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David Stockdale



  • I thought he lived in the Midlands?

  • If you live in Newcastle Yorkshire is in the Midlands.

  • Ah, had heard Leeds off a few, and taken it at face value.

    Would be a hell of a trip in, even a couple of times a week!

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    Like @ReturnToSenda I had assumed he currently lived not too far from Droitwich because of his ownership of, and investment in the local (level 6) football club. But in any case, as per the earlier link, it appears he's agreed terms with Wednesday and will have a medical this week. The confusion probably comes from the fact that he was born in Leeds.

  • Stockdale lives in Leeds, his son plays for Wortley boys,

  • A bit mental that he was playing for us then

  • Is this a free? I can't remember if he was out of contract.

  • @drcongo yes, he is in the group of players who are currently being offered deals atm

  • A refresh on the status of player contracts, taken from the club website

    Wycombe Wanderers are pleased to announce the contract extensions of Daryl Horgan, Tjay De Barr, Tyla Dickinson and Connor Parsons, with the club choosing to activate a trigger in their deals to keep them at Adams Park.

    Offers of new contracts have been made to Joe Jacobson, Dominic Gape, Anthony Stewart, Lewis Wing and David Stockdale.

  • Morning @Twizz . Thanks for the update. All eyes on Nottingham now but Forest and County will have to wait.

  • I'd love to see us get a youngster in on loan for the season from a Premier League team. Wonder if our more direct approach would put off parent clubs from sending keepers to us though, as they presumably want them to learn about knocking it around with defenders such is the modern way

  • Tyla Dickinson is well thought of but clearly too young(?) so maybe an old pro to mentor him and see if he can reach his potential is the way to go.

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    Depends on the club. Burnley? Although they'll probably be moving away from Brexit-ball under Kompany.

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    I reckon we can attractive a good promising young keeper from one of the top Prem clubs. With distribution becoming more and more required from GK, our system requires / will develop this as we need long and short distribution for our style and game

    My only hold back is that I like seeing a keeper develop over time (2 + seasons) so that we can gain that trust and respect for them. With our history, there has been keepers who have visited us with another team and have pulled out an amazing performance. (Frank Fielding, Blackman just to name a few)

  • Our system is very niche. Really need someone with a homing missile goal kick. I'd value this well above shot-stopping capabilities. Worth noting that the number of goals conceded from corners had reduced drastically since Stocko took over from Allsop (League 1 and Championship). Stocko's box and tempo management has been absolutely superb. Getting that sort of attribute set from a young goalkeeper is incredibly unlikely. This position worries me. We've always been good at recruiting outfield players. Goalkeepers? Not so much.

  • It certainly makes it insane that he was a mere number 2 here for about 6months of his stay as well!!

    I guess most of us assumed that he loved it here, had earnt his big money elsewhere and was prioritising just playing somewhere he loved for the last couple of seasons of his career.

  • We've had some quality loanees in though haven't we?

    And in one sense, getting a quality keeper in should be the easiest position to fill. There's 100s of keepers on the books of premier league and championship clubs, yet only 44 of them can get a regular game.

  • Most shots faced - most clean sheets kept - great (early) distribution - superb command of area - quick to come out of area and sweep up when necessary.

    Stockdale will be a big miss and definitely not easy to replace.

  • You’ve accurately and comprehensively summed up David Stockdale’s qualities as a ‘keeper in a single sentence. Brings home very forcibly what a big miss he’ll be. And that’s without mentioning his admirable personal qualities.

  • I always liked Ben Hamer and I think he is available. Will no doubt have other clubs interested.

  • Not to mention he seems like a top bloke and tier 1 unrivalled shithouser.

  • Really laughing at all this top bloke stuff about Stocko. I thought all the current squad were top blokes.

    If he jumps ship to Sheff Wed will the morons behind the goal boo him? Even if he's a top bloke?

  • Of course they will. He will instantly become a Judas c-word who betrayed Ainsworth and the shirt.

  • I wouldn't boo Stocko. Can't speak for others. Sorry if its not the response you wanted Righty.

  • No-one in their right mind would boo Stockdale - he'd get a great reception. Righty just likes to feel superior to other fans so constructs these scenarios from time to time.

    In fact, I can't think of a single currently playing ex-Wycombe player who would get booed by Wycombe fans. Maybe O'Nien if he acted the giddy goat during a game. But everyone would be warmly welcomed back wouldn't they?

  • Sorry, @Right_in_the_Middle but there is something about David Stockdale’s personality, quirky sense of humour and vast experience in life generally (never mind the football) that sets him aside from the general run of ‘top blokes’.

  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if the very small number of morons behind the goal were to boo Stockdale. But so might the very small number of morons in the family stand, Woodlands stand or anywhere else they might be situated in AP.

    To try and suggest - if that was your intention @Right_in_the_Middle - that the terrace is home to all the morons or worse is home to only morons is quite untrue.

    Morons will act moronically wherever they happen to be - even on the gasroom.

  • If he comes here with Wednesday next year I predict plenty of "Stocko, Stocko" as he approaches the goal, pre-kick-off. And he will reciprocate with genuine applause. And later in the game, if they are protecting a lead, there might be some mock booing at goal-kicks, and maybe a chorus or two of "you know what you are..." - but it will come with laughs, smiles and thumbs ups too. It'll be the same kind of pantomiming that Bayo enjoyed from the 'decent' oppo fans. Any other reaction would be beyond hypocritical.

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