaching the present injury situation. That and the departure of key players has combined to undermine confidence. Like the economy, the performance of a football team can be adversely affected by uncertainty. And, as far as our injury situation is concerned, uncertainty may well be a relevant factor.

  • I seem to remember we had quite a lot of injuries early last season - after Gaz had made a big thing of expecting fewer soft tissue injuries (for reasons I forget).

  • And, as I’ve said before, the clearly apparent adoption (in line with official guidance) of a more lenient attitude of referees towards physical contact could well be another factor insofar as it tends to give license to players like Gape, Scowen and Thompson to scrap even harder to win back the ball.

  • Except Thompson was injured before said rule change.

    And Gape has only missed 1 game so far hasn't he?

  • The majority of managers demand that players train with the same intensity they are expected to produce on match day so training ground injuries are bound to happen. That said we have had an exceptional crop of late.

  • Oh you've blown it now. I hope no other teams' managers are reading this.

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