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Not Football

Hasn't the news been fun to watch today?



  • I suppose I'm resigned to it!

  • I did think Britain Trump would brazen it out...but having watched his performance at the Liason Committee, now not so sure.

    There was a bizarre Rees-Mogg interview last night on C4 news when made mention of Macmillan and Lord Salisbury's (??) administrations both surviving important resignations and it was of no importance. I suppose these toffs throwing historical references about know the interviewer will be distracted and no-one can fact check during a five minute interview.

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    I'm having the best birthday in years watching the news today.


  • As much as I despise the Nasty Party and the Conservative ideology.

    I'm starting to feel a tad sympathetic to Boris. The Bully's turning on the class clown.

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    I suppose he does weirdly inspire a good deal of entirely undeserved bizzare sympathy.

  • If you've read much about his university days, Johnson is the biggest bully there is. Getting an overdue taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile he's probably hanging on just long enough for Carrie to steam the gold wallpaper off and stuff it in a suitcase.

  • I thought he was going to cry while getting his arse handed to him by the Liaison Committee earlier. You love to see it. Sociopathic, straw-topped turd.

  • Part of me is loving the shambles of it all, Johnson scrambling harder than ever to save his own skin, whilst the factional infighting/jockeying for position post-when the dust clears becomes yet more obvious and brazen.

    But amused rubbernecking aside, it looks like the government literally can’t function with so many missing ministers - which can’t be healthy if decisions need to be taken on a day-to-day basis, some of which will impact the vulnerable.

    So not that the Tories really do “support for the vulnerable”, at least for that reason I suppose you have to hope this gets resolved one way or the other.

  • Agree it is bizarre, and his amiable showman like exterior, probably covers up his true colours of preserving wealth and power for the top table at all costs.

    Maybe its the weakness of socialists, that we show compassion to those who could inflict most damage on the working classes.

  • Maybe the weaknesses of conservatives, or just rich old men, is thinking they, and people like them are all decent types and generally know what they are doing. Or maybe that's just the weaknesses of really biased stupid people.

  • Anyone remember when Sanchez wouldn't clear off when his time was pretty clearly up? Was granted two extra games in charge on agreeing departure, all a bit weird as I recall.

  • And they wonder why people disengage with politics. A bunch of sh1t behaving like sh1ts trying to depose a big sh1t all the time next lot of incompetents stand by.

    and the media coverage is equally as sh1tty from all angles. Yes let’s get Alistair Campbell to talk about integrity in public office

    I’ve watched tennis

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    Unfortunately, a fair share of those disengaged people still vote - based on little more than things like one of the party leaders being 'that silly bloke off the telly'. Look at some of the vox pops from today - they don't have a clue what they're talking about but were quite happy to go and stick a cross in a box. Populism in action? Partly, and obviously it's their democratic right to vote, but I do wish they'd think of the consequences - for themselves and others.

    Anyway, today has at least mostly been funny.

  • Sadly in no small part due to Johnson lurch towards fairly extreme authoritarianism, there is little option for Starmers Labour to espouse any real social(ist) policies (Overton Window). It doesn't help that Starmer is as much an establishment figure as those he wishes to replace so we will just end up with a slightly watered down version of the last 12 years. (He is beholden to Israeli industrial interests in the way BoJo's Tories are beholden to Putin)

    Without some serious change in our politics we are doomed to more of the same.

    We need a written constitution, some form of PR (my preference is AV), an elected second chamber (ideally non-party aligned), a truly independent judiciary, an indpendent ministerial ethics office and a Met Police that is not withing the fiefdom of the Home Secretary.

  • I’ll vote for you @Erroll_Sims


  • I’m somewhat to the left of Andy Burnham, but he seems like he would make a decent Labour leader and Prime Minister.

  • it does look like he’s lost the dressing room…

    (And I’ve got to agree. For those of us who hold (and have done for a long long time) our current (I think) PM in the lowest of possible contempt, today has been a veritable feast of unexpected treats and wonders).

    Roll on tomorrow’s day of total farce


    Only a matter of time till he has a go. Wonder if he'd last longer in no10 than he did at Valencia

  • I’m in two minds is it Not Football or Non-football.

  • In the last general election, I couldn't decide who to vote for so I just puta big "X" next to the one I didn't want to win!

    I hope the counter understood what I meant. Hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon....

  • The problem with the liason committee was they did not laugh at his buffoonery which always throws him so he looked completely nonplussed at their miserable faces as they tried to get him to answer questions. I think the 'some people can't take their drink' excuse for a bit of sex pestery was the highlight for me.

  • I found that line genuinely shocking and disgusting. But not surprising.

  • Considering all the people Johnson should have sacked, but either didn’t, or didn’t until forced to do so, I think the lightning-fast sacking of Gove for nothing other than perceived disloyalty just serves to underline that Johnson’s one and only care is self-preservation.

  • I’m loving his refusal to leave - the complete lack of dignity cementing our international laughing stock status.

    Anyone else spotted that Wycombe’s own Steve Baker is on manoeuvres too? Slippery as an eel.

  • Britain Trump.

  • ah Steve Baker. see, this is always the problem whenever the Tories chuck out the top job…you think how much worse the replacement could be:

  • Hmm, not sure any of that scummy lot could do a worse job than Johnson, but Baker is horrendous (worth following the Steve Baker Watch)

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    The constitutional problem is that having removed or skirted round all checks and balances as inconveniences and enemy's of the people in order to get certain things we won't name passed, then proving that nobody objects until their own position is threatened presumably he can seemingly do whatever he likes, and no doubt so can his successor, however mindless, fringe, ridiculous or z list they are.

    A written constitution doesn't really make much difference when all involved are prepared to turn a blind eye to breaking hundreds of existing rules when convenient.

  • Same prob in US, the system is not designed, and arguably can't be designed to work where those in charge do exactly what they like regardless of the law and hundreds of elected representatives couldn't give a toss.

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